You want to immigrate to Norway as a skilled worker but don’t know where to begin; This article brings you the immigration ways you can pick to immigrate to Norway as a skilled worker. 

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Immigrate to Norway as a skilled worker

How can you immigrate to Norway as a skilled worker?

Europe always news skilled workers. There is a rivalry between the famous countries in terms of bringing skilled workers to attract them to the country: 

  • The UK 
  • The US 
  • Australia 
  • Germany 
  • New Zealand 

Each one of the above countries is changing the immigration rules to attract skilled workers to the country. 

For instance, the UK has introduced a plan that allows graduates from the top 50 QS ranking to immigrate to the UK and look for a job. 

Canada allows PGWP workers to extend it until they are qualified to get PR through one of its immigration routes. 

Germany is decreasing the eligibility period for PR for immigrants. 

Norway is among the countries that welcome skilled workers, and below are the ways you can immigrate to Norway as a skilled worker: 

immigration to Norway as a skilled worker through a job offer

One of the common ways to immigrate to Norway as a skilled worker is to get a job offer from a Norwegian employer and apply for a work permit. 

There are websites that advertise job positions in Norway. Down below, you can find a list of them:

  • Arbeidsplassen.nav.no
  • Ec.europa.eu
  • Gulesider
  • Finn.no
  • Gulesider (a private recruitment agency)
  • Indeed Norway
  • Tinkerlist
  • Jobs in Oslo
  • The Local
  • Finn Jobs
  • Jobbnorge
  • Adecco
  • Career Builder
  • Jobbsafari
  • Career Builder
  • AngelList
  • CV Jobs Norway
  • Jobisland
  • Manpower
  • Learn4Good
  • Dittarbeid.
  • Jobbforalle
  • Nav.no

It is essential to get a job offer as the employer must begin the application process and receives the work permit. 

When the Norwegian authorities issue the work permit, the skilled worker can apply for a work visa in his/her home country and immigrate to Norway as a skilled worker. 

The application process is explained in the work visa article, and you can find it on the right sidebar. 

In order to get a job offer, you must be a skilled worker and fulfill the requirements. You must be able to do the job at the international level or according to the Norwegian skilled workers level. 

You must meet one of the below conditions: 

1. Have a BA or MA degree in a related field. 

Applicants must have a relevant university or college degree from a registered or approved educational center in their field. It must correspond to a Norwegian degree and be recognized in his/her home country. 

2. Have passed a vocational training program. 

One of the ways to be qualified for a job offer is to pass a vocational course. It must be at least 3 years and at an upper secondary school level. For instance, a chef, a carpenter, or healthcare workers come into this group. But it has to be a corresponding vocational training program in Norway.

3. Special abilities and qualifications achieved through work experience.  

A software developer who has worked for over 10 years and can write programs or codes could be qualified for a job offer. He/she needs to convince the employer to hire him/her and show working abilities. 

The achieved qualifications must be equivalent to a vocational course. 

What are the requirements to immigrattion to Norway through a job offer?

The list of supporting documents is explained in the work visa article. You can find a complete one there. But here are the most important ones: 

Job offer  

A valid job offer from an employer in Norway is mandatory. It must lead to a work contract and explain all the aspects of employment; 

  • Duration of employment. 
  • Working hours 
  • Salary 
  • Perks and bonuses 
  • Leave from work 
  • Tasks and responsibilities 
  • Location of work 
  • Type of the work that will be conducted. 

Work permit

The employer applies for a work permit from Norwegian officials. If they issue it and agree to bring the skilled worker to Norway, he/she can immigrate to Norway as a skilled worker.  

The employer might have to prove that there is no one in Norway and the EU to fill the position. This could be a bit hard part to get the approval. 

Visa requirements 

The general supporting documents for a visa, like the application form, passport, photo, application fee, etc., are needed for this part. 

How long can you work through a job offer?

The duration of the work permit will be as the employment contract or shorter. But you may extend it. You must obey the working rules and living conditions in Norway to continue the work permit. 

If you disobey the law or commit a crime, you might have to leave the country. 

After living in Norway for three years under the work permit, you will be eligible for Permanent Residency.  

The good point is that you can bring your family to Norway and live with you. It includes your spouse and children under legal age. 

What if you want to change your employer? You are allowed to do it, but the new employer must apply for a new work permit. 

When you wish to change your position to another one, you have to apply for a new residence permit. The EU countries are strict with residence rules. 

Getting to Norway with a work visa, you can enter other EU countries without a tourist visa. 

Moving to Norway through a self-employment visa. 

You can work as a freelancer in Norway or have your own company and immigrate to Norway as a skilled worker. 

If you are going to immigrate as a freelancer, you must have enough salary to cover your expenses. Your income must be enough to cover accommodation and living expenses. 

Proving to Norwegian officials that you work remotely and have income from it is essential. 

Eligibility principles for skilled workers working on their own

The authorities are strict over eligibility principles. 

Your plan must be to work in Norway for the long term in business activities and run a company that creates jobs. You must own most part of the company and run by yourself. It can not be a limited company. Applicants have permission to work in the business, not anywhere else. 

Your qualifications, skills, and earned expertise must be related to the company and running it. 

Also, it is mandatory that the company creates a profit of NOK 253 378 per year pre-tax. 

The residence permit you will receive is valid for one year. You may extend it if you keep the company and it generates profits. 

Moreover, your family members have the right to live with you as long as you can cover them.

Video description. 

Directorate of Immigration website.

Offer of employment form 

UDI website to apply for a work permit 

The application form to bring your family to Norway

Immigrated skilled workers to Norway’s salary 

Salay and income in Norway are up to several factors. The one determining point is the work experience you have with this company. But you should include other factors as well. 

A skilled worker earns about NOK 197.90 per hour, while unskilled workers get about NOK 177.80 per hour. After working for one year, you can expect to earn about NOK 185.50. 

Your salary is much up to the field or area you work with. 

A software developer earns about 573,592 per year, but a teacher earns about 446,000 NOK per year.

Infographic How to immigrate to Norway as a skilled worker

Do I need a language proficiency certificate to immigrate to Norway as a skilled worker?

When it comes to immigration, language is a must. You must be able to speak the language of the country you are moving to. As a skilled worker, you will have to cooperate and communicate with people. So it’s essential to speak that language. Whether to learn English or Norwegian is up to the type of visa you will pick and the job you will do. 

If you move to an international company and work with people who all speak English, it is obvious that English would help. But if you work in a Norwegian company and you will be the only international employee, it is unlikely that English could help. 

Let’s sum up…

This article brought you information on how a skilled worker can immigrate to Norway. You can find out more about immigration ways and visas from the right sidebar. 

If you have questions, write them down in the comment section. The Visa Library team will get to them. 

Frequently asked questions about immigration to Norway as a skilled worker.

Yes, they are needed. You can immigrate if you have the skills.

You need to find a visa appropriate for your conditions.

Yes, English or Danish is needed by your conditions and visa type.

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