The question of whether you need an Argentina visa or not depends on: Duration of your stay in Argentina, The purpose of your visit, Nationality.

Argentina visa comes in two categories when talking about the duration of your stay: Non-immigrant visas (short-stay), Immigrant visas (long-stay)

If you need to visit Argentina for up to 90 days, your visit is short-stay. The citizens of these countries can enter Argentina with just a passport. Yet, they can only stay for up to 90 days. For long stays (longer than 90 days) they have to apply for a visa. The type of long-stay visa depends on the purpose of the visit.

There are some countries that need a visa for short stays in Argentina. The duration of stay for these countries does not matter. They need a visa that suits the purpose of their visit.

Non-Immigrant (short-stay)

A. Visitor visa

Tourist visa

Argentina is a diverse country with different climate types: humid jungles, harsh deserts, tundra, the polar climate in the south, and subtropical in the North. If you want to visit the land of wonders for your next holiday, you might need an Argentina tourist visa.

First, you should know that an Argentina Tourist Visa is a short-stay visa. It means you can stay in the country for a limited time. It is often up to 90 days.

Whether you need an Argentina Tourist Visa or not depends on your nationality. It means they don’t need a tourist visa either. They can visit the country by passport or travel document. If your nationality does not come into this list, you need an Argentina tourist visa.

Argentina ETA

The ETA is a travel document issued online for tourism purposes. The application process is simple and trouble-free. You can apply for Argentina ETA from anywhere in the world through the internet.

B. Business visa

Business visa

The economy of Argentina has made good progress in the past years. Argentina society has worked hard to become one of the G-20 countries and the second-largest economy in South America. The development of tourism and production signifies a good future. A lot of companies want to expand their business in Argentina.

If you need to travel to it for business, you might need an Argentina business visa. It permits you to enter the country and perform business-related intentions.

Please note that an Argentina business visa is a short-stay visa. You may stay in the country for a restricted time. You also have no authorization to participate in any paid job.

Whether you need an Argentina business visa depends on your nationality. It means they don’t need a visa for up to 90 days stays. If your nationality does not come into this category, you have to get a business visa for Argentina.

C. Other visas

Medical Treatment Visa

Argentina benefits a high-quality healthcare system. It is particularly true in major cities like Córdoba, Mendoza, and the capital city Buenos Aires. Many people travel to Argentina to get medical treatment. If you want to receive such services, you might need an Argentina Medical visa.

A medical visa for Argentina is a short-stay visa. You have permission to stay only for a limited time.

Immigrant visas (Long-stay)

A. Work Visa

Work Visa

Whether you need an Argentina work visa or not depends on your nationality and the duration of your stay. First, you must know that there is a difference between Argentina’s work visa and Argentina’s work permit. You might be free from Argentina work visa, but almost all countries need a work permit to work in Argentina.

Up to 90 days stay

If you want to work in Argentina for up to 90 days, you should know whether you need an Argentina short-stay visa or not. The answer is yes, you should apply for both Argentina work visas and a work permit. If not, you might have to apply only for a work permit. It depends on your nationality. The Argentina officials at the embassy will inform you.

More than 90 days stay

When you want to work in Argentina for longer than 90 days, you need both an Argentina work visa and a work permit.

There are two types of Argentina visas s follows:

  • 23 A visa
  • 23 E visa

Working Holiday Visa (WHV)

Argentina hosts professional students who are looking for work experience. It is available through Argentina’s working holiday visa WHV. If you are a citizen of the following countries, you can apply for a working holiday visa:

IrelandJapanThe NetherlandsNew Zealand

The working holiday program allows you to work in Argentina for one year.

You have to fulfill a few requirements to be eligible for an Argentina working holiday visa.

B. Family visa

Family Visa

Citizens of Argentina can support their relatives’ immigration to the country under a Family reunion visa. The family members citizens can bring are as follows:

  • Spouse
  • Child
  • Parent

A foreign spouse, parent, or minor of a permanent residence holder in Argentina is also eligible for a family reunification visa.

Please note that applicants have to prove the family relationship through a birth or marriage certificate.

C. Other visas

Investment Visa (Investor visa)

Argentina investment visa is a long-stay visa type. It provides the opportunity for foreign nationals to move to Argentina by investing in its economy. To be eligible for an investment visa, candidates must invest at least 1.5 million pesos (USD 150,000 or almost EUR 17.000) in Argentina.

The minimum required time for investment is one year. After three years, applicants can apply for a Permanent Residence. After two years of living as a Permanent Residence, applicants can apply for Argentina citizenship.

Retirement Visa

Argentina’s retirement visa is for people who want to retire in this country. Applicants must be able to cover their expenses without working in Argentina. To be eligible for a Retirement visa, you must have at least 30.000 pesos (almost $725) per month.

Having a clean record is also a must. You must provide a clean police record from your home country. If you meet the financial requirement and have no criminal record, the other procedures are simple.

Argentina’s retirement visa is valid for one year, but you can extend it up to three years. Then you can apply for Permanent Residence.

Requirements for an Argentina Visa

The requirements for an Argentina visa are as follows:


Your passport must have validity at least for six months over the date you will leave Argentina. It must have been issued in the past ten years, not older. It must have two blank pages as well.

Application form

You should download the Argentina visa application form from the nearest Argentina embassy or consulate. Complete it carefully. Then print, sign, and date it. Please remember that there might be a different application form for the type of visa you need.


You must provide two colored passport size photos. They must have been taken in the past three months, in clear white background. Your face must cover %65-%75 of the photo.

Proof of accommodation

You should state where you will stay in Argentina during your visit. You could provide a hotel reservation receipt, rental agreement, etc. If you stay with a relative, provide an invitation letter, his/her name, address, passport number, etc.

Proof to have enough funds

You need to have enough money to cover your expenses in Argentina. You could provide your bank statements.

Requirements for Minors

If minors travel alone or with one parent, a formal consent letter from both or one parent is necessary.

Please note that the Argentinian authorities might ask for more documents. There might be more requirements based on the visa type you apply for. Prepare yourself to provide them as well.

Argentina Visa Application Process

The application process for an Argentina Visa is as follows:

Find out if You Need a Visa or not

The first step in applying for an Argentina visa is to find out whether you need a visa or not. It depends on your nationality and the duration of your stay. As we explained above, a few countries are exempt from Argentina’s short-stay visa. Some countries can enter only with ID.

By reading Argentina visa types on the left sidebar, you will be able to better choose the type of visa that suits you. For instance, a tourist visa.

Complete Application Form

Now you know you need a visa, you should download the application form from the nearest Argentina embassy or consulate. Please complete it with caution. The information you put in it must be the same as your documents. Then print, date, and sign it.

Gather Requirements

You should collect all the requirements for an Argentina visa. We have covered all of the above. Please note that the Argentina officials might ask for more documents. There might be more requirements based on the type of visa you apply for.

Reserve a Visa Appointment

When you collected all the requirements, schedule a visa appointment at Argentina embassy or consulate in your country. When the time comes, attend it in person. Don’t forget to bring your requirements, application, and your passport. Submit them to the authorities.

Pay Fees

Then you have to pay the fee for application processing. The fee depends on the type of visa and the embassy you apply at. However, the fee could be €150 – €200.

Attend Interview

During the appointment, you might have to pass an interview. The Argentina officials will ask you a few questions about your background and the purpose of your visit to Argentina. Please be strong and give true answers.

Wait for Processing

In the end, you have to wait. You have to wait until your visa gets processed. The processing time depends on different factors. Yet, the normal time is 16 business days days.

How Long is the Argentina Visa Valid for?

The validity of an Argentina visa depends on the type of visa. Yet, Argentina’s short-stay visa is valid for up to 90 days. If you have an Argentina ETA, you can extend the validity.


How do I know that I need a visa to Argentina?

It’s up to your nationality and duration of stay; see the article. 

How should I apply for an Argentina visa?

Find the visa you want and read the instructions. 

How do I know which Argentina visa I need to enter the country?

Read the explanation of each visa to know which one you need to apply for.

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