Your ultimate guide to Germany Medical Visa

Are you looking for good medical services? Have you considered the most visited country for health tourism? The German government is strict with the quality of its hospitals and health care centers. That is why it attracts more than 250.000 people to get medical services. Made your decision? You might need a Germany medical visa.

This article will explain whether you need a medical visa for Germany or not, requirements, the application process, FAQs, and more.


What is a Germany Medical visa?

Germany medical visa is the legal authorization for foreigners to use the health service of the country. It allows them to stay and get the medical service they need. Foreign nationals can enjoy Germany’s high-quality health service as long as they can afford it. The exact number of people who visit Germany for medical service is not clear. But, the estimates show about 15.000-250.000 people visit Germany to get medical care.


Who Needs a Germany Medical visa?

Whether you need a German medical visa depends on:

  • The length of your stay in Germany
  • Your nationality

Up to 90 days stay

When you need to stay for up to 90 days in Germany, it gets called a short-stay. A few countries are free of Germany short-stay visa. Their nationals can enter Germany with a passport. So if their treatment takes up to 90 days, they do not need a visa. But to stay longer, they have to apply for a visa or residence permit.

The countries that are not visa-free have to apply for a treatment visa. It is true even if they need to stay up to 90 days.

Stays longer than 90 days

When your medical treatment takes longer than 90 days, you need a visa. Yet, you might be free of it. The nationals or residents of the below list do not need to apply for a Germany medical visa:

  • EU / EEA / EFTA members
  • Australia
  • Honduras
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • South Korea
  • The US

The citizens of nationals of the above list do not need to apply for a Germany medical visa. It is true for them even if they have to stay for longer than 90 days. The citizens of the rest of the countries have to apply for a visa.

Who is Eligible for a Germany Medical visa?

Anyone who wants to get medical treatment in Germany can apply for a medical visa. Yet, there is eligibility over it. First, you must reach an agreement with a German hospital or clinic. They must agree to provide health services to you. Only then you can apply for a Germany medical visa.

Second, you must be able to pay the expenses of your treatment. If you can not afford to pay the costs, there will be neither treatment nor visa.

Follow the below procedures to get an agreement with a German health center:

1. Find a German health center

Contact the German hospital or clinic that you want to get treated in. Research to know whether they can help you with your medical condition. Do not waste time with a center that can not help you.

2. Send the history of your medical conditions

Provide the health center whatever they need. They might require specific medical documents. You might only be able to provide them in your home country. Also, they might ask you to conduct some medical tests.

3. Agreement

The German health center agrees to provide service to you. They send you a Treatment plan along with the costs.

4. Invitation letter

When you approve the plan and pay the fees, the health center will send you an invitation letter. You can use this invitation letter to apply for a German medical visa. You may not apply for the visa without the invitation letter.

 Germany Medical visa Requirements

The requirements for Germany medical visa is as follows:

  1. Application form

Complete the online application form for Germany medical visa. Provide true and correct information. Print it TWICE. Many applicants forget it, but it’s an essential point. Date and sign both forms.

  1. Photos

Provide two identical photos. They must be in passport size. Take photos in the latest three months to the date you deliver the requirements.

  1. Passport

A valid passport issued from the federal government of the country you live in. It must not be older than ten years ago. Holding at least one blank page is mandatory.

  1. Health insurance

Buy health insurance valid in Germany and all of the EU countries. It has to support your medical costs for 30.000 EUR. The insurance company must prove your purchase meant through a letter.

  1. Permission leave

Providing that you are an employee, get a permission leave letter from your employer.

  1. Proof of accommodation

In case you need to stay at the German hospital, provide approval from the hospital from them. If not, you have to provide one of the below ones:

  • A rental agreement
  • Invitation letter from a host staying in Germany
  • Hotel reservation
  • Anything that proves you have somewhere to stay
  1. Financial requirement

You must afford to pay for the medical treatment you want to receive. You could do it through:

  • Bank statement
  • Receiving sponsorship. You must confirm it through a letter.
  1. Proof of paid treatment fees

Provide a certificate that proves you have paid the cost of medical treatment. You could also provide a payment agreement.

  1. Correspondence

Provide the correspondences between a doctor in your home country and a German doctor.

Requirements based on your job status


  • Permission leave
  • Employment contract
  • payslips for the latest three months


  • Proof of ownership
  • Any proof that states your income


  • Enrolment proof in Education center
  • No objection letter from the education center


Your pension statements for the latest six months.

Requirements for children

In case your children need medical services in Germany, provide:

  1. Birth Certificate.

The original form and a copy are required.

  1. Consent letter

If the only parent accompanies the child, provide a consent letter from the other parent. He/she must state having no objection with the child traveling. Also, the letter must be in English or German.

If the child is traveling with a third person, both parents must provide the letter.

  1. Death certificate

If one of the parents has died, provide his/her death certificate.


Medical treatment certificate

Requirements that confirm the applicant needs medical services:

  1. Certificate from a doctor approving that the patient needs particular medical services in Germany.
  2. A doctor’s certificate, stating that the medical service patient needs can get in a German hospital or clinic.
  3. Appointment proof at the German hospital or clinic.
  4. Proof to have paid the medical treatment fees/financial agreement.
  5. The correspondences between the doctor have sent them and the German doctor who has received them.
  6. A guarantee that the patient can cover unexpected-extra medical costs.

The Application Process for Germany Medical visa

Follows this step by step procedure for Germany research visa application:

1. Do I need a visa?

Research to know if you need a visa or not. As explained above, some countries do not need a medical visa for Germany. They can get medical services without a visa. The lengths of stay do not matter for them. Figure out if you are among them or not. If yes, you should not apply for a visa.

2. Agreement with a German medical center

Find a German medical center before you apply for the visa. It must provide the medical service you need. Also, they must be ready to give services to you. Send them a history of your medical condition. Try to reach an agreement with them to receive services. When so, they send you an invitation letter. You must have this letter to apply for a Germany medical visa. Without it, there is no visa.

3. Am I Eligible for the visa?

You must be eligible for a medical visa in Germany. See the sections above to know about it. Study each item with care. If you do not comply with them, work on your conditions.

4. Application form

Complete the online application form for Germany medical visa. Then print the form TWICE, date, and sign the two forms.

5. Requirements

Gather all the requirements for a medical visa, as explained. Everything must be complete. The German officials will not skip any part. They are strict with their visa rules. One part missing, the processing time will take longer.

6. Visa appointment

Set an appointment with the German embassy or consulate in your home country. Get there on the exact date and bring all the requirements. Submit everything to the officials.

Pay the fee for visa processing.

It’s wise to apply as early as possible. There might be some delays. You should not miss the days for treatment. The processing time could take longer than usual.

7. Processing

Wait until the embassy’s officials process your application. You might have to wait for two weeks to three months. When they finish, they will send the visa to your address. In case it gets denied, they inform you why.

When you receive the visa, check everything:

  • See the lengths of validity the date it will start and finish.
  • How many times you can enter Germany.
  • The spelling of your names on the visa. They must be the smake as your passport.

After you get to Germany under a Medical visa

You have to complete a few things after you get to Germany under a medical visa. First, you have to register your address with an immigration office. You have to do it even you will be staying in a hotel or medical center. If you can not do it due to your health conditions, the health center people have to do it on your behalf.

Also, you have to apply for a residence permit. Again, if you can not do it due to your medical conditions, the health care center should do it on your behalf.

Can I Extend my Germany Medical visa?

YES. You have permission to extend your Germany medical visa. Yet, only under a particular occasion. You could apply for an extension when you need more medical services. Also, it’s not possible to receive services in your home country. So, you have to receive the related documents from the hospital you are staying in. The doctors treating should also verify this.

Bear in mind that you have to apply for an extension before your visa gets expired. If your visa expires, MAY NOT apply for an extension.

Can I Bring My Family under a Germany Medical visa?

The answer depends. If the applicants are a child and need care, the parent or legal guardian can accompany him/her. It’s better to contact the German embassy or consulate in your home country for further information.

If the visa applicant is an adult and so sick, that needs someone to:

  • Take care of him/her.
  • Complete procedures
  • Take care of the patient’s matters.

In this case, a relative or friend can accompany the patient in Germany. Ask the German embassy or consulate in your home country for more details.

How Long is the Germany Medical visa Valid for?

The visa’s validity depends on the type of visa you have applied for. Providing that you have applied for a short-stay visa, its ultimate validity is 90 days. Yet, the officials might grant a visa with less validity.

Providing that you have applied for a long-stay validity, its ultimate validity would be to one year. Yet, the officials will grant you a visa valid to complete your medical services in Germany.

The permitted times you can enter Germany is up to the officials’ decision.

Am I Eligible for Germany medical visa for Check-ups?

No. You are not eligible for a Germany medical visa to perform a check-up. To be eligible, you must have a serious medical condition. Also, you must meet the eligibility criteria mentioned above.

You could do a check-up with another Germany visa. For example, you could perform a check-up with a Germany tourist visa.

Germany medical visa Processing time

The processing time for Germany freelancer visa is 2-4 weeks. Yet, it could take longer than that. The earliest date you could apply for a Schengen visa is three months. But it would be best to apply as early as possible.

Germany Medical visa Fee/cost

The fee for the Germany medical visa depends on the type of visa.

Germany medical visa for short-stay will cost about 60 EUR. The visa cost of underage children is 35 EUR.

A medical visa for long-stay will cost you about 75 EUR.

Bear in mind that the fee is always subject to change. The German embassy in your country might charge you more or less.


Let’s sum up…

In this article, we explained all you should know about Germany’s freelance visa.

The text covered whether you need a visa or not, requirements, the application process, FAQs, and more.

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