This article brings you to how to immigrate to Norway as a mechanical engineer. You will find the ways to get to Norway and the requirements. In the end, you can find the FAQs.

How Can I immigrate to Norway as a mechanical engineer?

There are two ways to immigrate to Norway as a mechanical engineer; a student visa and a work visa. This section explains both of them.

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Directorate of Immigration website.

Offer of employment form 

UDI website to apply for a work permit 

The application form to bring your family to Norway

Immigrate to Norway through a student visa to become a mechanical engineer.

A student visa is the first way to immigrate to Norway as a mechanical engineer. It might sound expensive and takes time, but it is guaranteed. Every immigration method has its pros and cons. You should find out if a student visa is appropriate for your condition or not. Follows these steps to get a Norway student visa:

Find the requirements to apply to a Norwegian university or college.

First, you need to find a Norwegian university or college that provides mechanical engineering courses. You need to find out whether they offer the course to an international student or not and what the requirements are.

It is mandatory to gather the requirements and fulfill all of them, like language proficiency and transcripts.

Apply to a university or college

When you prepare the list of requirements, apply to the university and wait for their response. You can apply to a few universities to increase your chance of getting accepted.

When the university decides and agrees on your application, they issue the admission letter. Now you can apply for a student visa.

Apply for a student visa

You need to gather the list of supporting documents along with the admission letter and apply to the UDI website. Then you must schedule a meeting with the Norwegian embassy in your home country and visit them.

It is required to submit the documents to them in person and pay a fee during the application process.

When the visa is ready, you can move to Norway and begin your studies. You can find further information about Norway’s student visas from the right sidebar.

Complete your education

You need to complete your education in Norway and get work experience. It is mandatory to obey the rules and regulations in the country and learn as much as possible.

Get a work permit in Norway.

After completing your education, you can look for a job with a Norwegian employer or company. If they agree to hire you, and in most cases, they do so, you can get a work permit and stay in the country.

Immigrate to Norway as a mechanical engineer through a work visa.

If you don’t have time, money, or have completed your studies, you can try Norway work visa to immigrate to the country as a mechanical engineer. Follow these steps to immigrate to Norway as a mechanical engineer.

Find a job offer with a Norwegian employer or company.

The first step to moving to Norway in mechanical engineering is to find a job offer from a Norwegian employer. You must look for a job on websites that advertise such jobs.

These are some of the websites that you can find an offer with:

  • Arbeidsplassen.nav.no
  • Ec.europa.eu
  • Gulesider
  • Finn.no
  • Gulesider (a private recruitment agency)
  • Indeed Norway
  • Tinkerlist
  • Jobs in Oslo
  • The Local
  • Finn Jobs
  • Jobbnorge
  • Adecco
  • Career Builder
  • Jobbsafari
  • Career Builder
  • AngelList
  • CV Jobs Norway
  • Jobisland
  • Manpower
  • Learn4Good
  • Dittarbeid.
  • Jobbforalle
  • Nav.no

The Norwegian employer must be willing to offer you, as a non-EU national, the job.

Negotiate with the employer and try to get it.

Sign an employment contract

When you and the employer agree on an offer, it is necessary to sign an employment contract. It must indicate the terms of employment and their details:

  • Position
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Probationary Period
  • Paid Time Off
  • Termination
  • Non-Competition and Confidentiality
  • Salary
  • Working hours
  • Location
  • Promotion
  • Etc.

You can get advice from a lawyer when signing the employment.

The employer applies for a work permit.

Now the employer needs to apply to the UDI for a work permit. Some requirements or supporting documents are needed when applying for a work permit. The employee needs to send them to the employer.

It takes some time until the UDI evaluates the case and decides on it. When the work permit is issued, the employee can apply for a work visa.

Apply for a work visa

Here, the employee news to gather the supporting documents to apply for a work visa. You can find the full list of requirements from the right sidebar article on the Norway work visa article.

You can begin this stage a bit earlier and speed up the process as well.

Book a meeting with the Norwegian embassy

At this stage, it is mandatory to book an appointment with the Norwegian embassy to submit the original forms of documents. You can do it through their website. They might ask for further supporting documents; you can find them out and prevent further delays.

Get to the visa meeting and bring the supporting documents. Submit them to the offices and pay the fee for visa processing.

Wait or processing

Now you need to wait for visa processing by the embassy. It takes about 1-3 months to get your visa. When it’s ready, the embassy informs you to pick it up and immigrate to Norway as a mechanical engineer.

When you arrive in Norway, visit the local immigration officials to get your residence permit.

Infographic How to Move to Norway as a Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineer salary in Norway 

According to salary explorer, the average salary of a mechanical engineer in Norway is 545,000 NOK per year ($55.694). 

The salary can be between 251,000 NOK ($25.650) (lowest) to 867,000 NOK ($88.600) (highest).

According to the payscale website, the average salary is about 597.000 NOK ($61008). 

The one essential point to remember is that the salary in Norway is up to work experience with the company you work with. 

The following items affect your salary: 

  • Degree 
  • Work experience 
  • Skills 
  • Language fluency 
  • Location 
  • Position 
  • Tasks and resposniteilis 

Do I need Norwegian language proficiency as a mechanical engineer to immigrate to the country?

If you are fluent in Norwegian, it would be better to immigrate to Norway as a mechanical engineer. About 90% of the country speaks English, but the language requirement is with the employer. You must convince the employer and it is up to his/her preferences and needs to hire you with or without language proficiency. 

Can I bring my family to Norway as an immigrant mechanical engineer?

Yes, you may bring your family to Norway when you immigrate as a mechanical engineer. You need to file another application for your family to bring them to Norway. 

But, your salary must be enough to cover their expenses and have an appropriate palace for your family to stay in Norway.  

Let’s sum up…

This article brought you how to immigrate to Norway as a mechanical engineer. If you have questions, write them down in the comment section. The Visa Library team will get to them. 

You can find out more about Norway work visa and Norway student visa from the menu on the right sidebar. 

Frequently asked questions about immigration to Norway as a mechanical engineer. 

There are student visas and work visas; look at the article.

You must find a job offer from an employer.

It’s better to have it, but it’s up to the employer and his/her needs.

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