Indonesia, also known as the Republic of Indonesia, is a country filled with natural places to go, islands to visit, and jungles to see. One of the typical vacation destinations for international tourists in Indonesia, located in Southeast Asia.

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Who should get an Indonesian visa?

Based on your nationality, the reason for your travel to Indonesia, and the time you want to spend there, the Indonesian authorities determine if you need a visa.

Foreigners travel to Indonesia for a variety of reasons such as tourism, business, work, study, etc.

Each visa type has its requirements and exemptions.

What are Indonesian visa types?

Indonesia provides visas for different travel purposes. Here you can see a list of different types of Indonesian visas for foreigners:

  • Indonesia tourist visa
  • Indonesia work visa
  • Indonesia business visa
  • Indonesia student visa
  • Indonesia retirement visa

Indonesia tourist visa

International travelers who are planning to have a good time and enjoy their vacation and the natural places of Indonesia can use a tourist visa to travel to Indonesia.

Indonesia work visa

Indonesia is one of the largest economies in Southeast Asia. This country has the 15th largest economy in the world. If you want to be a part of this economy and work in Indonesia, you will need an Indonesian work visa to move to the country.

Indonesia business visa

A company’s executive needs to travel to Indonesia for business purposes, such as signing business deals, participating in conferences, or other business-related reasons needs a business visa.

Indonesia student visas

Indonesia has the fourth-largest educational system in the world. With 122 universities and close to 2.9 million students, Indonesia attracts international students who would like to continue their studies in this country.

Indonesia retirement visa

Indonesia is perfect for seniors and retired citizens who like to spend their retirement in peace in a beautiful country. Indonesia has a rich culture with warm weather, and it is cheap to live in Indonesia. Therefore, seniors who want to travel to Indonesia and spend their retirement in this country can apply for a retirement visa.

Indonesia Kitas

KITAS (Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas), which translates to “Residence Permit Card for a limited stay,” allows applicants to stay and work in Indonesia for up to 12 months.

Indonesia Visa on Arrival

The Indonesia Visa on Arrival is an easy way to travel to Indonesia and visit the country. Visitors can stay in Indonesia for no longer than 30 days without requiring a visa with this type of visa.

Indonesia visa requirements

Each Indonesia visa type has its required documents. Based on the specific visa, you might need evidence of working experience, class enrollment proof, permission from your workplace, etc. However, there are some common documents among these various types of visas:

  • Indonesia Visa Application Form (related to the specific visa type)
  • A passport (It must have validity for at least six months since the date of entry to Indonesia)
  • A copy of the passport (in some cases, you will need a copy of all the pages of your passport)
  • Passport-size picture (the number of photos depends on the visa type)
  • A copy of the return travel ticket.
  • Evidence showing adequate financial assets (This piece of evidence can be in the form of a bank statement)

What is the Indonesia visa application process?

There are several steps for acquiring Indonesian visas. Once again, these steps can be different depending on the specific visa you want to apply for. However, applicants must complete all the steps to get their visas at the end.

  1. Locating an Indonesian Embassy or Consulate near you.
  2. Contact the Embassy by visiting the embassy in person or visiting their website. In the embassy, you ask for the entire list of visa required documents)
  3. Setting an appointment with Indonesian authorities
  4. Collecting the required documents for the visa you are applying for
  5. Make the payment for the required fee for an Indonesia visa. (Keep in mind that the paid visa fee cannot be refunded)
  6. Visiting the embassy one more time and submitting the required documents (If the embassy provides online services, you can submit the documents by mail as well)
  7. The application for a tourist visa will not be processed until the Embassy has completed the process.
  8. Travelers should return their passports and documents to the Embassy once the visa process is complete. If they apply by mail, the Embassy will mail the documents to them.

How long is an Indonesia visa valid?

Your Indonesian visa validity depends on the type of visa you apply for. The validity for Indonesian visas ranges from 30 days to five years. Some types of visas are subject to renewal and can be extended as well.

Let’s sum up …

There are several types of Indonesian visas available for foreigners from different countries. In this article, we explained various types of Indonesian visa types. Additionally, we discussed how to apply for these visas and their overall requirements.

Learn more about Indonesian visas by checking out the left sidebar and reading about each visa type.

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