You are a teacher and want a better life. Have you considered the UK? It’s a perfect destination, and the country needs teachers. You just need to know how to immigrate to the UK as a teacher to get the life you deserve. You will find the answer to all of your questions here. 

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Find the links and extra information explained in the video here; 

UK visa and immigration website to check eligibility for QTS 


The list of teacher training providers offering assessment-only QTS to international teachers outside the UK 


Apply for a statement of comparability.

Find accredited English teacher training providers.

Apply for teacher training.

Check if you need a visa or not 


UK student visa 


Teaching Vacancies

Being a qualified teacher, 

You must be a teacher in your home country and become a teacher in the UK. There are procedures to become a teacher in the UK, and you must pass one of them to get the certificate. 

The below section explains the steps to go through and get the certificates. 

Have work experience.

You must be a qualified teacher in your home country or abroad and have work experience. You must be registered in a school or education center as a teacher, and you must have proof of it. 

Remember that the UK officials won’t accept a management position in a school, and you must be a classroom teacher. 

The subject you have taught must be clear, and it doesn’t matter that it is not in English. 

Have a clean record certificate. 

You must submit a clean record certificate from your home country or the country you have lived for the past year. It proves that you are no threat to the British people and the country. 

Clean record certificate is part of the visa supporting documents. 

Also, you might have to present the certificate during the stages to become a licensed teacher in the UK. 

Have the QTS to teach in the UK 

One of the procedures to become a teacher in the UK is to receive the QTS certificate. Most of UK schools require it even if the school can hire foreign teachers without it. 

But it’s not the only way to become a teacher in the UK, and there are other ways. Look at the below sections to get familiar with them. 

Appropriate visa to enter the UK 

When you get the certificates and meet the eligibility principles, you must apply for a Uk visa to enter the country. A skilled worker visa is the most common one that you can apply for, but you need a job offer for it. 

There are other visa options that let you enter the UK and work as a teacher. But you must be qualified for it. See the below section to know which one is right by your conditions. 

How to immigrate to the UK as a teacher?

The immigration stages you must follow to move to the UK as a teacher are explained here: 

What is QTS to teach in the UK?

QTS, or Qualified teacher status, is a legal requirement for teachers who want to teach in UK schools. So many schools do not hire teachers without a QTS and the ones that have teachers without it are: 

  • academies, 
  • free schools, 
  • private schools.

Even if the law doesn’t require you to have a QTS, the schools have this requirement to evaluate candidates for a teaching position. 

Who is exempt from QTS?

If you are among the qualified teachers, you can work in the UK for up to 4 years without the QTS. It is true even in schools that QTS is needed. 

If you are eligible to work with the QTS, you can use the ‘4-year rule”. 

You must have the below items to be eligible for the ‘4-year rule: 

  • Eligible as a teacher outside the UK. 
  • Completing a course of teacher training. It must be recognized by the responsible organization that authorizes teachers in that country. 

Remember that the ‘4-year rule” doesn’t apply in these situations; 

  • pupil referral units (PRUs), 
  • alternative provision academies; the QTS is required for the above items from the beginning of your work.

How to apply for qualified teacher status QTS?

There are three ways you can apply for QTS. but the application process depends on whether you have teaching experience not and the location you got your qualification for teaching. 

Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA)

This route is for teachers who have a Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) from one of these countries; 

  • the EEA members. 
  • Gibraltar
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Switzerland
  • the USA

The other requirement is that you have evidence or proof that you are a qualified teacher in the country and have the qualifications.

The evidence could include documents that show your status as a teacher. 

You can not be prohibited from teaching by the related organizations or authorities in the country you have worked. 

Pass the assessment to prove you meet the standards for QTS. 

If you pass the QTS assessment, you won’t need to pass training courses in the UK to work as a teacher. 

You must apply to a  UK government-approved teacher training provider in the UK to get assessed and receive your QTS. the good point is that you don’t have to visit the UK to get assessed. 

Also, if you can work in the UK through the 4-year rule, you can apply to get assessed for the QTS. Your school or employer can cover and help you with this procedure. 

To get the assessment, you must have the following items: 

  • At least two years of work experience 
  • An educational degree from the UK or a non-UK university. 
  • Obtained a  standard equivalent of grade 4 in GCSE English language and mathematics. 
  • To teach 3-11 aged children a standard equivalent to grade 4 in a GCSE science (biology, chemistry, or physics) subject. 

What is a GCSE? It’s an academic qualification granted for examinations in the UK. 

You got your degree from a non-UK university.

 If you have received your education and degree from a non-UK university, you might have to get a ‘statement of comparability. It shows that your degree is equivalent to a UK degree. 

You can get help from the Department for Education website or just contact them. 

You have to have teaching experience to be eligible for this way of moving to the UK as a teacher. 

The teaching experience must meet the eligibility conditions; 

  • It must hold teaching experience and not other responsibilities. 
  • Must have been in two schools. 
  • You must have taught people of different ages. 
  • You must be familiar with different procedures in
    • teaching, 
    • learning 
    • and school management

Where do you have to get the teaching experience?

It can be in any type of school, like:   

  • international schools, 
  • teaching the International Baccalaureate, 
  • state-maintained school

What if you have taught a non-English course?

It’s fine, and you are still eligible if you meet the other conditions. But you must provide English language fluency to get accepted. 

How should you apply for QTS?

You must apply to one of the UK government’s approved assessment-only teacher training providers. You don’t have to visit the UK to pass the test or get the training. 

The cost of assessment ranges from £1,500 to £4,000. It depends on the provider, but you have to pay a higher fee if you are outside of the UK. 

An individual will visit you while teaching in class and assess your performance and work. 

You can find the list of teacher training providers offering assessment-only QTS to international teachers outside the UK from this link

When you find the assessment provider, you must contact them to make the arrangements; 

  • Weather they accept international applications for assessment only QTS
  • If they can visit you in your home country to assess your teaching. If your language is not English, do they have a person to assess you. 
  • Whether they approve your eligibility for assessment. 
  • If there are other requirements for assessment or not. 

Remember an essential point. 

You must be healthy and meet the physical conditions to teach in the UK. The assessment provided will check your background and behavior to ensure you are eligible to teach in the UK. 

When you meet the standards and pass the assessment, you will receive the QTS and can apply for job positions in the UK. 

But what if you fail the assessment?

In this case, you can apply again after you have become familiar with the process and gained experience or skills. You could also get QTS by training to teach in England. 

Pass a teacher training course in England.

Every non-UK citizen can apply to get training to teach in the UK. UK visa and immigration website has a full guide for this part that you can visit from this link

They have information for eligibility, requirements, and the application process at every stage that you must follow to get training to teach in the UK. 

How to become a teacher in the UK as an international student?

If you are in the UK under a Tier 4 student visa, you can apply for a graduate visa after completing your education and receiving your certificate. 

The graduate visa permits you to work in the UK for two years or look for a job. You don’t have to have a sponsor in this period. 

After that, you can apply for a skilled worker visa and stay in the UK as long as your employment contract is valid. You can extend it as long as you have an employment contract with a UK employer. 

You could also directly apply for a skilled worker visa if you get a job offer after graduation. Visit the Visa Library article from the right sidebar to learn about UK work visa or skilled worker visa. 

UK visa options to become a teacher

There are other visa options that you can use to move to the UK as a teacher. 

They are not designed for teachers or are not work visa. But if you are eligible for them, you can move to the UK and work as a teacher in the country. 

Each one of these visas is different and has eligibility principles: 

High potential individual visa

You have another option to work in the UK as a teacher, and it is the High potential individual visa. 

Not everyone can apply for it, and you must be eligible: 

  • Have a BA, MA, or Ph.D. from a university listed in the Global Universities list
  • Have received your certificate not older than 5 years ago at the time of application. 
  • B1 language proficiency certificate 
  • Have enough funds for at least £1,270
  • pass a security and criminality check. 

There is no need for a job offer, and you can stay in the UK for up to two years to look for a job.

Youth Mobility Scheme visa

This is a visa program that lets young people from a few countries visit the UK and study and work without having a sponsor or job offer. You could also work as a teacher without arranging employment from a school. 

The Youth Mobility Scheme visa allows you to work in the UK for up to 2 years and change your visa to another type. A skilled worker visa is the one you can switch to if you are eligible. You won’t need to leave the UK and can apply from inside the country.

Other visa options for teachers.

There are other visa options that let you move to the UK and work as a teacher. But you must be eligible for them, and not everyone is qualified to apply for them: 

  • a Family visa, 
  • a UK Ancestry visa 
  • a British National (Overseas) visa.

Each one of the above visa options is unique, and you must meet the standards to apply for them. 

You can find out more information from the right sidebar. 

UK education system

You will get familiar with the UK education system in this section. It helps you to get a general understanding of the grades and children in each one. 

Nursery school 

Preschool 3-5 

Primary school 

5-12 years 

Middle school 


Secondary school 


Independent school


UK schools begin at 8.30 or 9.15 and the time is up to the type of school. They finish no later than 3.30 pm and classes are from Monday to Friday. 

The academic year is up to the area but begins in August or early September and lasts until June and the middle of July. 

Teaching to somehow is similar to western countries like the US, Canada, and Australia. 

There is a shortage of teachers in the UK as not enough teachers have been trained. You can always find a job offer or vacancy in the country.

Infographic How to immigrate to the UK as a teacher

Where to find job positions as a teacher in the UK.  

UK government has provided the main platforms to find a job as a teacher in the country. 

You can find them here. 

You need a well-defined resume and begin applying for them to get an offer. 

Although the above-mentioned sites are the main platform to find a job as a teacher in the UK, you could also use the below sites. They are the best websites to find a job in the UK in general. You might find them useful and get familiar with the job market and requirements. 

  • Adzuna
  • CV-Library
  • Escape the city
  • Indeed UK
  • Monster UK
  • Otta
  • Reed.co.uk
  • Totaljobs (and Jobsite)
  • Unicorn Hunt
  • WorkInStartups

Teacher’s salary in the UK 

The average salary of a teacher in the UK varies and depends on various elements: 

  • School 
  • Location 
  • Work experience 
  • Language proficiency 
  • Educational certificate 
  • Subject you teach 
  • Qualifications 
  • Etc. 

The above items are just some of the influencing factors. There are more. But we mention the average salary of teachers in the UK here. 

According to Prospects, the average salary of a teacher in England and Wales who just begins work as a class teacher is £28,000 to £34,502. The salary is up to the location and is a bit higher in London and nearby areas. 

 Teachers’ salary in Ireland is about £27,498, while the minimum salary is £24,137. 

You can earn more by developing your skills, knowledge, and performance in the classroom. 

Prospect indicates that the salary of a qualified teacher who has NGT is higher and can earn about £28,000 to £38,810. 

Your salary goes up from £29,344 to £40,083 in London. The salary is £33,729 to £42,336 in Scotland and £24,137 to £41,094 in Northern Ireland. 

The income is completely different for unqualified teachers. They are the teachers who don’t have QTS.

Their income ranges from £19,340 to £30,172 in England and Wales. It is different in London, and you get higher. 

Do you need IELTS to work in the UK as a teacher?

You need English language fluency and probably a certificate to work as a teacher in the UK. You have to pass the tests in English and persuade the English employer to hire you. Also, the language taught in the schools is in English. 

Whether you need IELTS or not is up to your conditions. Bear in mind that you need grade 4 in GCSE English language when you apply for QTS. Learning and studying English is a must, and you must get fluent like a native speaker. An IELTS certificate could help persuade the employer to hire you and is a good indicator that you are fluent in English, but you can also take other tests. 

Working in the UK as a teacher benefits 

The UK is one of the first options that come to mind regarding immigration and working. The high standards of living and robust economy make it a perfect destination. The following benefits or advantages can make you determined in your choice: 

Education and healthcare are free in the UK. 

Every UK citizen has access to free healthcare and education to a certain level. You won’t have to pay a lot for emergencies, and there is nothing to worry about for your medical costs. 

Your children will have access to a free high-standard education system and to the best schools. Name the best universities in the world, and the UK universities come to the top of the list; Cambridge and Oxford. 

Europe is on the doorway. 

A short flight and you can enter the 26 European countries in a few hours. Get a taxi to Heathrow Airport, take a nap and wake up in every European country you want to spend your holiday there. The good point is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on your air trip and it’s friendly cost and affordable. 

Every type of climate and country you want is accessible, from sunny Spain to the snowy Alps in Sweden. 

A huge job market awaits you. 

So many large companies are located in the UK, and many of the international companies have a branch there. The UK always needs skilled workers and is paving the way to bring them to the country. 

Last year, the UK introduced a job seeker visa that allows international graduates to stay in the country after graduation without getting a job offer and having enough funds to cover their expenses. They can work in any general job and cover their expenses for two years until they find a job related to their expertise and get a skilled worker visa. 

Also, if you have studied in the top 50 universities in the Qsranking, you can get a visa and enter the UK to look for a job. 

Tourist attractions never end in the UK. 

This is one of the top tourist attractions in the world that bring millions of visitors every year. The UK satisfies every type of people in terms of tourist attractions. From museums, art galleries, natural wonders, and shopping places, you will never get bored there. You just need a lifetime to explore London and enjoy its beauty. 

Friendly and nice people to live in. 

The UK welcomes immigrants from around the world, and you can find people from every culture. This versatile atmosphere has changed the country, and the British are nice to foreigners. You don’t feel that you’re an outsider. Also, you can find someone from your home country so as not to feel alone. 

Do you want to start your business?

The UK is among the top countries to start a business, and the government supports you. As there are so many large companies and international companies that have a branch there, you can provide service to them and not worry about communication. 

The law and tax encourage you to start your business and never worry about failing. 

Does the UK require foreign teachers?

According to data, UK employers need skilled workers. During the last year, the interest in hiring foreign employers has increased to 56%. 

The same rise is true with teaching jobs. The demand for nursing, engineering, and hospitality jobs is rising as well. 

There are the most in-demand jobs in the UK: 

  • Teaching
  • Hotel staff
  • Nursing
  • Engineering
  • Au Pair
  • Electrician
  • Animal care
  • Chef
  • Construction
  • Bartending.

As you can see, teaching is in the top position and is most-in demand. 

What are the requirements to immigrate to the UK as a teacher?

The answer to this question is broad and not definite. You would better get familiar with the certificates and requirements to become a teacher in the UK. as you can read in the above section, there are three ways to immigrate to the UK as a teacher. 

The requirements, procedures, and supporting documents for each one of them are different. Also, there are different options. You would better read them to know which one is appropriate by your conditions. 

All in all, teachers are needed in the UK, and you can move to the country if you have the skills and certificates. 

Let’s sum up…

This article explains who is eligible to immigrate to the UK as a teacher. You found out how to become a teacher in the UK and what the requirements are. 

Also, you got answers for some of the frequently asked questions. 

If you have questions, write them down in the comment section. The Visa Library team will answer them. 

You can find out about the UK visa options from the right sidebar. 

Frequently asked questions about immigration to the UK as a teacher 

Are teachers needed in the UK?

Yes, the country needs teachers and has immigration plans to welcome skilled teachers to the country. 

Do I need language proficiency to immigrate to the UK as a teacher?

Yes, you must be fluent in English as you have to teach in English and the exams are in English as well. 

What are the visa options to move to the UK as a teacher?

There are a skilled worker visa, a Family visa, a UK Ancestry visa, and a British National (Overseas) visa. But you must be qualified for each one of them. 

Do I need IELTS to immigrate to the UK as a nurse?

If you are from English speaking country, not you don’t need IELTS or language proficiency test but if you are not you must have a certificate that IELST is accepted. 

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