Norway is one of the European countries that welcome skilled workers. The pharmacists can immigrate to Norway if they are qualified and receive the authorization. You will find out all about immigration to Norway as a pharmacist in this piece of writing. 

Who can work as a pharmacist in Norway?

Not everyone is qualified to work as a pharmacist in Norway. The European countries are strict with medical and health issues, and there is no loophole.

A person who wants to work as a pharmacist needs the below list:   

Formal authorization 

First of all, you need authorization. It is the permission that you are qualified to work as a pharmacist in Norway. The verification is that the applicant meets the academic and formal conditions. 

You need to apply to the  Norwegian Directorate of Health to work as a pharmacist in the country. 

Valid residence permit 

The non-EU nationals need to have a valid residence permit to work as pharmacists in Canada. The EU nationals do not have such a residence permit, but they need to inform the Norwegian officials that they are in the country. 

However, non-EU nationals must have a valid Residence Permit. They may not stay illegally as an asylum and then apply to work as a pharmacist. 

Language proficiency

You need a certain level of language proficiency to work as a pharmacist in Norway. English is spoken in the country, but you need to know Norwegian to work in your field. 

Level B2 is the least level of fluency that you need to work as a pharmacist in Norway. You would better begin learning Norwegian as soon as possible when you decide to immigrate. 

Work permit 

To get a work permit, a job offer from a Norwegian company or employer is mandatory. You can search through the websites and find one.

The below sections hold a list of websites to find an offer.

Norwegian health Service course 

When you land in Norway, you have to take courses on the Norwegian health Service and health Legislation Society.

Applicants will learn about health, security, social right, and cultural understanding. The course will teach you everything about Norway and working there. 

How to immigrate to Norway as a pharmacist?

For the first step, prepare all the documents indicating your studies and work experience: 

  •  Certificate of graduation
  • Transcript
  • A detailed curriculum
  • Documentation of completed internship
  • Academic or scientific work 

The documents need to be in PDF format

Then, have the documents translated into: 

  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • Danish 
  • or English

Translation in one of the above languages will suffice. 

Visit the Helsedirektoratet website and click on the Choose profession, the blue section. 

Read the instructions carefully and click the Altinn part to apply and submit the documents. 

There is a processing fee of NOK 1.665, which you have to pay online to prepare your credit card. 

The processing time is about nine months. You might have to wait a bit longer if the officials require further documents. 

Bear in mind that particular documents might be needed if you apply from one of the below countries: 


Hong Kong



R.of Congo










Sierra Leone

United States

After you receive the authorization or license, you have to look for a job in Norway. 

Looking for a job offer 

When you got your license to work as a pharmacist in Norway, you need to find a job offer. It must be from an employer or company in Norway. 

There are various ways to find a job offer but you need to work on your language proficiency skills. 

The below list of websites can help you to find a job offer: 

  • Arbeidsplassen.nav.no 
  • Ec.europa.eu 
  • Gulesider 
  • Finn.no 
  • Gulesider (a private recruitment agency)
  • Indeed Norway
  • Tinkerlist
  • Jobs in Oslo 
  • The Local
  • Finn Jobs  
  • Jobbnorge 
  • Adecco
  • Career Builder 
  • Jobbsafari
  • Career Builder 
  • AngelList
  • CV Jobs Norway 
  • Jobisland 
  • Manpower 
  • Learn4Good
  • Dittarbeid.
  • Jobbforalle
  • Nav.no

The above list is a complete source of websites available to find a job offer in Norway. Make time and search through them to find an offer as a pharmacist. 

When you get the offer and reach an agreement with the Norwegian employer, sign a contract together. It must mention the exact details of your employment; salary, leaves, duration, and everything. 

Work permit 

After getting the job offer, the Norwegian employer needs to apply for a work permit from the immigration officials. 

The employee can apply for the work permit at the Norwegian embassy or consulate in his/her home country, too, but the first option is preferred if possible. 

When the work permit is issued, the employee needs to apply for a Norway work visa

You can find the list of requirements and the way to apply for a work visa from the left sidebar. 

When you get your visa, you can move to Norway and begin working there. However, you have to receive your residence permit card from the immigration officials. 

Infographic How to Immigrate to Norway as a Pharmacist

What are the benefits of immigrating to Norway as a pharmacist?

You might have heard that the cost of living in Norway is high compared to other immigration destinations. But it isn’t exactly like that. 

The one myth is that Norway is even more expensive than the UK. However, in the latest statistics, the UK got the 19th rank, and Norway was 67th in terms of the most expensive places to live. 

High quality of accommodation 

Norwegians are proud of the quality of their houses, and they provide a high standard of living for you in the country. They might be a bit expensive, but they are convenient and you have no worries over maintenance and other issues. 

Also, furnished housing is available in Norway with modern furniture. The landlords are ready to replace the stuff that tenants do not like or want. 

Outdoor will never make you bored

You can get used to nature and surroundings and familiarize yourself with them quickly, but that is not the case in Norway. 

The amazing nature and the mixture of snow, wind, and water create a landscape that changes every day. You will find new places to explore every time get out. 

The weather can be harsh, but that is the root cause of that beauty. 

If you are into an active lifestyle and want to get more physical activity, Norway is your option as people are the same. 

The one tip habit scientists have is to join a team that practices their favorite activity. Norway is that team or environment that gets engaged in physical activity. 

The environment is a priority 

Norway is the one exporter of crude oil in Europe but they are among the first to stop the production of fossil fuel cars. They are to switch to electric cars due to the importance of the environment. 

Are you fed up with the air pollution? Then Norway is your destination to move to. People and the government work together to protect nature and the environment and take good care of it. 

One of the things that attract thousands of tourists every year is the beautiful nature of the country. 

One of the safest places on Earth

Close your eyes and imagine children that walk to school on their own without parents and happily. It happens in reality in Norway. The crime rate is low, and people often leave their doors unlocked. 

It is always wise to make precautionary procedures, but people are not that worried about safety in Norway. 

A balance between work and life

While you are working in the office, one of your colleagues takes leave to take his daughter to her football practice. It’s quite normal. 

There is a good balance between work and life and the Norwegians do not ruin their lives with work-related stress. 

Parental leaves are available, and women are encouraged to have babies. 

The working hours are 7.5 hours, and you do not get a response to work-related emails and calls on the weekends and holidays.  

The culture is not rushing the work, and it is on a slower pace compared with busy places like the US. 

Free post-secondary education 

You can attend college or university free in Norway. It doesn’t matter if you are a citizen, PR, or an international student. You just need to meet the requirements and hold language fluency. 

The quality of education in schools and universities is great. 

International students are encouraged to pick Norway as an interesting destination. In 2018, there were 23.000 of them in Norway. 

National healthcare system

You will get a high standard of healthcare in Norway covered by the national healthcare system. You do not pay to visit doctors or dentists. 

The quality is high that you find an equivalent in a few developed countries. 

Do you need IELTS to immigrate to Norway as a pharmacist?

English is common in Norway but it is unlikely that you need an IELTS certificate to immigrate to Norway as a pharmacist. 

Applicants need to be fluent in Norwegian. The approved test gets called norskprøve. 

The basic language skills are 

  • A1, 
  • A2, 
  • B1, 
  • B2. 
  • C1

The last one, C1, is a higher academic level. 

You are likely to need a B2 to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker and, in this case, a pharmacist. 

Pharmacist salaries in Norway 

Your salary as a pharmacist is up to different factors in Norway. It is up to your:

  • experience, 
  • skills, 
  • gender, 
  • location

 However, a pharmacist can earn about 777,000 NOK ($78,690) per year. 

The salary range is about 358,000 NOK ($36,256) which is the lowest, to 1,240,000 NOK (125,580), the highest one. 

In terms of salary, there are two terms you need to learn; median salary and average salary.  

If you earn more than both indicators, you get a very good and high salary in Norway. 

But if you get lower than both, so many other people are earning more than you. 

The most important factor that determines your salary in Norway is your years of work experience. 

If a pharmacist has less than two years of work experience, he/she can earn about 406,000 NOK ($41,121) per year. 

When you gain experience for two to five years, your salary will increase to 542,000 NOK ($54,896) per year. In other words, you will get 34& higher than a pharmacist with less than two years of experience. 

Let’s say you have 5-10 years of work experience; then your salary is about 801,000 NOK ($81,128)per year. Here you get 48% higher (more than half) than a pharmacist with two eyes of work experience. 

The table below is according to Salary explorer and can give you a good hint: 

0-2 years

406.000 NOK

2-5 years

542,000 NOK

5-10 years

801,000 NOK

10-15 years

977,000 NOK

15-20 years

1,060,000 NOK

20+ years

1,150,000 NOK

Immigrate to Norway as a pharmacist from Turkey

Turkish citizens who want to immigrate to Norway as a pharmacist need to follow the mentioned procedures. They need to apply for authorization. When it is issued, they need to find a job offer, which is possible through the websites introduced above. 

When they get the offer, they need to apply for a work permit and work visa. 

The procedures are the same for everyone. However, there might be a bit of difference. The Norwegian embassy in Turkey will guide you on the differences and how to proceed with it. 

Let’s sum up…

Norway welcomes skilled workers. The pharmacist can immigrate to Norway and get a good salary and life there. 

First, they need to apply for permission and then apply for a work permit and work visa by a job offer. All of the procedures got covered in this piece of writing. 

If you have questions regarding the process of immigrating to Norway as a pharmacist, write them down in the comment section. 

Frequently Asked Questions about moving to Norway as a pharmacist 

What is my first move to immigrate to Norway as a pharmacist?

You need to get the Formal authorization first. 

Do I have to be fluent in Norwegian?

English is spoken but yes you need to be fluent in Norwegian. 

Do I have to have a job offer?

When you get the Formal authorization, you need to get a job offer.

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