The largest country in Eastern Europe has lots of wonders and opportunities for visitors, students, international job seekers, and business people who want to develop ties. But you might need a Ukraine visa to visit the country, and there is a unique visa for the purpose of your visit.

This article introduces different types of a Ukraine visa, the requirements, and the application process. You can find the visa appropriate for you and get familiar with everything.

Do you need a Ukraine visa?

Whether you need a Ukraine visa or not is up to different factors;

  • Nationality
  • Duration of stay
  • Purpose of visit

A few countries are exempt from Ukraine’s short-stay visa. They do not need a visa if they want to visit the country for up to 90 days. The purpose of the trip for them should be tourism, visiting a friend or family or business.

AndorraBelgiumCzech RepublicGrenada
Antigua and BarbudaBosnia and HerzegovinaDenmarkHungary
ArmeniaBrunei DarussalamEcuadorIreland


LiechtensteinNew ZealandRussiaSwitzerland
LithuaniaNorth MacedoniaSan MarinoTajikistan
LuxembourgNorwaySaudi ArabiaThe United Kingdom
Marshall IslandsPanamaSlovakiaUAE
MonacoPolandSouth KoreaUSA
MontenegroQatarSt. Kitts and NevisVatican


If your nationality is not among the above list of countries, then you need to apply for a visa to visit Ukraine for short stays.

Nationals of a  few counties are eligible to apply for Ukraine eVisa. It allows people to apply for a visa online and avoid all the trouble and hassle of an embassy visa. People can visit the country for one month and visit tourist attractions, visit a friend or family or compete for business purposes as well. The eligible countries whose nationals can apply for Ukraine eVisa are as follows:

BahamasSaint LuciaSeychellesSouth African RepublicGuatemala
FijiBoliviaChina*El SalvadorNepal
IndiaKiribatiMaldivesMicronesiaTrinidad and Tobago
PeruSaint Vincent and the GrenadinesSingaporeSurinameHaiti
BarbadosBhutanCosta RicaMyanmarNicaragua
PhilippinesSamoaSolomon IslandsGrenadaHonduras
BelizeCambodiaDominican RepublicNauruPalau

If you are from the above countries, applying for Ukraine eVisa is much easier and more convenient than applying for a visa to an embassy or consulate.

A few counties are exempt from Ukraine short-stay visas and they do not need them to enter the country. They are as follows:


If you want to visit Ukraine for longer than 90 days, you need an appropriate visa based on the purpose of your visit. It could be a student visa or a work visa.

Ukraine visa requirements

The requirements or supporting documents for a Ukraine visa are different, and they depend on the type of visa you apply for. However, a common list of requirements for a Ukraine visa are as follows:

Application form

You can download the digital application form from the officials Urkaine eVisa platform, which is reliable and verified. Complete it with the exact data from your documents.

Cover letter

Write a letter and explain the reason or purpose of your visit to Ukraine to the officials.


It must be valid at the time of application and hold enough validity beyond the date you will leave Ukraine.


A photo of the applicant taken in the latest three months to the date of application is required.

Travel insurance

You need insurance that covers all of your medical expenses for 30.000 EUR. It must also cover the expenses for COVID-19 as well.

Proof to have enough funds

Depending on the duration of stay, you need to provide proof that you have enough funds or money to cover your expenses in Ukraine. Bank statements could do it.

Educational certificate

You might have to provide the educational certificates you have achieved, such as BA, diploma, MA. It is obligatory for a student visa.

Invitation letter

If you will visit a friend, a relative or a business person, ask him/her to provide you with an invitation letter. It announces the purpose of your visit and increases the possibility of receiving the visa.

The list of requirements for each Ukraine visa is different and is up to the type of visa. Also, the officials could require further supporting documents. Consider the point when applying for the visa.

Ukraine visa application process

The application process for a Ukraine visa is different and is up to the visa type you apply for. Also, the application process for Ukraine eVia is completely different from the other types of visas. If you apply for a work visa, the future employer needs to complete part of the application process, so consider these points and remember them when reading the following section.

Step 1. Do you need a Ukraine visa for your purpose?

Ukraine has signed a visa waiver program with many countries for short stay visits. The nationals of these countries do not need a visa to enter the country and stay for up to 90 days.

See the section above and determine if you are among them or not. If yes, you do not need a visa and can enter the country with your passport.

Remember that you can use the visa waiver program for tourism, business purposes, visiting friends and family, or doing volunteer jobs. You can not work and receive payment. They can also study in the country for up to the duration mentioned.

You might also be eligible for Ukraine eVisa. The application process is completely online and you face less difficulty.

Step 2. Choosing the appropriate visa

Now you should pick the right type of visa. There are different Ukraine visa types, and you need to apply for the one that suits the purpose of your visit. The various types of the Ukraine visa are explained in the below section. Read each one carefully and determine which one is appropriate for you.

Step 3. Gathering the required supporting documents

There are supporting documents for each Ukraine visa you apply for. You need to collect all of them and submit them to the officials. A common list of the requirements got explained in the above section.

Remember that each Ukraine visa has a list of supporting documents. You need to prepare each and every one of them. It is important that documents should be given instructions according to the details.

Step 3. The visa meeting with the Ukrainian embassy

At this stage, you need to find the nearest Ukrainian embassy or consulate or the via center authorized to complete the application process.

You should schedule a meeting with them and attend it in person on the booked date. Bring all the gathered documents and submit them to the authorities or the visa officer.

There is a pay for each Ukraine visa that you should pay on the interview day.

The officials could also ask questions about your background, the purpose of your visit, financial sources, and your plans after visiting Ukraine. You would better be prepared and give true answers.

Step 4. Processing and moving to the country

You should wait until the embassy processes your visa and decides on it. If they reject your visa, they will send a letter and inform you of the reason. If they issue the visa, you either will receive the visa by post or might have to pick it up from the embassy yourself.

Now you can move to the country and purchase a ticket. However, often you need to buy the ticket or reserve it as part of the application process requirements.

Step 5. Applying for Residence Permit

When moving to Ukraine, you need to apply for a Residence Permit. The visa is permission to enter the country, and the residence permit is the authorization to stay in the country.

You need to submit some documents and pay a fee. Now you can stay in the country for the duration of your stay without any paperwork.

Ukraine visa types

The different types of the Ukraine visa are as follows;


The Ukrainian government introduced the eVisa in 2018 to facilitate visitors and tourists moving to the country. The application process is purely online, and you do not have to visit the Ukrainian embassy or consulate in your home country.

The applicants do not need many requirements; a passport, enough funds, a photo, and proof for the purpose of the visit. Applicants have to upload the scanned form of the documents and pay the fee online. They will receive the visa in PDF format to their email address.

You need to be eligible to apply for the Ukraine eVisa, and the list of the qualified countries is provided in the related article.

Tourist visa

The nationals of the countries who are not eligible for eVisa need to apply for a Ukraine tourist visa to visit the country. They need to gather the requirements and submit them to the Ukrainian embassy or consulate in their home country.

The tourist visa allows you to visit the country’s tourist attractions or visit a friend or relative.

To know more about the tourist visa, see the related article from the right sidebar.

Work visa

If you have a job offer from a Ukrainian employer, you can apply for a Ukraine work visa and move to the country. The employer needs to apply for the work permit to the State Employment Service of Ukraine or a Provision of Administrative Services and receive their agreement. When the authorities agree, the employer has to pay the fee, and the employee needs to sign an employment agreement. Then the employee can apply for a work visa to the embassy or consulate.

To find out about the Ukraine work visa requirements and application process, look at the work visa blog from the right sidebar.

Student visa

The international students who want to continue their education in the Ukraine need to apply for a student visa. First, you need to receive the acceptance letter from a Ukrainian university or education center and apply for the visa. Applying without the invitation to study or the invitation letter is impossible. So you have to fulfill the university’s requirements. The applicants also need to have enough funds to cover the expenses and pay the tuition.

You can find out everything about the Ukraine student visa in the comprehensive guide article prepared, which is available through the right sidebar.

Family visa

The spouse, law partner, or children of the foreign national residing in Ukraine can join him/her in the country through a Ukraine family visa. The sponsor residing in the country needs to apply for permission from the authorities and receive the permit. Then the relative residing abroad can apply for a visa to the embassy or consulate.

Let’s sum up…

This article is a comprehensive guideline that explains Ukraine visas, the application process, requirements, and different types.

You can find the visa that is appropriate for you and see the details from the right sidebar by picking the right visa.

You also got familiar with the common requirements for a Ukraine visa and the application process.

If you have questions regarding the Ukraine visa, write them in the comment section below.

You can also find out more about each Ukraine visa in the right sidebar.

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