The secrets you need to consider for Argentina investment visa


You have considered moving permanently to Argentina. One of the easy ways you could do it is through the Argentine investment visa. But you must be eligible to apply for it.

This article will explain who is eligible to apply for an investment visa in Argentina, requirements, the application process, and FAQs.

Who is eligible for an Argentina Investment visa?

Everyone who meets the eligibility principles can apply for an Argentina investment visa. Nationality is not a matter for this visa. The principles are as follows:


Enough fund

As the name suggests, the main requirements are to have enough funds to invest in Argentina. The least amount of investment is 1.500.000 pesos. The amount can not be less than it.


Field of investment

The Argentinian government must approve the area you will invest in. You have the authorization to make an investment in the Commercial or Service industry.

The business you invest in must be productive. It must create benefits for the Argentinian industry and community. The officials want it to create jobs for people.


Lawful fund

The business you will create or make can not be against the lawful. The authorities must allow it by the national law.


Receiving Approval

Before applying for the Argentina investor visa, you must get the officials’ approval. You propose your plan to them; then, they evaluate your case. It is up to them to accept whether you invest in Argentina or not.


Origin of the fund

One matter that the Argentina officials will check carefully is the origin of your money. Where did you get it?

The way you have achieved the money must be legal and approved by the Central Bank of the Argentina Republic (BCRA). It is in your home country and by the Argentina national law.


Transferring money

Are you able to transfer your fund to an Argentinian bank? Some countries face restrictions over money transferring worldwide. North Korea is one of them. The Koreans may not and can not transfer money to a foreign bank.

The officials want you to transfer the money to an Argentinian bank.


What are the Requirements for an Argentina investment visa?

The requirements for an Argentina investment visa is as follows:

Application form

You can get the form to apply for an investment visa from the Argentinian embassy.



Your passport must possess validity for at least one year over the date you will enter Argentina. Having one blank page at least is also mandatory.


Clean record certificate

Submitting a certificate from the Police in your home country that states your clean record is a must.



One photo of you is needed. Take it in the latest three months to the date of application.



It’s a written statement that you commit to tell the truth with your application.


Proof of identity

They include personal documents like:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth certificate

Statement of Source of Funds

Make it clear where you have received your funds to make the investment.


Investment or business plan

Prepare a business or investment plan to submit to the officials.



The background of your work or business activity.


Proof to have enough funds

You must hold sufficient funds to cover your expenses in Argentina. It is apart from the amount you will invest in a business.


Attention: If your documents are not in English or Spanish, have them translated into Spanish.

The mentioned documents are not the ultimate list. The Argentinian officials could ask for further supporting documents.


How to apply for an Argentina investment visa?

The application process for an Argentina investment visa is as follows:


1. Are you eligible?

There are severe regulations and rules over the Argentina investor visa. You should know them to see if you can comply with them or not. Having enough funds is only one of the requirements. There are eligibility principles for the money you have.

If it is true, you can start the application process.


2. Business plan

Make it clear where you will invest in Argentina. Will the officials approve the area you want to invest in? Another point to consider is how you will transfer the money to Argentina. Are you able to do it through a verified Argentinian bank or financial institution? You could take advantage of a counselor in the country.


3. Approval of the authorities

When you submit your business plan, the Ministry of Industry and Tourism of Argentina will evaluate your plan. They will analyze your business plan by its:

  • Investment
  • Legal viability
  • Economic-financial sustainability

When MIT approves your project, you can apply for the Argentina investment visa. Yet you have to perform the investment soon.


4. Application

Download the application form from the Argentina embassy’s website. Complete it with your information. Remember that your information on the form must be equivalent to your documents. In the end, print, date, and sign it.


6. Requirements

Look at the part above to see what are the required documents for an Argentina investor visa. Collect all of them. Consider the fact that the officials might require further documents.


7. Visa meeting

Get a meeting with the Argentina embassy. Remember the date and time of the meeting. You should get there a bit early.

Attend the appointment in person and bring all the supporting documents. Submit all of them to the officials and pay the fee for visa processing.


8. Processing

Now, wait until the embassy processes your visa. It could take some time until your visa is ready. When the embassy issues the visa, they will inform you.

When you hold the visa, you can move to Argentina.


Argentina investment visa processing time

There are two processing times for the Argentina investor visa. When you submit your business plan for approval, you have to wait until the officials evaluate it. It could take several months until they decide on it.

Another processing time is for the entrance visa. When you submit the supporting documents to the embassy, you must wait until they issue the visa. It could take up to one month until the Argentinian embassy issues your visa.


Is there a language requirement over the Argentina investment visa?

No, there is no language requirement for an Argentina investor visa. The official language of the country is Spanish. But several migrants speak in other languages. Also, many people have basic fluency in English. So you won’t have much of a problem understanding language.


How long is the Argentina investment visa valid for?

The Argentina investment visa is valid for one year. In this period, your investment must continue and meet the requirements. The officials expect it to make a profit for the country and create jobs.

You have the option to extend your visa up to three times. Then you will become eligible for Argentina permanent residency. After living for two years under the Permanent Residency, you will become eligible to apply for citizenship.


Can you bring your family under an Argentina investment visa?

Yes, you have permission to include your family in your application. They include your spouse and children.


Let’s sum up…

You have enough funds and are looking for a country to move to. Argentina could be an easy option. The future sounds promising.

You could move to the country through an Argentina investment visa. You have enough funds; the rest is not much of a trouble. The text will explain who is eligible for an investor visa, requirements, the application process, FAQs, and more.

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