How to Get Norway Work Visa; all you need to know


Norway is a small Scandinavian country with a developing economy. Almost 14% of its population is foreign-born. The Norwegian government welcomes the international employed to deal with the shortage of workforce. To work in Norway, you might need a Norway work visa.

In this article, we will explain who needs and does not need a work visa for Norway, the application process, requirements, FAQs, and more.


Norway Work visa vs. Work permit

A Norway work visa is permission to enter the country. But Norway work permit or residence permit is the authorization to work in the country. It grants you some advantages. Without having a work permit, you can not apply for a work visa.


Who Needs and Does not Need Norway Work Visa?

Whether you need a Norway work visa or not depends on your nationality.


EU, EEA countries

The residents of the EU and EEA can work in Norway without a work visa. They don’t need a work permit either. However, they have to inform the local police of their presence. It is true when they want to stay for up to three months. In case they intend to stay longer than 90 days, they have to apply for a residence permit or work permit.


Can EU citizens move to Norway without a Job?

Providing that you are from the EU or EEA and don’t have a job offer, you can still move to Norway. You could move as a job seeker. You have permission to look for a job for six months. If you do not find a job, you have to leave Norway for a short time and return.


Non-EU countries

The non-EU countries need a work visa and work permit to work in Norway. Non-EU nationals must have a job offer to apply for a Norway work visa.

The Application Process for Norway Work Visa

The application process for the Norway work visa is straightforward. Please note that there is a difference between a work visa and a work permit. The process we explain here is for Non-EU residents:


1. Job offer

A valid job offer is mandatory to apply for a Norway work visa. It is the first requirement. Without a job offer, you can not start the application process. A Norwegian employer must offer you a job that you are skilled in. Norwegian employers must provide an official offer of employment to you.


2. Work permit

When you have a job offer, you have to apply for a work permit. The work permit is permission to work in Norway legally, and a work visa allows you to enter the country. If your future employer has written a consent letter, he/she can do this on behalf of you. You have to send the requirements to your employer to apply for your residence permit.

Applicants could also apply for a Norway residence permit themselves. They could do it through the Norwegian embassy or consulate in their home country.

When you move to Norway, you should visit a local police station to receive a work permit card. The authorities will take your photo and fingerprints and issue you a work permit card.


3. Work visa

When authorities issue a work permit, you should apply for a Norway work visa. You have to do this part on your own;


A. Application form

First, you must complete the work visa application form. You could receive it from the Norway Immigration website or the Norway embassy in your home country. Please be cautious when you fill it. The information you put in must be compatible with your documents. Concentrate on names. The dictation of your first and last name must be as your passport. The provided details in the application form must be the same as your documents. When the form is finished, print, date, and sign it.


B. Requirements

You also have to provide the required documents for a Norway work visa. They could vary according to the country you live in and your case. You could find the required documents for a Norway visa in the section below.


C. Visa appointment

You must arrange a visa appointment with the Norwegian embassy in your home country. You could visit them, arrange by phone or through their website. Don’t forget the exact date and time. You have to get there in person. Don’t forget to bring the requirements.


D. At the Norway embassy

When the date for the meeting comes, get to the embassy. Please bring all the requirements. You should submit everything to the authorities. They might ask you to pass an interview. They will ask you questions about your history and the purpose of your visit. When you have a work permit, an interview is unlikely. You also have to pay the fee for visa processing. So bring enough money in cash or credit card to pay the application process fees.


E. Processing

Now you should just wait until your visa gets processed. The processing time depends on various elements. When authorities issue the visa, they will send it to you. On a few occasions, you might have to pick it up from the embassy yourself. Once received the visa, you can move to Sweden.

Infographic How to Get Norway Work Visa; all you need to know

What are the Requirements for Norway Work Visa?

The requirements for a Norway work visa are as follows:


Job offer

You must hold a valid job offer from a Norwegian employer. It must be:

  • Full time
  • It must be skilled workers and have to be able to do it.
  • The conditions and payment must be according to the rules set by Norwegian officials.



The passport you provide for work visa must be valid. It must not be older than ten years ago. Its validity must be over your work permit. If it’s about to expire, apply for a new one.

Application form

You can receive an application form from Norway Immigration website. It is also possible to download it from the Norway embassy website in your home country. Complete it carefully, then print, date, and sign it.

CV or resume

Remember that the CV is different from the resume. Your resume reflects your history and work experience and the related experience you have in the field. But the CV explains why you are good for the job, he the Norway employer needs your expertise and what you can provide them.


Education Requirements

You have to provide one of the following certificates for your education:

  • Certificates achieved through work experience.
  • Educational degree achieved from a college/university.
  • Diploma/Certificate of vocational training for at least three years. It must be at the upper secondary school level.


Accommodation proof in Norway

In this part, your future employer could help you. You need to make it clear where will you stay while you get to Norway. You can provide a rental agreement or reserved hotel proof.


Receipt of paid fees for visa processing

When you pay the fee for application processing, keep the receipt or any other free you pay for it.



You have to provide two photos. They must be fresh, taken in the past three months. The background must be white clear. The veil, hat, sunglasses, weird mustache or beaird etc. must not cover your head.


UDI’s checklist of documents

It’s the full list of requirements by your condition that you can receive it from UDI.


Please bear in mind that the Norway authorities could ask for more documents. It depends on you as an applicant and the country you apply from.


The Processing time for a Norway Work visa

There are two processing times you should consider. First, you should wait for the Norway work permit. When the work permit is issued, you have to apply for a work visa and wait for its processing. The processing time for work permits could take from two weeks to two months. The required time for a work visa depends on the country you apply from. It often takes 4-5 weeks.


How Long is the Norway Work visa Valid for?

The validity of a Norway work visa depends on the authority’s decision. It could be a 1-3 year work permit.


Norway Work visa Fees

The Norway work visa fee depends on the country you apply from. The Norwegian embassy might charge you more. However, the standard fee is about 5,400 NOK (589 USD).


Can I Extend a Norway Work visa?

Yes. You can extend your Norway work visa. It would be more helpful to apply for it about three months before the date of expiry. The processing time could take longer. The authorities might ask for some supporting documents. Preparing them could take some time. So, start the process as early as you can.


Can I Apply for Permanent Residence under a Norway Work permit?

You could apply for Permanent Residence under the work visa. Whether to receive it or not depends on the authorities’ decisions. They consider different elements. When you stay after a few years in Sweden, the authorities can guide you on requirements.


Let’s sum up…

In this blog, we explained everything about the Norway work visa.

We have covered who needs and does not work visa, requirements, application process, and more.

You can find all the Norway visa information in the world here. To find out more about the visa that suits you, go through the menu of the site. You can find all the types of Norway visas at the left sidebar.

You can check Visa Library to find more information about other countries’ visas.

In case you have some experience, please write it down in the comment section. Your comments let the readers choose better and avoid mistakes. Conveying your experiences as comments is a great help for applicants.

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  • Shia Reply

    I am from Switzerland. Is it mandatory to apply for a job before applying for a work visa?

    June 22, 2021 at 10:38 am
    • Support Reply

      Hello there. Thanks for leaving a comment on our website. EU and EEA nationals may travel through the Schengen area without visas, so you may go to Norway and look for a job there.

      June 22, 2021 at 10:39 am

    I am a UK citizen but have a temporary job in Norway starting 5.9.21 lasting 5 weeks on a oil refinery what visa must i apply for ?

    June 28, 2021 at 2:06 pm
    • Visalibrary team Reply

      Hello there. Thanks for leaving a comment on our website. To work in Norway, even for a short lapse, you need to apply for a Norway work visa. The first requirement is to have a job offer. Then you should demand a work permit. After your eligibility is checked, your work visa will be issued.

      June 29, 2021 at 7:46 am
  • Rajendra Chaudhary Reply

    Is easy to get work permit in Norway for nepali Citizen ?

    August 4, 2021 at 4:31 pm
    • Visalibrary team Reply

      Hello there. Thanks for leaving a comment on our website. Regardless of nationality, it will e easier to get a Norway work visa if you are a skilled worker. So we don’t think your nationality would stop you from receiving a visa.

      August 7, 2021 at 2:19 pm

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