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Application Process for a Travel Visa

  • 1

    Checking Eligibility

    Research to figure out whether you are eligible for the visa before applying.

  • 2

    Completing Application form

    Completing the right application form for the visa is the first step. You could receive it from the embassy’s website.

  • 3

    Gathering Requirements

    Collect the required supporting documents as instructed by authorities.

  • 4

    Schedule a visa appointment

    Get a visa appointment from the embassy or consulate to submit requirements.

  • 5

    Passing Interview

    During the visa appointment, you might have to pass an interview. Try to be prepared for it. You might get refused.

  • 6

    Paying fees

    There is a fee for the application process. Bring enough money to pay for it. The payment method depends on the embassy.

  • 7

    Waiting for Processing

    Wait until your visa gets processed. Processing time depends on different factors

  • 8

    Receiving Travel Visa

    When the visa gets approved, officials will mail it to you. If it gets denied, they will inform you why.

What is the Difference Between a Passport and a Visa?

What is a Passport Card?

Passport is a travel document granted by a government to its nationals. It authorizes people traveling abroad. Passport approves its holder’s nationality and identity. It contains the name, photo, signature, place, and date of birth of the holder.

Visa Definition

Visa is a travel document that permits foreign people to enter, remain, or leave the country. The embassy issues the visa and stamps it on a passport. It determines the type of visit and the legal lengths of stay in the country.

Visa Fees for all Countries

Paying a fee for visa processing is necessary. It depends on some items and different for each visa. You must pay the fee online or in-person while submitting the requirements. It is up to the visa you apply for. The embassy might accept cash or credit card. Research to assure of the payment method.


Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Visa on Visalibrary

What does Visa Library do?
Visa Library is a source for the latest valuable information on travel visas. We gather all you need to know for a visa application.

How to find all country’s visa information at Visa Library?
You just need to enter the site and choose the country you wanna travel visit. The websites’ map leads you to the information you need.

Why do you need to visit Visa Library?
The provided information is based on experience and the latest changes in visas. So, you have access to the most recent information you might miss.

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Anyone who wants to immigrate or travel visit a country can take advantage of the Visa library’s information.

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