Germany Visa Fees

You have to pay a fee for the processing of your Germany visa application. The fee depends on your:

  • visa type you apply for
  • nationality
  • age
  • purpose of entry
  • and other factors


Germany Short-Stay Visa Fee


German Short-Stay Visa Category Fee in EUR
Airport Transit visa 80€
Short stay visa  (Adults) 80€
Children between 6-12 years old 40€
Children younger than 6 years old Free
Nationals from Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Russia. 35€


The fee for every German short-stay visa is 80 euro since Feb 2020. But depending on your status or nationality, you might need to pay less.


Short-Stay Visa Fee Exemptions

In case you apply for a Schengen visa, and Germany is your major destination, you will be exempt from paying the visa fee. If you come to one of these groups:

  • Under six years old children.
  • undergraduates, postgraduates and the accompanying teaching staff who undertake trips for studying or educational training, School students,
  • Spouses, same-sex partners who are a member of a civil union. Their minor single children of German citizens, the parents of minor German citizens, and family members of EU/EEA nationals.
  • School students, undergraduates, postgraduates, and accompanying teaching staff who make trips to study or do educational training.
  • If you are 25 or less and want to enter Germany to take part in:
    • Seminars
    • Conferences
    • Sport events
    • Cultural or educational events
  • Researchers from third countries traveling within the EU to do scientific research.
  • If you enter Germany to promote:
    • Cultural interests
    • Development policy
    • Humanitarian reasons
    • Interests in the field of foreign policy


The fee for Germany Long-Stay Visa

The visa fee for all types of German long-stay visas is 75 euro. The price has been fixed since Sep 1st, 2017. Yet, a few groups should pay less, and some are exempt from paying the visa fee.

1. Long-Stay Visa Fee Exemptions

If you come in one of these groups, you are exempt from paying the long-stay visa fees:

  • The nationals from foreign countries who get a scholarship from public funds while staying in Germany.
  • Their partner and minor children are also exempt from paying the visa fee.
  • Partner, same-sex partners who are in a civil union.
  • The parents of minor German citizens
  • The single minor children of German citizens.
  • Family members of EU/EEA nationals
  • The members of these groups in Germany:
    • Consular posts
    • Diplomatic missions
    • International organizations
  • Their partner and children up to 25 are also exempt from paying the fee.
  • The nationals of the countries or groups that Germany has agreements with them.

2. Long-Stay Reduced Visa Fees

All under 18 applicants have to pay less fee; 37.5 euro. Yet, if you want to promote:

  • Cultural interests
  • Development policy
  • Humanitarian reasons
  • Interests in the field of foreign policy

the German officials will also consider waiving or reducing the fees for you.


Requirements  of Germany Visa Fee

Please note that if your visa application gets rejected, the Germany officials won’t reimburse visa fees. If you cancel your application process, you will not take your fee back. Once you pay the fees, there is no way you can take it back.


Let’s sum up…

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