The Application Process for Germany Schengen Visa

Germany has an interesting attraction for every kind of taste. From tourists, investors to businessmen, everyone sees an opportunity to travel to this amazing country. In case you are going to visit Germany, you might need a visa. In this blog, we will cover the general required documents, the application process, the documents according to your job status, necessary documents for minors, officials and delegations, etc.

Common Required Documents for a Germany Schengen Visa

Getting a Germany Schengen Visa is not easy. You have to follow the application process. The first and most important step to get a Germany visa is to gather and submit the required documents.

The German asks for a special type of documents based on:

  • the visa you apply for
  • the time you will stay in Germany

You have to submit all the documents to prove:

  • Your eligibility to travel.
  • You have the funds to remain in Germany.
  • You fulfill other rules as set for each visa type.


1. Germany Visa Application form

If you apply for a short-term visa, you have to complete a Schengen visa application form. In the case of a long-term stay, you should complete two National visa application forms.

2. Valid Passport

To get a visa, your passport must be valid for at least six months. It has to have one blank page to attach the Germany visa sticker to it. Remember That your visa will stay at the Embassy during your application process.

3. Two identical Germany Visa photos

You have to provide two photos for every application form. They must be according to the Germany photo requirements in the right:

  • size
  • color
  • face position

4. Proof of Residency in Germany

You have to send proof of the place you will stay in Germany to the Embassy/Consulate. This proof can be:

  •  Receipt of hotel booking.
  •  A rental agreement.
  •  A letter of invitation by a host. If so, a copy of his/her ID and Passport. The host has to prove he/she can support you.
  • Proof you own an apartment/house in Germany.

5. Transportation / Round trip reservation or itinerary

You have to submit proof of your travel means. It could be:

  • A flight ticket
  • A train ticket
  • A ticket of other means of transport

It will also prove the date you will enter and leave Germany.

6. Germany Travel Health Insurance

You have to submit a document that shows you have bought health insurance valid for Europe. It must cover all your medical emergencies during your stay in Germany.

7. Proof of Having Funds

You have to prove to have enough money to cover your costs in Germany. It can be:

  • Sponsorship letter from your host/someone else.
  • Bank statement for the last three months.


Required Documents for Germany Visa According to your Employment Status

There are other essential documents according to your employment status:

1. Employed

In case you are employed in a company/organization, you have to submit:

  • Contract of employment. It has to confirm the date you got hired and your position.
  • Bank statement of the past six months.
  • Permission leave from the employer. It has to prove that the company lets you use annual leave during your travel.
  • Certificate of Income Tax or Income Tax Return (ITR).

2. Self-Employed

In case you are self-employed, submit these documents:

  •  Your business license copy
  • Company bank statement for the past six months.
  • Your ITR.

3. Unemployed

If you got married to an EU citizen and are unemployed, you must submit these documents:

  • Confirmation of Employment letter. You should prove that your spouse is an employed citizen of Germany. The proof must be:
    • Older than three months.
    • Confirm the position held within the company.
    • The date of employment.
  • Your Spouse’s valid passport.
  • An official certificate of marriage.

4. Retired

In case you have got retired, submit:

  • Pension statement of the past six months.

5. Student

Students have to submit:

  • enrollment Proof. A document from an educational institution that confirms you have enrolled there.
  • No objection letter from your university or school. This is a formal letter issued from your educational institution. It confirms you may leave the institution during your trip.


Germany Visa Required Documents for Minors

If your minors (under 18) are traveling with you, you have to submit the following documents for them:

  • Their Birth certificate.
  • Germany’s application form signed by both parents.
  • Family court order. If only one parent has full supervision over the child.
  • Certified copies of passport and ID of both parents.
  • Formal parental permission to travel to Germany, signed by both parents/guardians if the minor will be traveling alone.
  • If minors are traveling with one of the parents, the formal permission signed by both parents is still required.

Note: When minors apply at the German embassy/consulate, their parents or guardian must accompany them.


Germany Visa Required Documents for members of Official Delegations

If you are a member of an official delegation, you have to provide this document:

  • A copy of an official invitation.
  • Evidence proving your purpose. It could be:
    • Negotiations
    • Meetings
    • Consultations
    • Event by intergovernmental organizations


Germany Visa Required Documents for the Wife/Husband of a German Citizen

When you are the spouse of a German citizen/national and want to apply for a German visa, you have to submit the following documents:

  • Your spouse proof of citizenship. It could be one of these documents:
    • ID card
    • Certification of German nationality
    • Consular card
    • Certification of naturalization order
  • German marriage certificate.
  • German family record book.


Let’s sum up …

In this blog, we explained The Application Process for Germany Schengen Visa.

The general required documents, the documents according to your job status, necessary documents for minors, officials and delegations, etc. go covered.

You can find all the Germany visa information in the world here. Gathering documents for a Germany visa is a crucial step. Germany authorities are strict with their laws. Be careful and focus on even small details.

To find out more about the visa that suits you, go through the menu of the site. You can find all the Germany types of visas at the left sidebar.

You can check the visa library to find more information about other countries’ visas.

In case you have some experience, please write it down in the comment section. Your comments let the readers choose better and avoid mistakes. Conveying your experiences as comments is a great help for applicants.