What are Types of Declaration of Commitment for Germany Visa?


You are going to join your relative in Germany. Maybe you want to bring someone to the country. In either case, you might need to prove financial support. The required document for it is a Letter of Commitment. It is a document that you prove the financial ability to support.

This text will cover who needs a Letter of Commitment, requirements, the application process, FAQs, and more.


What is a Declaration of Commitment?

A Declaration of Commitment is one of the requirements for a Germany visa. It is a way for visa applicants to prove financial capability. In this case, a relative or friend in Germany commits to cover the applicant’s financial necessities. There are other names for a Letter of Commitment:

  • Letter of Support
  • Affidavit of Support
  • Letter of Commitment

Remember that when the visa candidate has enough funds to cover his/her expenses, there is no need for the Declaration of Commitment.


Who Can Receive a Declaration of Commitment?

Anyone who is residing in Germany under a legal residence permit can get a Letter of Commitment. The only requirement is to have sufficient income. If you have low-income or no income, you may not receive a Letter of Commitment.


What are Types of Declaration of Commitment for Germany Visa?

There are two types of Declaration of Commitment:


A letter of commitment for Germany short-stay visa.

It is when you need to stay in Germany for up to 90 days.


A letter of commitment for Germany long-stay visa.

It is for the time when you need to stay in Germany for longer than 90 days.

Remember to pick the type that suits the lengths of the host’s stay.

How to Get a Declaration of Commitment for Germany Visa?

The relative residing in Germany can provide a Declaration of Commitment. He/she must complete the following steps to provide a Declaration of Commitment:


1. Download the letter

First, the host residing in Germany should download the letter. He/she could receive it from the Immigration Authorities’ website. There is such a center in almost every German city.

Complete the application form with the required information and print it.


2. Submission of the letter

If the officials ask for requirements, gather them. Then submit the letter along with the documents to them. You have to submit everything to the Immigration authorities in your city. If not one in your city, find the nearest one.


3. Send the letter to the host

The authorities will process your letter. They will decide you are eligible to support the visa applicants or not. When the officials approve the letter, they will stamp and sign it.

Now you can send the original letter to the visa applicant. He/she needs it to apply for the Germany visa.


The Requirements for a Declaration of Commitment

Remember that the host residing in Germany has to provide a commitment letter. He/she has to submit a few supporting documents to receive the letter. They are as follows:

  1. Application form
  2. Passport
  3. Residence permit

It is when the host is a non-EU national

4. Personal information

Provide the personal details for the visa applicant:

  • Complete first and last names.
  • Date of birth, also the country he/she was born.
  • Nationality
  • The host’s address in the residing country.
  • A copy of his/her passport.


5.  Financial independence

The host must provide proof that he/she can support the guest in Germany. The proof depends on the host’s employment status:



  • Payslips for the latest three months.


Self-employed or freelancers

  • Current tax certificate
  • Tax consultant’s statement of your net profit


  1. Certificate of registered address
  2. Proof of relationship

Proof/evidence that proves your relationship with the visa applicant.

Please keep in mind that the German Authorities could ask for more documents. Their rules and obligations might change. Also, they could ask for additional documents depending on your case.


Declaration of Commitment Cost/Fee

A Declaration of Commitment will cost you 29 EUR. Remember that the fee for the short-term or long-term visa is the same.


Can I Revoke my Declaration of Commitment?

The answer to this question depends. You, as the supporter, can not revoke a Declaration of Commitment. It is only possible to do it if someone else commits to support the guest’s expenses. Also, if the sponsor can not cover his/her expenses, he/she can revoke the commitment. However, you have to complete formal procedures.


How long is Required for the Declaration of Commitment Processing?

The point is you just have to wait for minutes. It takes a few minutes for the officials to process the letter and sign and stamp it. In the worst case, if you are late for the meeting with Immigration authorities, it might take one day for the processing.


How long do I have to Cover financial support?

The sponsor has to cover the guest’s expenses until he/she remains in Germany. Once the guests leave Germany, the sponsor has no commitment. Also, if the guest changes his residence status, the sponsor will be free of support. He/she no longer has to support the guest.


I have lost the Declaration of Commitment. What shall I do?

You have to apply for another one. It is mandatory to provide the original form to prove financial support.


Let’s sum up…

This text explained all you should know about the Declaration of Commitment. It mentioned that the letter also gets known as a letter of commitment or letter of support.

It explained in detail who needs the letter, its requirements, application process, and FAQs.

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You hold information about visas. Please write them in the comment section. They are valuable tips for visa applicants.

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