Ecuador is a country in South America famous for its largely intact Spanish roots, historical palaces, and religious sites. The Ecuadorian government has a very mild visa policy. Ecuador allows the nationals of most countries to travel and stay in Ecuador for up to 90 days without a visa. This article will discuss information about Ecuador Visa, Who needs it, its requirements, and how to apply for it.
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Who needs an Ecuador Visa?

If you are a citizen from the following countries, you will need an Ecuador Visa to enter the country as a tourist. But citizens of other countries do not need to apply for a visa and stay in Ecuador for up to 90 days. For a stay longer than 90 days, foreigners need to apply for an appropriate Ecuador Visa.


CameroonThe Democratic Republic of the CongoCuba
EritreaEthiopiaThe Gambia
North KoreaPakistanSenegal
SomaliaSri LankaSyria

What Are the Ecuador Visa Types?

The Ecuadorian government issues three types of visas for foreign applicants:

  • Ecuador Tourist Visa
  • Special Ecuador Tourist Visa
  • Ecuador Temporary Resident Visas
  • Ecuador Permanent Resident Visas

Ecuador Tourist Visa

Citizens of the mentioned countries do not benefit from the Ecuador visa exemption and have to apply for an Ecuador tourist visa. Ecuador tourist visa grants its holder a 90-day stay for tourism-related purposes.

Special Ecuador Tourist Visa

Special Tourist Visa is like a typical tourist visa, but it has a longer duration (180 days). Nationals from all countries can apply for the 180-day Special Ecuador tourist visa. Foreigners can apply for this type of visa by going to an Ecuadorian Embassy to apply.


A Special Ecuador tourist visa is only given once every five years.

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Ecuador Temporary Resident Visa

The Ecuador temporary resident visa is a long-stay visa. This visa is appropriate for foreigners who plan to live, study, work, or retire in Ecuador. The Ecuador temporary resident visa is issued for up to two years. It can also be renewed before it expires.

The Ecuador temporary resident visa has three types. Foreigners who enter Ecuador as a tourist, and want to change visa type can go to the Ecuadorian “Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility” and apply for one of the following visas:

Ecuador Work Visa

The Ecuador work visa is for foreigners who are able to find a job with an Ecuadorian company.

Ecuador Student Visa

Foreigners who received an acceptance/invitation letter from an Ecuadorian university or academic program and wish to pursue their studies are eligible for an Ecuador student visa.

Ecuador Retirement visa

Foreigners who have sufficient financial assets and plan to retire in Ecuador can apply for an Ecuador retirement visa.

Ecuador Investor visa

Ecuador Investor visa is given to foreigners who invest a minimum of $40,000 in Ecuador. They can invest in different markets, such as real estate, industrial, etc.

Ecuador Scientist/ Investigator/ Academic visa

These visas are available to foreigners who wish to conduct scientific, research, or academic activities in Ecuador.

Ecuador Athlete/Artist/Cultural Visa

Foreign experts involved in fields like sports, academic purposes, science, technology, innovation, and art are eligible for these types of visas. These visas offer them a 180-day stay which can be renewed multiple times.

Ecuador Religious Visa

Religious visas are available to foreigners who wish to participate in activities or volunteer work related to religion that is not connected to the Convention of the Ecuadorian Episcopal Conference.

Ecuador Episcopal Conference Visa

The Ecuadorian Religious Episcopal Conference permits foreigners to carry out duties on its behalf. These foreigners are qualified to obtain this visa.

Ecuador Volunteer Visa

Foreign citizens can get this visa if they wish to volunteer in Ecuador through an NGO or other registered organization.

Ecuador Professional Visa

It is possible for a foreign national to obtain this visa in Ecuador if they are performing professional, technical, technological or artisan activities there.

Ecuador Convention Visa

The visa can be obtained by foreign nationals who work for international organizations linked to Ecuador.

Ecuador Mercosur Visa

In Ecuador, citizens of Mercosur countries can live, work, and do business legally. This can be obtained from the diplomatic missions of Ecuador or the Zonal Coordination offices of Ecuador.

Ecuador Unasur Visa

South American nationals can live, work, and do business in Ecuador legally. This can be obtained from diplomats in Ecuador or from the Zonal Coordination Office in Ecuador.

Ecuador Commercial Activity Visa

Foreign nationals arriving in commercial, industrial, or special vessels enter the country for the purpose of carrying out activities on such vessels. This visa enable its holders to enter and exit the country multiple times with no time limits abroad.

Ecuador Permanent Resident Visas

When an Ecuador temporary visa holder lives there for at least 21 months, they become eligible to apply for an Ecuador permanent resident visa.

How to Apply for an Ecuador Visa?

Applying for an Ecuador visa has several steps. First, a foreigner has to find a close Ecuador embassy. Then, applicants have to:

  1. Set an appointment at the embassy to learn about their requirements and the documents. Applicants can also make an appointment online (here).
  2. Gather documents and requirements.
  3. Download the Ecuador Visa Application Form. Then fill out and print it.
  4. Revisit the embassy and submit the application form and the required documents to the Ecuadorian authorities.
  5. Make a payment for the Ecuador visa fee.
  6. Wait for the embassy to reach a verdict. Then, embassies inform applicants through email.
  7. Print the visa the embassy sent them through email.

If you are already in Ecuador, you can also apply for a visa through

The “Coordinaciones Zonales” in Ecuador operates under the “Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility” and is responsible for issuing visas to applicants who are in Ecuador.

What Are the Ecuador Visa Requirements?

Applicants for Ecuador visas have to present several documents which will support their visa application. Depending on their visa application, they might submit different types of documents. Here is a list of documents that are in common for all Ecuador visas:

  • The passport (must be valid for at least another six months)
  • The form of Ecuador Visa Application (must be completed and signed)
  • Pictures (must be passport size)
  • Evidence of sufficient financial assets during their stay in Ecuador
  • Police issued certificates of criminal records
  • Health insurance documents. Applicants of all types of Ecuador visas must get health insurance to cover the duration of their stay in Ecuador.

Here is a list of specific documents that certain visa types need:

  • Minors need:
    • Their birth certificate.
    • A consensual letter from their legal guardians if they are traveling alone.
  • Ecuador business visa needs:
    • A Letter of invitation and acceptance from the Ecuadorian company.
  • Ecuador Work Visa needs:
    • A work contract with the Ecuadorian company.
    • A registration certificate. In addition, a piece of evidence that shows that the Ecuadorian company has no outstanding obligations with SRI ( Internal Revenue Service of Ecuador) and IESS (Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security), and the Superintendence of Companies.
  • Ecuador Student Visa needs:
    • Evidence of registration and enrollment in an Ecuadorian educational institution.
  • Ecuador Retirement Visa needs:
    • Evidence of retirement from the applicant’s home country government.
    • Evidence of a received pension.
    • Evidence regarding other types of income, such as from investments, savings, etc.


All the documents must be translated into Spanish. They also have to be Apostilled or legalized by the Ecuadorian Embassy or authorities.

Passport Picture

Applicants’ profile pictures must have the following specifications:

  • Its dimensions are: 2-inch x 2-inch
  • The background must be white
  • Applicants must look  4straightly ahead at the camera
  • The entire face must be clearly visible
  • Only religious headgears are allowed (no face coverage)
  • No glasses

How Can I Enter Ecuador without a Visa?

Nationals from countries with Ecuador visa exemption have to present the following documents when they enter Ecuador to be able to stay for 90 days:

  • The passport (must be valid for at least six months)
  • A round-trip ticket
  • Travel health insurance (valid for their duration of stay)

These foreign nationals will receive a tourist stamp on their passport.

Can I Stay in Ecuador for more than 90 Days?

Yes. For a longer stay in Ecuador (more than 90 days), you must:

  • Submit an application for a special tourist visa (allows you to stay for 180 days).
  • Request for an extension while you are in Ecuador.
  • Submit an application for a Temporary Residence Visa

How much is an Ecuador Visa Fee?

Ecuador visa fees constantly change. Make sure to contact Ecuadorian authorities before applying for a visa. Here are the latest fees based on the “the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility” website:

  • 50 US Dollars for visa processing
  • 400 US Dollars for the Ecuador visa

Here is a list of visa fees for different types of temporary residence visa:

  • Volunteer Visa: 80 US Dollars
  • Religious visa: 250 US Dollars
  • Student visa: 130 US Dollars
  • Athlete/Artist/Cultural Visa: 50 US Dollars
  • Commercial Activity visa: 450 US Dollars
  • Unasur visa: US Dollars
  • Mercosur visa: 250 US Dollars
  • Convention Visa: Free
  • Professional visa: 450 US Dollars
  • Episcopal Conference visa: Free
  • Scientist/ Investigator/ Academic visa: 450 US Dollars
  • Retirement visa: 450 US Dollars
  • Investor visa: 450 US Dollars

Let’s sum up …

The Ecuadorian government offers several visa types for foreigners interested in visiting, working, or retiring in this beautiful country. We explained different Ecuador visa types, their requirements, how to apply for them and answered some common questions.

If you like to know more about international visas, check out the bat at the top of the page.

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