Are you going to move to Norway as a teacher? It’s a great opportunity, and there are job positions. You need to know what to do and what steps to take. This article will bring you all to immigrate to Norway as a teacher. 

How can you immigrate to Norway as a teacher?

The application process to move to Norway as a teacher is up to the country you live in and your nationality. First, EU, EEA, and Swiss citizens do not need a visa to work in Norway. Although Norway is not part of the EU, its citizens and nationals don’t need a visa to enter the country and work. 

Non-EU nationals need a work visa and work permit to work in Norway. Having an employer is mandatory to work in the country as he/she must apply for a work permit. 

When Norwegian officials issue a work permit, the teacher can apply for a work visa at the Norwegian embassy or consulate in his/her home country. 

The application process and supporting documents are expanded in the Norway work visa article. You can find it in the right sidebar. 

It explains well how to apply for a work visa and what to do. 

Do I need language proficiency to move to Norway as a language teacher? 

The first and foremost requirement to teach in Norway is language proficiency. Whether you need English or Norwegian language proficiency is up to the school or university you will teach in. 

But it is recommended to work on Norwegian language proficiency as you will have more job opportunities. If there is a training course for you to work in schools or colleges, and there is one in most cases, you would better be fluent in Norwegian. 

You would better know that there are job opportunities in kindergartens as well. How much is the chance that a kid younger than 6 is able to speak English and understand what you say? So, all in all, work on your language proficiency if you are determined to get a job in the country. 

Are there job opportunities in International schools?

Yes, there are. In large cities, there are International schools where expats children who have moved to Norway through a job offer study in such schools. 

The teaching language in such schools is often English. The schools tend to hire a teacher from abroad.

Teaching experience is a must for these schools, and most of them require at least two years of working experience. You can find such opportunities on schools’ websites or websites that advertise jobs in Norway. You can find a list of them in the below section. 

Look for the cities that work in oil and gas. These are the ones that ex-pats move to work in the two fields. So you are likely to find an international school there. 

Infographic How to Immigrate to Norway as a Teacher

Are teaching positions common in Norway?

The answer to this question depends on what job position you are looking for. 

First, you must know that English is a common language in Norway. About 90% of Norwegians speak English. So, teaching positions as English teachers might be rare. 

But there is always a chance for someone with a good resume, skills, and abilities. You can try and look for one on websites that advertise such positions. But your skills must be like a native speaker, especially speaking, accent, and pronunciation. 

There are also positions with colleges, universities, and education centers. The need for education is increasing in each country, and so is Norway. There are more international students moving to Norway each year, so job opportunities grow with it. 

You can get a position with a university or college, but you must keep looking and have a keen eye on it. The language requirement could be flexible and relies more on English. But again, it’s up to the university and the program. 

Video description 

Directorate of Immigration website.

Offer of employment form 

UDI website to apply for a work permit 

The application form to bring your family to Norway

Teachers’ salary in Norway 

According to the salary explorer website, a teacher’s average salary in Norway is about 446,000 NOK ($44,895) per year. 

Salaries start from 205,000 NOK ($20636) to 710,000 NOK ($71471). 

This is while, according to Glassdoor, the average salary of a teacher in Norway is about NOK 565,593 ($56.874). 

According to Salary Expert website, the average salary is about 539.000 NOK. 

Your salary as a teacher is up to various factors: 

  • Experience, 
  • Skills, 
  • Gender, 
  • Location
  • Fluency 
  • Qualifications 

Work experience with the company or center you work with is the most important factor determining your income in Norway. The longer you stay with this company, the higher your salary will be. 

What qualifications do I need to move to Norway as a teacher?

As explained above, language proficiency is a must to work in Norway as a teacher. But that is not all of it, and you often have to have an international language proficiency certificate if English or Norwegian is not your mother tongue. 

Just being fluent in a language doesn’t mean you can teach it. You must know techniques and principles in teaching, especially English, that the learning is going to use all of them in a real context. 

So, it is often necessary to have a teaching certificate, and it would be better to be internationally recognized. 

These are some of the internationally recognized and accepted certificates that you can get to work in Norway as an English teacher. 


Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults


Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults

TESOL Certification

A TESOL is to teach in non-native and English-speaking countries.


Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

TESL Certification

TESL is to teach English to foreign-language speakers living in a native-English-speaking country.


Teaching English as a Second Language

TEFL Certification

An internationally-recognized qualification to teach English abroad. 


Teaching English as a Foreign Language


English as a Foreign Language


English as a Second Language

As explained, the majority of Norwegians speak English, and they have teachers. So in some cases, you might have to compete with a native Norwegian who teaches English and has an international certificate. 

In terms of teaching in Norwegian universities, you must have studied that major and have teaching experience with it. It’s up to the Norwegian university, college, or education center to accept you as a teacher based on your: 

  • Resume, 
  • Qualifications, 
  • Research history, 
  • Publications, 
  • universities you have taught, 
  • Majors you have taught, 
  • Citation, 
  • Language fluency, 
  • Reputation,
  • Academic background 
  • Field experience 

International schools in Norway 

In this section, you can find a list of some of the international schools in Norway. You can get familiar with them and find out more here. 

If you wish to learn more about them, visit their website and see if they have a job opportunity for teachers or not. 

Arendal International School

Julius Smiths vei 40, 4817 His

Asker International School

Johan Drengsruds Vei 60, 
1383 Asker

International School of Bergen

Sandslihaugen 36, 5254 Sandsli

CIS Fredrikstad

Torsnesveien 5-7, 1630 Gamle Fredrikstad

Gjøvik Region International School

Studieveien 17, 2815 Gjøvik

Where can I look for a job for a teaching position in Norway?

You can apply for a Norway tourist visa and get to the country and look for a job position. If you don’t know how to apply for a tourist visa, look at the article on the right sidebar or watch the video that the Visa Library has prepared for a Norway tourist visa

Also, you might be exempt from a tourist visa and not know about it. Some countries don’t need a Norway tourist visa, and they can enter the county with their passport. It’s a brilliant opportunity to stay in Norway and look for a job. 

Websites to find a job in Norway

The below list of websites is the best one where you can find a job in Norway. They advertise the vacancies, and you can find the appropriate one for you.  

  • Arbeidsplassen.nav.no
  • Ec.europa.eu
  • Gulesider
  • Finn.no
  • Gulesider (a private recruitment agency)
  • Indeed Norway
  • Tinkerlist
  • Jobs in Oslo
  • The Local
  • Finn Jobs
  • Jobbnorge
  • Adecco
  • Career Builder
  • Jobbsafari
  • Career Builder
  • AngelList
  • CV Jobs Norway
  • Jobisland
  • Manpower
  • Learn4Good
  • Dittarbeid.
  • Jobbforalle
  • Nav.no

Let’s sum up…

This article brought you whatever you need to know to immigrate to Norway as a teacher. 

If you have come up with questions, write them down in the comment section. The Visa Library team will get to them right away. 

Frequently Asked Questions about immigration to Norway as a teacher

Do I need a job offer to move to Norway as a teacher?

Yes. Having a job offer is a must, as you must get a work permit. 

Can I get a job as an English teacher in Norway?

Yes, you can, but you should look for it as the competition is tough. 

Is there a Norway job seeker visa to look for a job as a teacher?

No, there is not, but you can get a Norway tourist visa to look for a job.

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