Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia that is divided into two noncontiguous regions.

  • Peninsular Malaysia, also known as West Malaysia
  • East Malaysia

Putrajaya, the country’s administrative center, is about 16 miles (25 kilometers) south of the capital of Malaysia. The capital, Kuala Lumpur, is in the western part of the peninsula, about 25 miles (40 kilometers) from the coast.

Malaysia attracts many international travelers and tourists to the country every year. In 2020, they had 4.33 million visitors who brought nearly 12.7 million RM (Malaysian ringgit is the Malaysian currency, nearly USD 0,24).

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Malaysia country has different rules for giving entry permission to foreigners. Having a Malaysia visa is not enough. A Malaysian visa only allows its holder to travel to Malaysia. Upon arrival, the Immigration Officers analyze all the applicants at the entry point. Travelers must have an interview, and then the immigration officers decide whether those travelers can enter Malaysia or not.

The Immigration Officers issue a certain Malaysian Pass to each traveler based on their travel purpose. The traveler can stay in Malaysia with these Malaysia Passes. These passes also include the duration of each applicant’s stay.

Note: Even if a Malaysian visa is not required, an applicant must still have a Malaysian Pass stamped in their passport and pass through an immigration check at the entry point.

Applying for Malaysia Visas

Foreign nationals can use one of the following methods in order to apply for a Malaysia visa:

  • Manual
  • Online

Not all nationalities can apply for a Malaysian visa online. Malaysia visas can typically be obtained from Malaysian Representative Offices abroad or a visa application agency approved by Malaysia.

Malaysia Visa Application process (manually)

Applying for Malaysian visas comprises the following steps:

  • Finding a Malaysian Representative Office.
  • Downloading the application form.
  • Completing the documents file.
  • Submitting the application and the documents.
  • Waiting for processing to finish.

Applying for a Malaysian Visa Online

Malaysian authorities offer citizens of certain countries Malaysian eVisas. Applicants can get a Malaysia eVisa online once it is issued. Applicants must, however, print this visa as it will not be attached to their passport.

Nationals of the following countries can apply for a Malaysia eVisa:

  • Bangladesh
  • Bhutan
  • China
  • India
  • Montenegro
  • Myanmar
  • Nepal
  • Pakistan
  • Serbia
  • Sri Lanka

In addition, an eNTRI (Electronic Travel Registration and Information) can only be obtained by Indian and Chinese nationals.

Malaysian Visas and Passes

A foreigner with a Malaysia Visa can travel to Malaysia regardless of the reason for their visit, whereas a Malaysia Pass specifies the reason for the visit. Some Passes are available when applicants arrive at the port of entry, while others can be obtained before they apply for a visa. Here is a list of various Malaysia Passes:

Malaysia Transit Visas

Travelers can transit through Malaysian airports and enter the country. In addition, nationals of certain countries can transit through Malaysia without obtaining a Malaysia transit visa.

If you are an international traveler who falls into the following categories, you will need a Malaysia transit visa:

  • If a national from a country that requires a Malaysia visa is forced to transit in Malaysia for more than 24 hours.
  • If a foreign visitor needs to go through immigration.
  • If they are required to transit through a Malaysian airport that is not the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Malaysia Tourist Visa

A tourist visa for Malaysia is referred to as a Single Entry Visa. This means that tourists are only permitted to enter the country once. Multiple-entry visas are longer in terms of validity, but they are rarely issued for tourism.

Furthermore, a tourist visa to Malaysia is a Visa Without Reference. Tourists do not need permission from the Malaysian Immigration Department to receive their visas. Instead, the Malaysian Representative Office Abroad is required to issue tourist visas.

Tourist visas in Malaysia are not a guarantee of entry because they are considered pre-entry requirements. Tourist visas allow only international tourists to visit Malaysia and must be used to enter the country.

Malaysia Student Visa

A Malaysia Student Visa is required for international students who wish to pursue their educational goals in Malaysia.

International students who wish to visit Malaysia must first obtain the appropriate Pass for their intended travel destination. So, in order to study in Malaysia, you’ll need a Malaysia Student Pass.

Short Term Social Visit Pass

Foreigners who plan to travel for tourism, business, and social visit purposes can obtain Malaysia’s Short Term Social Visit Pass. However, keep in mind that you cannot take up any work while in Malaysia with a Short Term Social Visit Pass. This Malaysian pass can be obtained online and in person.

Malaysia work visa

A foreigner who wishes to begin working in Malaysia must first obtain a Malaysian work visa. Finding a Malaysian company and getting hired there is the first step in obtaining a Malaysia work visa. Following that, the employer is required to complete the majority of the work and apply for a Malaysia work permit.

To begin working in Malaysia, the authorities in charge of issuing work permits for foreign workers must approve the application. Different types of Malaysian work permits can then be issued based on the applicant’s profession and the duration of work.

Employment Pass

The Employment Pass is a work permit issued by the Malaysian government. Before receiving an Employment Pass for Malaysia, the hiring employer must obtain approval from an authorized body. This pass is divided into three categories.

Temporary Employment Pass

A Malaysia temporary employment pass allows semi-skilled or unskilled foreign workers to travel to Malaysia and work in specific sectors. Malaysian temporary employment passes are issued in two categories by the Malaysian government. A Malaysia temporary employment pass holder must also meet age, nationality, and gender requirements specific to their profession.

Malaysia Professional Pass

The conditions of the Malaysia professional visit pass differ from those of the other types of Malaysian work permits. Professional visit pass holders are not employed by a Malaysian company or organization. In other words, a company pays professional visitors for a limited time in exchange for the services they provide to a company in Malaysia.

Dependent Pass

A Malaysia Dependent Pass is issued to foreign nationals who have come to Malaysia to work or study. In addition, these expats can obtain dependent passes for their relatives and bring them to Malaysia.

Long Term Social Visit Pass

Malaysia Long-Term Social Visit Passes are typically issued to spouses or family members of Malaysians or foreigners who are residents of Malaysia, hence the name “spouse visa.” This pass is only available to the families of Employment Pass holders and spouses of Malaysian citizens and foreign nationals in need of medical attention.

Malaysia Special Pass

The Malaysian Immigration Department issues a Malaysia Special Pass, which allows foreign nationals to stay in Malaysia for longer even if their employment or student visas are not renewed or if they do not leave the country when their visas expire.

Malaysia Residence Pass

The Malaysia Residence Pass-Talent, or RP-T, is a relatively new type of work permit in Malaysia. A Malaysia Residence Pass-Talent is a work visa that allows you to stay in the country for up to ten years.

Malaysia Permanent Residency

Foreign nationals seeking permanent residency in Malaysia must apply through the Malaysian Entry Permit. Under certain conditions, foreign nationals of certain countries and under certain conditions are granted Entry Permits or Malaysia Permanent Residency by the Malaysian government.

How much are the Malaysia visa fees?

A single entry or multiple entry visa costs RM 20 (USD 4,75) from the Malaysian government.

How to pay the Malaysia visa fee?

The payment method varies depending on which Malaysian Representative Office (Embassy or Consulate) you are applying through.

When you appear to submit your application, some Malaysian Representative Offices will require you to pay the Malaysia visa fee in cash. Others will only accept payments in the form of a bank draft made payable to the specific Embassy or Consulate.

The Bottom Line…

Malaysia is a country with huge potential and opportunities. This country offers plenty of visas and Passes for foreign nationals. There are two ways to apply for Malaysian visas; however, online visas and visas on arrival are not available for all countries. Each visa type has its various requirements.

If you want to learn about Malaysian visas and Passes, check our sidebar on the left and get yourself educated.

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