Do you want to immigrate and work n Norway as a fruit picker and are trying to find the required information? This page of the Visa Library will bring you the requirements, eligibility principles, and the procedure you have to follow and answer some of your questions.

Requirements to immigrate and work in Norway as a fruit picker?

You need taser items to work as a fruit picker in Norway:

Having a strong resume or CV.

You need a strong CV or resume to persuade the Norwegian employer to hire you. The first step to immigrating and working in Norway as a fruit picker is to find a job offer with a Norwegian employer. Your skills must be quite good enough to encourage the employer to hire you.

Know the Norwegian language.

It’s not a definite requirement, but you’d better know some Norwegian language fluency to work as a fruit picker there.

English is common, and people speak and understand it a lot. But the employer might require you to know Norwegian language fluency.

Find a fruit-picking job with a Norwegian employer.

You must find a job with a Norwegian employer to move there as a fruit picker. It’s a must to find a job as the employer has to apply for a work permit from the Norwegian officials and get it so you can work there.

Being able to get a work visa.

You need a work permit and work visa to work in Norway as a fruit picker. You must be able to gather the supporting documents and send them to the employer. Read the below section to know the list and know whether you can gather them or not.

How to immigrate and work in Norway as a fruit picker

How to immigrate and work in Norway as a fruit picker? 

This section tells the procedure you have to follow to immigrate and work in Norway as a fruit picker. You need to read the entire section to know whether you are qualified or not. You’d better read it carefully and understand the requirements well. You might miss one essential point and reach a deadlock in the process. Better to be safe than sorry. Also, one stage might need preparation, and it could take you quite a bit of time to prepare yourself for it.

Look for a fruit-picking job offer.

The first step you need to pass is to find a job offer with a Norwegian employer. Finding a job is a must, and you have to find it. It’s a must to find an employer that needs your skills, and you have to persuade him/her to hire you.

Websites that advertise jobs in Norway.

If you are asking and want to know how to find a fruit-picking job in Norway as a fruit picker, you should know and remember that there are various ways to do it. The first and easy one is to look for a position through the websites that offer job positions in Norway. Here is a list of these websites: 

  • Arbeidsplassen.nav.no
  • Ec.europa.eu
  • Gulesider
  • Finn.no
  • Gulesider (a private recruitment agency)
  • Indeed Norway
  • Tinkerlist
  • Jobs in Oslo
  • The Local
  • Finn Jobs
  • Jobbnorge
  • Adecco
  • Career Builder
  • Jobbsafari
  • Career Builder
  • AngelList
  • CV Jobs Norway
  • Jobisland
  • Manpower
  • Learn4Good
  • Dittarbeid.
  • Jobbforalle
  • Nav.no

The above list of websites is just a sample; you might know or find other websites. But they are the best and most famous ones. You must prepare your resume, update it with your skills, and apply for the positions. If it’s impressive and catches an employer’s eye, he/she will reach you and offer you the position.

Recruiters or employment agencies in Norway.

You can also get help from recruiters or employment agencies in Norway to find a job as a fruit picker. These are the companies that connect employers and employees. They can connect you, as a fruit picker, to an employer who needs you.

This is a list of these companies. Visit the companies listed above website and find more information about the process and requirements. Determine if they can help you as a fruit picker.

Fleksi Teknisk Personell AS Stavanger
Cruit Rekruttering AS Oslo
Talentsøk AS Rotnes
Medio Hr AS Osøyro
Azzista Sports Innovation AS Larvik
Frisk Gruppen AS Brumunddal
Sterk Rekruttering AS Sandvika
Imtas Personell AS Mo i Rana
Ework Group Norway AS Oslo
Optoteam AS Oslo
Via Personal Bodø AS Bodo
Arpi Entreprenør og Landskap AS Oslo
Euroressurs AS Sandnes
Tydal Bygdeservice Sa Ås
Ariemi AS Tønsberg
Uab On Off Staffing Group Bulandet
Start Medical AS Oslo
Fjord Line Crewing AS Egersund
Nordic Nurse AS Tromso
Service Staff AS Oslo
Sustainable People AS Oslo
Frilansformidleren AS Isfjorden
Trippel B AS Dovre
Bemanningstjenester Lillehammer AS Lillehammer
Jobzone Helgeland AS Mosjøen
Hurtigruten Expedition Crew AS Oslo
Hawken AS Oslo
Dreamwork Services AS Oslo
People Select AS Sykkylven
Mosaique Holding AS Stavanger
Gråkallen Rekruttering AS Trondheim
Lito Bemanning AS Ølen
Personalavdelingen AS Oslo
Wendel Holding AS Larvik
Ingenuity AS Rissa
Pp Group AS Fredrikstad
Magnella Holding AS Tromso
Tusen Tak AS Drammen
Aksess Holding AS Arendal
People Oslo AS Oslo
Totoro Invest AS Oslo
Transearch International Norway AS Oslo
Torp Consulting AS Sandefjord
Sky World Invest AS Ski
Dreamwork Search & Selection AS Oslo
Prime Group AS Oslo
Coness Search & Selection AS Oslo
Fleksi Rekruttering AS Stavanger
Finance Resources Tao AS Sandvika
Resumé AS Sandvika

The above companies can help you find a job in Norway. But it’s up to you to find their rules and regulations and how they can help you.

Visiting Norway in person to find a job.

Yes, you can visit Norway to find a job as a fruit picker, and there is nothing wrong with it. If you are among the visa-waived nationals, you can enter the country and start looking for a job. But you have no permission to work under the visa-waived program. You can just visit friends or family and tourist attractions. But it lets you have an interview and visit employers.

If you are not among the visa-waived countries, you have the option to apply for a Norway tourist visa to enter the country and look for a job. You can find more information about Norway tourist visa from the Visa Library article or watch the video we that the Visa Library prepared on our YouTube channel.

Sign a contract with the Norwegian employer.

After you find the job offer, you must sign an employment contract with the Norwegian employer. It’s necessary to sign a contract that explains every term of the conditions of your employment. This is a sample list of the items that must be included in the contract:

  1. Job title
  2. Job description
  3. Role and skill requirements
  4. Education requirements.
  5. Annual salary
  6. Raises, bonuses, incentive opportunities
  7. Health benefits (medical, dental, eye care, etc.)
  8. Confidentiality, privacy, and responsibility
  9. The schedule and employment period
  10. Duration of employment.
  11. The city and location you will work.

The above-provided list is just a sample, and you might have to add other terms to the contract. It’s up to your employer and the work you will do.

Apply for a Norway seasonal work visa.

The visa that lets you work in Norway as a fruit picker is the seasonal work visa. As the name suggests, it’s to work in jobs that are seasonal, like agriculture, fruit picking, or tourism section.

You need taser requirements to apply and receive a seasonal work visa: 

  • Pay the application fee.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have ties to your home country.
  • Your home country’s political situation allows you to return there.
  • Have a full-time job offer with a Norwegian employer.
  • The salary must be according to the average payment in Norway.
  • The Norwegian employer must have received confirmation to hire you as a foreign person.
  • The employer must get approval from the NAV if the work or job is in the agriculture or forestry industry,

The employer must be legitime and have the required certificates to hire you. If you doubt the employer or want to ensure his eligibility, you can contact the Norwegian Service Centre for Foreign Workers office. They guide you and tell you whether the employer is eligible or not.

If you can fulfill the above conditions, then you can apply for a Norway seasonal work visa.

Where to apply for Norway seasonal work visa.

You must apply to the IDI website and, complete the application form, then submit the scanned form of your documents. This is a sample list of the documents you have to gather: 

  • Passport + a copy.
  • A signed application form.
  • the UDI’s Offer of employment form
  • Proof of residence in Norway.
  • UDI’s checklist of documents.
  • Clean record certificate
  • CV/resume.
  • Etc.

The UDI website will inform you of the list of documents you have to submit. You need to scan them and submit them to the website.

You need to visit the Norwegian embassy/consulate in your home country as well. The UDI will inform you of the place you need to visit and the list of documents you have to submit to them. Also, you need to submit your biometrics and pay the application fee.

The UDI will inform you of the results and how to get your visa.

Infographic How to immigrate and work in Norway as a fruit picker

Is it hard to immigrate and work in Norway as a fruit picker?

The answer might be a yes or a no. Fruit picking is an outdoor and physical job, and you have to engage in a lot of movements: 

  • Bending,
  • Kneeling,
  • Using your strength
  • Walking
  • Standing on your feet.
  • etc

If you are used to and can stand this type of work and have enough stamina and physical strength, it could be easy. But if you are not used to physical work, it will be hard for you. After all, you need work experience in this field to persuade the Norwegian employer to hire you.

You should also know that fruit picking days take long hours of work, and you will have to stand on your feet a lot. The days start early and finish late in the evening or even when it gets dark.

Also, you should consider the weather conditions in Norway. It’s a bit cold as it’s close to the north pole. So you should prepare yourself for these weather conditions. You can expect it to be a bit cold outside while working as a fruit picker.

But you do not have to remember slavery in Roman times and the harsh conditions of Spartacus. The working conditions are fair and one of the best standard ones in the world. The employers will not and can not abuse or discriminate against working conditions.

These jobs titles are common and in demand in Norway: 

  • Agricultural and horticultural
  • Forestry
  • Food processing
  • Tourism
  • Fisheries

Do I need Norwegian language fluency to immigrate and work in Norway as a fruit picker?

English is common in Norway, and people understand and speak it a lot. So you might be able to find a job offer, and the employer is fine with English fluency. But if you know Norwegian, you can improve your chance of getting a job offer and persuade the employer to hire you. So you’d better work on your language fluency skills and improve them as much as you can.

Do I have to rent a place as a fruit picker in Norway?

Most of the agricultural areas in Norway are located in rural areas. So the employer might have one or two rooms or a semi-independent house for their fruit pickers. They often provide a place to live for you as the duration of the employment is short and temporary.

But the job offer might not provide accommodation, and you will have to rent a palace for yourself. Everything is possible with the position. Also, some employers rent out a place to their fruit pickers.

The rent is up to the area you will live in and the palace, but the average rent is about  60 to 1700 NOK (7 to 200 USD).

Best time to look for a fruit-picking position in Norway.

Fruit picking season in Norway is from July to October. As the weather is cold and it’s close to the North Pole, the fruit-picking season is short. You have to apply for a job position around July or a few months earlier.

You might be able to find a job position after July for the next year. The employers might want to ensure the fruit picker for the next year. Also, you can find a job offer at any time, and it is not that clear. You’d better keep looking and be determined so to improve the chance of finding a job as a fruit picker.

Norway fruit-growing districts.

Some areas in Norway are known for being fruit-growing districts. If you visit Norway to find a job, you can go to these locations to find a job as a fruit picker. Also, you can look for online positions in these areas. This is a list of them:

  • Hardangerfjord region.
  • Telemark.
  • Valldal, Fjord Norway.
  • Sognefjord region.
  • Oslofjord region.

Fruit pickers’ salaries in Norway.

According to Pay Lab, the salary of a fruit picker is about 28K NOK to 40K NOK.

According to Salary Exploere, a person who works in Gardening / Farming / Fishing in Norway gets about 369,000 NOK per year. The lowest salary is about 155,000 NOK to 911,000 NOK, which is the highest salary.

Garden Center Helper162,000 NOK
Forestry and Logging Worker 163,000 NOK
Foreman155,000 NOK
Floral Designer220,000 NOK
Farmer192,000 NOK
Farm Manager668,000 NOK
Diver266,000 NOK
Commercial Horticulturist417,000 NOK
Bee Keeper174,000 NOK
Aquaculture and Seafood Farmer303,000 NOK
Animal Trainer324,000 NOK
Animal Nutritionist477,000 NOK
Animal Attendant261,000 NOK
Agronomist751,000 NOK
Agricultural Manager898,000 NOK
Agricultural Inspector519,000 NOK
Agricultural Engineer513,000 NOK
Agricultural Consultant886,000 NOK
Agricultural and Food Scientists845,000 NOK
Agricultural and Food Science Technician379,000 NOK
Tree Specialist283,000 NOK
Tree Pruner160,000 NOK
Horticultural Worker169,000 NOK
Grower172,000 NOK
Groundsman157,000 NOK
Greenhouse Manager419,000 NOK
Greenhouse Assistant170,000 NOK
General Farm Assistant177,000 NOK
Gardener165,000 NOK
Garden Centre Manager449,000 NOK

What is the visa option to immigrate and work in Norway as a fruit picker?

If you are an EU/EEA national, you do not need a visa to work in Norway as a fruit picker. But, non-EU national needs a work visa to work in Norway. The visa you need to work in Norway as a fruit picker is the seasonal work visa.

The major requirement for a seasonal work visa is to find a job offer with a Norwegian employer. He/she must be qualified and have the necessary certificate from the Norwegian government to hire a non-EU national.

Let’s sum up…

This page of the Visa Library explained how to immigrate and work in Norway as a fruit picker. It covered the requirements, visa options, and the procedure you have to follow to become a fruit picker in this country.

If you have questions, write them down in the comment section. The Visa Library team will answer them.


Yes, you need a job offer from an employer then he/she applies for a work permit. After that, you can apply for a work visa.

There are websites that advertise job positions and employment agencies that help you find a job.

It’s not a requirement but helps you a lot to get a job and work there.

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