Norway is a country famous for lots of things. High standard education centers, lots of tourist attractions, acceptable standards of living, and the list go on. People choose if for different purposes. You might need a Norway visa to visit this beautiful country. In this text, we have explained who needs and does not need Norway visa, its requirements, the application process, different types of visas with useful tips.

Who Needs and Does not Need a Norway Visa?

The answer depends on the below factors:

  1. The lengths of stay in Norway
  2. Nationality

When you wish to stay in Norway for up to 90 days, it gets called a short-stay. Once you stay longer than three months, it is a long-stay.

Some states and countries do not need a visa for short-stats in Norway. The members of the EU/EEA, the Schengen Area, are examples. The nationals of these countries can visit Norway with only their passport. If they wish to stay longer, they might need a visa or residence permit. The visa-free countries might need a Residence Permit or visa to study or work in Norway (in Europe).

Some countries need Norway visa for short-stays. The duration of the stay for these countries does not matter. They have to apply for a visa, whatever the purpose of the visit is.

Norway Visa Requirements

The requirements for a Norway visa is as follows:

  • Application form
  • Passport
  • Photographs
  • Evidence to have sufficient funds
  • Proof of somewhere to stay
  • Receipt of paid visa fees
  • CV/Resume
  • Education certificate
  • Health insurance

Note: you would better keep in mind that the requirements for each Norway visa are different. Also, the officials might require more documents.

Infographic Norway Visa Requirements, Norway visa Application Process

Norway visa Application Process

Follow these procedures for the Norway visa application:

1. Visa necessity

Stop! Do not apply for the visa. Are you assure you need a visa for Norway? As we explained above, not everyone needs a visa for Norway. You might be free of it and not knowing. Research to make sure you need a visa.

2. Eligibility

Need a visa for Norway? Fine, but are you eligible for it? Before you begin the application, see you are eligible for it or not. If you are not, the officials will reject your application. You could also achieve eligibility. Make changes in your status to become eligible. However, you should gain knowledge about them.

3. Application form

Completing the right type of application is the initial step. Receive the application form Norway Immigration Official (UDI) website. Complete every part with care. Then print, date, and sign it.

4. Requirements

Each Norway visa requires some supporting documents. Collect all of them. You have to submit everything to the officials.

5. Appointment

You need to set an appointment with the Norwegian embassy or consulate. Find the nearest one on the Internet. You could get an appointment through their website or by phone call.

When its time for the appointment, get there in person. Bring all the supporting documents. Prepare copies of the original documents. There is no copy service at the embassy. Submit everything to the officials.

6. Fees

Every visa has a fee for processing. Bring enough money to pay for it.

7. Processing

You should just wait when you complete every step with the embassy. Have patience until the Norwegian embassy process your application. When they issue the visa, they will mail it to your address.

Different Types of Norway Visa

The types of Norway visa are as follows:

Norway work visa

There is a key point about working in Norway. Norway work visa grants permission to enter the country. But Norway work permit is the permission to work in the country. You apply for the work permit from inside the country.

Whether you need a work permit/work visa depends on your nationality. The EU countries do not need a work permit or work visa. Yet, they have to register with the Police. The non-EU countries need both a work permit and a work visa.

Having a job offer is a must for Norway work visa. You can not apply without it. The future Norwegian employer could complete part of your application. It is much easier.

Norway tourist visa

Norway is a country full of wonders. You considerable time to see all of its attractions. Millions of tourists get there every year. You might need a tourist visa to do so. Whether you need a tourist visa or no rides on your nationality. If the country you live in is short-stay visa-free, you will not need it. But if your nationality needs a visa, you have to apply for it. Please bear in mind that a tourist visa is a short-stay visa. Its holders can not stay longer than three months. Providing that you need to stay longer, apply for another visa.

Norway Student visa

To study in Norway, you might need a Norway student visa or study permit. It allows you to study legally in the country and work. Whether you need a student visa depends on the country you are from. The Nordic countries do not need a student visa or residence permit. It is true for them when studying for up to six months. To stay longer, they have to register with the tax office. The EU countries can study without a student visa and study permit for up to three months. If they intend to stay longer, they have to apply for a residence permit. The non-EU countries should apply for both the student visa and residence permit. However, the rules a bit change for them.

Norway visitor visa

When you want to visit Norway for a short time, you need one of the Norway visitor visas.  This visa often gets called a Norway tourist visa. The visa permits you to stay in the country for up to 90 days. Also, you may visit other Schengen countries as well. However, you may not work under a tourist visa.

Norway Investor visa

Norway has an open attitude to attracting foreigners. It is also true with the investment. People who have enough funds can move to Norway. They can move to the country through an Investor or investment visa. When you have enough funds and be eligible, you can move to Norway and gain Permanent Residency. After living for a few years, you could apply for Norway citizenship. You could also bring your family through an investor visa. However, there is the eligibility for an investor visa. Applicants have to comply with it. You can not invest money in every field. There is a specific set of investment options.

Let’s sum up…

In this article, we covered all you should know about Norway visas.

We have explained different types of visas for Norway, the requirements, application process, and more.

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You could also visit the homepage to learn more about other countries’ visas.

Share your experience or knowledge about visas in the comment section. They will help visa applicants to avoid mistakes and choose better.

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