How to apply for an Argentina family visa


You have a relative in Argentina and wish to join? It is easy to do so. But you might need an Argentina family visa. This article will explain who can apply for a family visa to Argentina, the requirements, and the application process.

If one of your relatives is an Argentina citizen, you can join him/her. You can do this through an Argentina family visa. Providing that your relative has a Permanent Residence, you can also join. The family visa allows you to have a legal stay in Argentina for the long term. Yet, your sponsor must have enough money to cover your expenses.


Who can apply for an Argentina family visa?

Not everyone can apply for an Argentina family visa. The following relatives of an Argentine citizen can apply for a family visa:

  • Spouse
  • Child
  • Parent

Bear in mind that the child must be under 18 to be eligible for a family visa. The older child is eligible if only has a disability. The child must need care.


What are the requirements for an Argentina family visa?

The required documents for an Argentina family visa are as follows:

  1. Passport

Your passport must hold validity for at least six months over the date you will enter Argentina. Having two blank pages is also mandatory. It can not be older than ten months ago.

  1. Photo

Two identical photos of yourself are required. They must be on a clear white background. The photo can not be older than three months from the date of application. It must be in passport size.

  1. Application

Get the application from the Argentina embassy’s website in your home country. Complete it, then print, date, and sign it.

  1. Proof of relationship

Provide the relevant document that proves your relationship with the sponsor in Argentina. It could be a birth certificate or a marriage certificate.

  1. ID card

provide a copy of the National Identity Card (DNI) of your relative in Argentina.

  1. Proof of accommodation

Provide the certificate of the place where your relative lives in Argentina.

  1. Affidavit

Write a statement and commit that you have no criminal record and have been honest with your application. You have to do it before the consul in the embassy.

Attention: The mentioned list of documents is only a general set. Argentinian officials can require more documents.

How to apply for an Argentina family visa?

The application process for an Argentina family visa is as follows:

1. Visa meeting

Get an appointment with the Argentinan embassy or consulate in your home country. You could do it through their website. Bear in mind the exact date and time of the meeting.

2. Requirements

Collect all the requirements for an Argentina family visa. You can see the above section to know about them. Bear in mind that it might take time to gather everything. So you could start this step a bit early. Also, the Argentinian embassy might ask for additional documents. It could lead to longer processing time.

3. Interview

Visit the embassy on the reserved date. Bring all the requirements. Submit all of them to the officials. Then pay the fee for visa processing. The fee depends on the embassy you apply to.

4. Processing

Wait until the embassy processes your visa. The processing time can range from 2 weeks to 2 months. When the officials issue the visa, they will inform you.


Let’s sum up…

This article explained all you should know about the family visa. It covered who can apply for it, its requirements, and the application process.

If you need to know more about other types of Argentina visas, visit the left-sidebar. In case you wish to gain more knowledge about other countries’ visas, visit the Visa Library’s homepage.

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