The economy of Argentina has made good progress in the past years. People and the government have worked hard to be one of the G-20 countries and the second-largest economy in South America. Argentina enjoys numerous natural resources, an educated population, and a diverse industry. The development of tourism and production signifies a good future. A lot of companies want to expand their business in Argentina. If you need to travel to it to do so, you might need an Argentina business visa.

In this blog, we will explain how to apply for a business visa, whether you need one or not, requirements, the application process, validity, visa costs, FAQs, etc.

Argentina Business Visa

Argentina is full of business opportunities. With the fast-growing tourism and production, people want to expand their business to this country. An Argentine business visa allows you to enter this country and do whatever your job is.

Who Needs and Does not Need an Argentina Business Visa?

If you need an Argentina business visa or not depends on your nationality. The nationalities of a few countries are free of Argentina business visas. The list of countries is as follows:


Hong Kong (With Passport R.A.E.H.K.),Singapore
JapanUnited Arab Emirates
Korea RepublicTurkey


BulgariaIcelandSlovak Republic
Czech RepublicItalySpain
FinlandNorwayUnited Kingdom


South Africa


AustraliaAustriaNew Zealand

North America

BarbadosSaint Kitts and Nevis
CanadaSaint Lucia
MexicoSaint Vincent and The Grenadines
NicaraguaUnited States of America

South America

ChileTrinidad and Tobago

The nationals of the following countries are free of Argentina business visa for 30-days stays:

Hong Kong (With British Passport B.N.O.)Republic of Kazakhstan

Argentina Business Visa Requirements

The requirements for an Argentina business visa are s follows:

Passport or travel document

You should provide your original passport and a copy of the first page. The passport must have validity for a minimum of six months over the date you will leave Argentina. It must have two blank pages for a minimum and have been issued in the past ten years.

Application form (FSV FORM)

You should download the Argentina business visa application form. You could get it from the Argentinian embassy or consulate website in your home country. Complete it with the true form of your personal information. Then print, date, and sign it.


You need to provide two passport size photos. They must be colored, with a white background and a full front view.

Round trip ticket

You should reserve your round trip tickets to prove you will leave Argentina when you end your trip. It would be best not to buy tickets before you receive a visa. The authorities must ensure that you will leave the country when you are done with your tasks.

Proof of accommodation

The place you will stay during your visit must be clear. You could provide a hotel reservation receipt or rental agreement. In case your host provides accommodation, he/she should state it in the invitation letter.

Proof to have enough funds

You should state that you have enough funds to cover your expenses in Argentina. Bank statements could prove your financial capability. If your host covers your expenses, he/she should state it in the invitation letter.

Invitation letter

The Argentinian company or organization that has invited you should provide an invitation letter. It must be on the company’s letterhead. One of the managers should sign it as well. It must be in Spanish as well. Please remember that you need to provide the original and a copy. You should know that an invitation letter does not guarantee visa acceptance. It is to inform the authorities what you will do in Argentina.

Cover letter

A letter from your company to Argentina officials. It should provide a short history of the company and the activities they perform. It should also state:

  • Information of an applicant who will visit Argentina;
    • full name,
    • passport number,
    • nationality,
    • and his/her position in the company.
  • Verification of the business trip and the duration of the visit to Argentina.
  • Name, address, and contact details of the businessmen you will meet in Argentina.
  • Who and how you will pay for the financial means of the trip.

A letter from you to the Argentinian authorities stating the purpose of your trip to Argentina. You should provide:

  • The places you will visit
  • The people you will meet,
  • Meetings you will attend,
  • Etc.

Requirements Based on Your job Status

If  you are employed

  • Permission leave from your company
  • Income tax Return of the company
  • Bank statement for the past six months
  • Proof of business activity in your country

If you are self-employed

  • Certificate of business registration
  • Income tax Return of the company
  • Bank statement for the past six months

Please bear in mind that the Argentinian officials might ask for further documents. If they do so, you have to provide them as well.

Argentina Business Visa Application Process

The application process for an Argentina business visa is as follows:

1. Application Form

First, you must download the application form for an Argentina business visa. You could get it from the Argentinian embassy or consulate in your home country. Please be cautious while you complete it. Every piece of data must be correct and the same as your documents. Check out the spelling several times. Your name’s spelling must be the same as in your passport.

2. Requirements

To apply for a visa, you should submit its requirements. So start gathering requirements for an Argentina business visa as we explained above. Please be over-particular during the procedure. Concentrate on even tiny minor details. If there is a slip with one of the documents, the application process will take longer. The Argentinian embassy might ask for requirements in a particular order. If so, focus on that as well. You could also start this step a bit sooner as gathering the requirements could take time.

3. Visa Appointment

Now you should schedule an appointment with the Argentinian embassy or consulate you apply at. In some cases, you could get one through the embassy website or phone call.

Please remember the exact date and time of the appointment. You shouldn’t be late. Wearing something a bit formal would help.

Don’t forget to bring your requirements, application, and passport. Submit them to the authorities.

4. Paying fees

You also have to pay the fee for application processing. The cost of application depends on the embassy, and the country you apply from.

5. Interview

During the visa appointment, you might have to go carry out an interview. The Argentinian official will ask you a few questions about your history and the purpose of your visit. You can prepare yourself by reading the question sample below.

6. Processing

Once you complete the procedures at the embassy or consulate, the time for patience comes. You have to wait until your visa gets processed. The processing depends on the embassy workload and your case. If there is no fault with your documents, the process will get faster.

If your application gets accepted, the officials will send you the visa to your address. If it gets rejected, they will send you a letter explaining the reason.

When your visa gets accepted, you might have to pick up the visa from the embassy in person. If it’s so for you, the officials will inform you to receive the visa. The way the embassy sends the visa is up to the country you apply from. The embassy could post the visa stick to your passport to your address as well.

Argentina Business Visa Processing Time

The regular processing time for an Argentina business visa is 7-10 working days. However, the processing time depends on:

  • The embassy or consulate workload.
  • The political situation of the country you apply from.
  • Your particular case.
  • The time of the year you apply

How Long is the Argentina Business Visa Valid For?

The Argentina business visa is a short-stay visa. It’s only valid for 90 days in one year. The number of times you can enter depends on the Argentinian officials. If they are satisfied that you don’t want to immigrate illegally, they might give you a multiple entry visa. It permits several visits during one year.

Can You Extend Your Argentina Business Visa?

YES. It is possible to extend the Argentina business visa for another 60 days. To do so, you should apply for an extension to the Immigration Office.

Can You Work Under an Argentina Business Visa?

You have no right to get involved in any paid job in Argentina on a business visa. Please bear in mind that the Argentinian officials are strict with their laws and regulation. If you break their law, there will be heavy repercussions.

Can You Apply For Permanent Residence with Argentina Business Visa?

No, you have to apply for an Argentina Permanent Residence from your home country.

Argentina Business Visa Cost

The cost for an Argentina Business Visa depends on the embassy and the country you apply from. Please remember that the fee is subject to change.

The Argentina embassy or consulate you apply to might not accept cash or checks. Do the research and find out how you should pay the fee for the application. Some embassies might even not accept the local currency.

Argentina Business Visa Interview Questions

During the visa appointment to submit the requirements to the Argentinian authorities, you might have to carry out an interview. The officials will ask you a few questions related to your trip. The questions might include:

  1. The place you reside in your home country
  2. Family
  3. Background
  4. Marital status
  5. Your hobbies.
  6. Your children
  7. Education history
  8. Will your family members travel with you?
  9. Your work experience
  10. The company you work for
  11. The field your company works in.
  12. The duration you work for your company.
  13. If you own your business, history, business ties with other countries, employees, etc.
  14. How you will receive the trip expenses.
  15. What is the reason you have chosen Argentina to develop business ties?
  16. How much do you know about the Argentinian company you are going to visit?
  17. What are your plans for your visit?
  18. Whom will you meet?
  19. Insurance
  20. The plans for further business relationships.
  21. Do you intend to go back to your home country after your trip ends?
  22. Etc.

Let’s sum up…

In this blog, we explained all you need to know about Argentina’s business visa.

We explained whether you need an Argentina business visa or not, the visa-free countries, requirements, validity, costs,  FAQs, etc.

You can check Visa Library to find more information about other countries’ visas. On the Visa Library website, you can learn about other Argentina visas like Investment visas as well as ways to immigrate to other countries.

In case you have some experience, please write it down in the comment section. Your comments let the readers choose better and avoid mistakes. Conveying your experiences as comments is a great help for applicants.

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