Germany Family Visa Application Process


You have a family member living in Germany. Long time no see, and you are missing him/her. You wish to join your relative. But how? Germany family visa is the way to move your relatives living in Germany.

This article explains whether you need a Germany family reunification visa or not, eligible people to apply, requirements, the application process, FAQs, and more.


What is Germany Family Visa?

In case you have a relative living in Germany and wish to join them, you could do it through a Germany family visa. It also gets called Germany family reunification visa. It allows foreign nationals to join their relatives in Germany and stay with them for the long-term. It has lots of advantages. When you have someone in Germany, your chances are higher to move there.


Who Needs a Germany Family Visa?

If you need a Germany family visa or not is a matter of your nationality. The residents or nationals of the below list do not need a family visa:

  • EU
  • EEA
  • EFTA

People from the countries that are members of the above list do not need a Germany family visa. They can bring their relatives into Germany freely. Yet, they have to hold enough funds to cover the expenses.

The other countries in the world have to apply for a Germany family reunification visa.


Who is Eligible for a Germany Family visa?

You could think of this question in another way. Which family members can apply for a Germany family visa?

  • Spouse/partner
  • Minor children
  • Parent

They are the main family members who can apply for a Germany family reunification visa. Yet, family members have to be eligible.

The eligibility criteria for the Germany family visa is as follows:



The sponsor must fulfil the following options to bring his/her spouse to Germany:

  • Hold a residence permit in Germany, which could be:
    • A residence permit
    • An EU long-term residence permit
    • An Eu Blue Card
  • Have enough funds to support the spouse or partner.
  • Reach consent age (18 and over)
  • Fluent in the German language


The immigrant

The person who wants to move to Germany must be:

  • At least 18.
  • Fluent in German, at least know some basics.

The German government has not recognized Polygamy. If the sponsor has already sponsored a partner, he/she has no permission to bring someone else.



The parents or one parent living in Germany can bring their children to Germany. Yet, the requirements are subject to change and are different. It much depends on the age of the children.


Minor Children

Parents residing in Germany can bring their minor children to Germany. Also, a single parent has the authorization to bring his/her minor child to Germany. It is true when the single parent has the full-legal right to keep and care for the child.

There is a time when parents share the right to keep the child. In this situation, one of the parents lives in Germany and the other in a third country. In situations like this, the parent living in a third country should grant the custody right to the parent living in Germany. Only in this case, the single parent will become eligible for a Germany family visa.

The standard set of requirements for children are as follows. However, the officials could ask for more. Also, the requirements are subject to change depending on your case:

  • Birth certificate
  • Adoption certificate.
  • Hospital registration number of your child’s birth (if applicable).

Adult Children

The adult child must not be married. If the child is not eligible, he/she can apply for another type of Germany visa.



You must hold sufficient money to cover the expenses of your parents. As your parents might not be able to work, you must cover them.


Other relatives

The other relatives who can apply to join the following family members in Germany:

  • Siblings ( brother or sister)
  • Uncle
  • Aunt
  • Niece
  • Nephew
  • Grandparent
  • Cousins

The application process to join the above relatives is hard. The officials often grant them to prevent hardship.


Germany Family Visa Requirements

The requirements for a Germany family visa are s follows:



You must have received the passport in the past ten years. It must be valid over the date you will stay in Germany. Provide two copies of the passport pages which hold your entry/exit stamps.


Application form

Receive the application form for the German embassy or consulate in your home country. Remember that you need two application forms. When you complete it, print it twice.



The size of the provided photo must be 3.5×4,5 cm. Provide them in the latest three months to the date of application.


Health insurance

The health insurance must cover all of your medical expenses in Germany.


Proof to have enough funds

The sponsor residing in Germany has to provide it. Yet, if the immigrant can cover his/her expenses, then he/she can submit the related documents.


Invitation letter

It is from a sponsor living in Germany. It must prove that he/she has enough space for the sponsor.


Proof of accommodation

It must show the sponsor has enough space for the host.


Language proficiency skill

Applicants have to hold at least an A1 certificate.


Cover letter

The immigrant must write a letter to the German officials explaining

  • The purpose of joining relative
  • The duration of stay


Germany family visa Requirements for spouse/partner

Marriage certificate

A foreign officer must attest to it. Also, have it translated by a verified translator. A German embassy must legalize the certificate as well.



Providing that your spouse or partner is a German national, provide a copy of his/her:

  • Passport, or
  • ID card


Proof of legal residence

In case your spouse or partner is a non-German residing in the country, provide proof of his/her:

  • Residence permit
  • Passport

Germany family visa requirements for children

  • Birth certificate
  • Evidence or proof of the child’s nationality
  • Proof that the parent residing in Germany has the right to keep the child.
  • Death certificate if one parent has passed away.
  • Passport copies of both parents.
  • Divorce certificate (if applicable)

Note: Remember that you must have all the documents translated into English or German. Also, the official documents must get translated by a verified translator and attested.


Germany Family Visa Application Process

Being eligible is an essential point to apply for a Germany family visa. The sponsor and the immigrant both have to be eligible for it. If not, that must work to reach it. For example, the host can move to a new house to provide enough space for the immigrant. Also, he/she can get a better job with a higher payment to support the immigrant.

The application process for the Germany family reunification visa is as follows:


1. Necessity of visa

Do not start the application process. Make a short stop. Do you need a Germany family visa? As explained earlier, some countries do not need a Germany family reunification visa. See if you are one of them or not.


2. Being eligible

When you need the family visa, figure its eligibility out. Determine whether the sponsor and the immigrant comply with the eligibility criteria. Both the sponsor living in Germany and the immigrant have to be eligible.


3. Application form

Find the German embassy or consulate’s website in your home country. Download the application form. Complete every part carefully. Print the form TWICE, sign and date it.


4. Requirements

Gather all the required documents mentioned above for a family visa. They are an essential part of your application. There must not be anything missing or faulty with them. If so, it could lead to a longer processing time. Do not forget to have the documents translated. You could provide them in German or English. Yet, the translator must be verified.


5. Visa appointment

Schedule a visa meeting with the German embassy or consulate. You could get one through their website. Rememebr that that you might have to wait a long time for the interview. For instance, in a Middle East country, applicants have to wait for up to two years for the interview with the embassy.  Bear in mind the exact TIME and DATE of the meeting. You have to get there in person. Being even a few minutes late could lead to canceling the meeting. Also, they might give you one by a phone call. It would be helpful to find their checklist requirements. They might ask for more documents. If not available, it might be possible that they send it through your email.

Pay the fee for visa processing. There is no processing without paying Germany family visa fees.


6. Processing

When you finished all the procedures with the embassy, wait until your application gets processed. The processing time is different and depends on different elements.

When the officials issue the visa:

  • They will send it to your address, or
  • You have to pick it up from the embassy yourself.

The application could also get rejected. If so, the officials will inform you why. They will return the original form of your documents.


After you Arrive in Germany under a Family Reunification Visa

Immigrants moving to Germany under a family visa must register at a registration office upon arrival. You must do it within the first two weeks of arrival. A bill or a rental contract is required to do so. In other words, documents that prove your address is necessary to do so.

Find a Registration office closest to you. Set a meeting with them. Get there in person on the date and bring the requirements they need. You also have to pay a fee. There is an interview to pass, as well.

Sometimes the officials might ask immigrants to pass language courses. It is to improve their German proficiency. They might take examples to make sure of your language skills too.


Germany Family visa Fee/Cost

Visa applicants have to pay a fee for the visa application during the visa appointment. Germany family visa costs 75 EUR for adults. Yet, it is 37.50 EUR for children under 18. However, the fee might be subject to change. The German embassy in your country might charge you higher or lower. Remember that the paid money will not get reimbursed to you if the application gets rejected.


Can I Work Under a Germany family visa?

Yes. The adult immigrants moving to Germany under a family visa can work. Yet, their sponsor has to be eligible. He/she has to hold:

  • Hold a residence permit which the officials have authorized working for the sponsor and the host.
  • Have an EU Blue card.
  • The sponsor residing in Germany is a highly skilled person or researcher.

Also, the immigrant must hold the requirements for the job.


Germany Family visa Processing Time

It might need a few days, weeks, or months for Germany family visa processing. The processing time depends on various elements:

  • The submitted documents are complete or not.
  • German embassy you apply for.
  • Embassy’s workload.
  • The time of the year you apply.
  • Your particular conditions.

You could track the processing of your application from the embassy. You could ask them about the time during the interview.


Can I Extend Germany Family Visa?

Yes, you can extend a Germany family visa. You can do it as long as your sponsor is legally staying in the country.


Let’s sum up…

This article explained all about the Germany family visa. You got familiar with its function, who needs and does not need it, requirements, the application process, FAQs, and more.

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