When it comes to moving to another country, Norway is one of the first options that get into your mind. Living in this beautiful country with a strong economy and job positions has huge benefits. If you’re asking how to immigrate to Norway as a dentist, this article will bring you whatever you need to know.

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Immigrate to Norway as a dentist

Who is eligible to immigrate to Norway as a dentist in Norway?

If you want to immigrate to Norway as a dentist, you need to be a licensed dentist in your home country. It is required to have academic education and have received all the licenses.

In case there are exams in your home country that you need to pass to immigrate to Norway as a dentist, you need to provide them to the Norwegian officials.

Also, you have to send your documents to the Norwegian Directorate of Health. They evaluate your certificates and determine if you are qualified to immigrate to Norway as a dentist. 

Then comes the exams. You need to pass two exams that are in the Norwegian language to become eligible.

Immigrate to Norway as a dentist

How to immigrate to Norway as a dentist?

You need to follow the below steps to immigrate to Norway as a dentist:

Language proficiency

Norway language proficiency is a must. Your course will be in Norway, so you must work and learn it very well. You need a C1 level in Norwegian.

Begin studying Norwegian as early as possible and get fluent in the language. Remember that your exams are in Norwegian as well.

Send the document for authorization

If you have received your degree from a non-EU country, you need to send it to the Norwegian officials for authorization. Not every dentistry degree is accepted in Norway.

Prepare the below list of documents:

  • Educational diploma
  • Transcript
  • Overview of the curriculum of your subject content.

Remember that the theoretical content of your subjects must be stated for each individual subject. The scope of the subjects need to be stated in ECT or the number of hours for each subject.

work placements or clinical practice

  • period’s length,
  • objective,
  • venue
  • evaluation results


  • number of weeks or hours
  • Field of practice
  • Areas/institutions where your practical
  • The form of practice
    • skill training,
    • observation,
    • patient-oriented practice
    • patient simulation


It must be valid for the years you studied it. Must provide contact information to the educational institution.


If an exam is required in your home country to practice dentistry, you need to provide proof that you have taken this exam.

The authorization to practice dentistry from your home country is needed as well.

When you prepare the scanned form of your documents, you need to send them to the Directorate of Helth website. There is a fee for your application that you need to pay with a credit or debit card.

You have to send all of your documents and degree to the Norwegian Directorate of Health (Helsedirektoratet). They will check your documents and see if it’s valid or not. They can be in English or Norwegian.  The processing time takes up to 11 months. Your documents should be as detailed as possible. For instance, if you have had a discussion with a teacher, it must be documented. The officials don’t want to know anything; they want to see it on paper as proof.

Infographic Immigrate to Norway as a dentist

National subject test

It is a test you have a course for a month. It consists of two parts one is drug calculation, and the other is the law. You have to clear the exam, and you should get 100% marks. It is to test whether you can handle medicine or not.

Then comes the exam of your education. It happens two times a year, and you need to see whether the seats are available or not.

Approval and temporary license

When the officials approve your document, they grant you a temporary license. It permits you to work temporarily under the guidance of another dentist. He/she has authorization in Norway.

The temporary license is valid for six months. During this time, you have to clear your other exams. It consists of a theory and practical exam. You need to pass this exam to get your license.

Ask for additional documents

The Norway official might ask for additional documents if you are from one of these countries. You would better be prepared and submit whatever they want as early as possible to speed up the processing:

  1. Afghanistan
  2. The Democratic Republic of Congo
  3. Eritrea
  4. Ethiopia
  5. Hong Kong
  6. Iraq
  7. Yemen
  8. Cameroon
  9. Liberia
  10. Libya
  11. Nigeria
  12. Sierra Leone
  13. Somalia
  14. Sudan
  15. Taiwan
  16. US
  17. Pakistan
  18. Ukraine
  19. China

Let’s sum up…

This article brought you information on how to immigrate to Norway as a doctor. The list of requirements and application process got covered.

If you have questions, write them down in the comment section. The Visa Library team will get to them right away.

You can find out how to apply for a Norway visa from the right sidebar.

Frequently Asked Questions about Immigrating to Norway as a dentist

Which dents specialist is most in demand?

Periodontists t are most in demand in Norway. The yare for the gum disease.

Is it easy to immigrate to Norway as a dentist?

No, If you are fluent in Norwegian and have a degree approved by the officials.

Can non-EU citizens immigrate to Norway as dentists?

Yes, but their degree must be recognized by the Directorate of health.

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  1. N.A says:

    An EU-DENTIST want to move in Norway, what are conditions and requirements to work there as dentist
    Should i pass more exams over there also or directly will work as a dentist or dental assistant first etc etc

    • Max says:

      For an EU dentist wishing to work in Norway, certain conditions apply. Qualifications from EU/EEA countries can be recognized through an authorization process. Proficiency in Norwegian is usually required due to patient communication needs. Contact the Norwegian Directorate of Health to begin the process, which might involve a professional competence assessment, including practical and theoretical exams. While waiting for full authorization, temporary supervised work might be possible. If your qualifications don’t meet dentist requirements, you could consider working as a dental assistant, with separate criteria. Registration in the Health Personnel Register is mandatory. Ensure you have the appropriate insurance and understand visa/residence permit needs. Stay updated on changing regulations and connect with professional unions for support during the process.

  2. Dr Nurul Hassan. S says:

    Clarification needed:

    I would llike to confirm if this offer given to me is genuine since the offer is provided without the below mentioned criteria;
    1. Language Test
    2. License for practise
    3. Immediate joining.

    Kindly clarify on this as if genuine i do not want to miss the opportunity

    • Max says:

      The offer seems to deviate from the standard requirements, as it does not include a language test, a practicing license, or immediate joining. To determine if this offer is genuine, it’s advisable to reach out to the relevant authorities or individuals providing the offer. Verifying the details and ensuring alignment with official immigration and professional regulations will help you make an informed decision and seize a genuine opportunity if it indeed exists.

  3. Zahra says:

    How can I get more information about the “Dental licence exam”?

    • Max says:

      You can take a few steps to find out about the Norwegian Dental License Exam. Start by getting in touch with the Norwegian Dental Association. They can give you a lot of information and help. Also, call dental schools and universities in Norway, like the University of Oslo or the University of Bergen, to find out about the details of the exam and how to get a license. It’s also helpful to talk to regulatory groups like the Norwegian Directorate of Health, which often looks over licenses for healthcare professionals. Find out more by looking at online tools, forums, or official government websites. Lastly, you might want to talk to a healthcare career counselor. They can give you personalized help on the licensing process and how to study for exams.

  4. Nithya Shree Muthu says:

    I am a Norwegian citizen in highschool, and I wish to study Dentistry in the EU, and then a dental surgeon. Can I study both programs in the EU and still be able to work in Norway? And is there an exam I have to take in order to work in Norway?

    • Max says:

      You can study dentistry in an EU country and then work in Norway, but you have to take a few steps first. First, get a Bachelor’s degree in dentistry in the EU from a school that both Norwegian and EU dental authorities recognize. Complete postgraduate study (residency) to become a qualified dentist. Make sure your credentials are accepted by the Norwegian Directorate of Health, and be ready to pass any tests needed to get a license in Norway. If you want to become a dentist, you should continue to specialize. Lastly, keep working on your professional development so you can stay up to date in your area. Keep in mind that the rules may change, so check with the Norwegian government often to get the most up-to-date information.

  5. Judith says:

    I got information from a friends that in order to get your dentist licence i Norway, you need to work one year at the far north of Norway. Is this true?

    • Max says:

      As far as I am aware, dentists in Norway must meet a number of criteria before being granted a practice license. It’s true that many recent Norwegian dental school grads are mandated to practice in underserved rural or northern areas through a program called “Turnus,” but this might not be the case for all of them.

      Conditions including location, the dentist’s credentials, and the demands of the healthcare system may affect the precise criteria and length of treatment. For the most up-to-date and thorough information on dental licensure and work requirements for dentists in Norway, I advise checking the official website of the Norwegian Directorate of Health or contacting the Norwegian Dental Association.