Germany Student Permit, This Is Whatever You Must Know

Can you believe almost 400.000 international students reside in Germany? It has become one of the top five most popular study destinations on Earth. So, you have decided to build your future in Germany and continue your education. Make a quick stop. You need a Germany student permit. Without one, you may not study in the country.

This article will explain whether you need a student permit in Germany, requirements, application process, FAQs, and more.


What is Germany Student Permit?

Germany student permit falls under the country’s residence permits. It is the legal permission for foreigners to stay in the country. When you wish to study in Germany, you have to apply for:

The student permit for Germany also gets called:

  • Germany study permit
  • Germany Student Residence Permit.


There are other Germany visas related to studying in Germany. They are for different purposes as follows:

  • Germany language course visa
  • Germany internship visa

Whatever visa you have, you need to apply for a student permit when you get into the country.

You apply for a Germany student visa from outside of the country. Yet, you have to apply for a Germany student permit from within the country.

Who Needs a Germany Student Permit?

Not everyone needs a Germany student permit. The citizens of a few countries do not need to apply for it. They are as follows:

  • The members of the EU
  • EEA
  • New Zealand.
  • South Korea.
  • The US.

Providing that you are not a citizen of the above countries, you have to apply for a Student Residence Permit.

Germany Student Permit Requirements

The requirements for a Germany student permit is as follows:

Enrollment proof

The proof for registration or enrollment depends on what you study in Germany. You must provide a document that proves you have enrolled in German:

  • Education center
  • University
  • College

Education certificate

Provide any educational diplomas you have received before moving to Germany.

  1. Address

When you register your official address in Germany, you will get a confirmation. It gets called Meldebestätigung in German. You have to submit the document for the student residence permit.

  1. Insurance

Every foreign national applying for a German residence permit has to have health insurance. It must support all your medical expenses in Germany and the EU countries. The insurance has to contain any sicknesses, accidents, and repatriation.

Financial independence

You must state that you have enough funds to cover your expenses in Germany. Prove it through one of the below ways:

  1. A blocked bank account

A bank account in Germany that states enough money for covering expenses.

  1. Approval letter from a sponsor

A letter from a sponsor residing in Germany who has guaranteed to pay for your expenses.

  1. Scholarship certificate

Prepare a stamped and signed letter from the German institution/organization that has provided you the scholarship. The letter must verify everything.

  1. Language proficiency certificate

Provide a certificate that proves your language proficiency. It is either in English or German. The language depends on the course you will be attending.

The German officials could ask for more documents. So, it would be better to gather and submit the documents as soon as possible.

Germany Student Permit Application Process

The application process for Germany student application process is as follows:

1. Apply and receive a Germany visa

You can only apply for a Germany student permit from within Germany. So, you have to enter the country through one of the below visas:

  • German Student Visa.
  • Germany Language Course Visa.
  • Germany Student Internship Visa.

You must enter through one of the above German visas to be eligible for a student permit.

2. Register your address with the officials

When you arrive in Germany, register your address with the registration office. You could do it with one nearest to you.

Now you can start to apply for a Germany student residence permit. Remember that you only have three months (90 days) to apply for a student permit. The first day you enter Germany starts counting.

3. Gather the requirements

You have to submit a few requirements to do so. You could find them in the section above. Also, the officials might ask you for more documents.

4. Set an appointment with the officials

Find the nearest Immigration Authorities to you. Schedule an appointment with them. Also, get the application form from them. Complete it with correct and true information.

5. Submitting requirements

Visit the officials on the scheduled date. Bring all the gathered requirements and the application form. Submit everything to them. You might have to enter an interview. It is an ordinary one. They ask about your background and your visit to Germany. Give them true and honest answers.

It would be better to ask whatever question you have when the meeting is over.

7. Pay the fees

There is a fee for the Germany student permit. Bring sufficient money to the meeting to pay for it. The permit might cost you from 56 EUR to 100 EUR. Remember, the fee might change.

8. Processing time

Now, wait until the German officials process your permit. The required time depends on different elements. Once they issue the permit, they will inform you of the following procedures.

Germany Student Permit Fee/Cost

The cost for a Germany student residence permit depends on your case. It is subject to change. However, it could cost you 50-100 EUR. Remember that you have to pay the fee during the meeting with the immigration office.

Germany Student Permit Processing Time

The processing time for a Germany student permit is often two to three weeks. You have nothing to worry about it. The only thing that matters is to apply on time. When you enter the GErman soil, you only have three months (90 days) to apply for a student permit.

When the officials process the Permit, they will notify you of the further steps.

How Long is the Germany Student Permit Valid for?

The validity of the Germany study permit depends on your case. The officials will grant you a permit valid to complete your studies. So the validity depends on the duration of your studies.

Can I Extend Germany Student Permit?

As explained, the validity of the student permit will be enough to complete your studies. Yet, if you fail to complete them in time, you can extend your permit. It would be better to extend the permit at least one month before it expires. Better to be safe than sorry. You also need proof from the university or education center. It proves your studies are developing according to the university’s standards.

Can I Work Under Germany Student Permit?

Yes. By the German national law, you have permission to work. Yet, the hours you can work are restricted. If you have a full-time job, you can work for 120 days per year. When you work part-time, you may work 240 days a year.

Can Student Permit Holders Stay in Germany after Graduation?

The answer is YES. When the study permit holders graduate, they have permission to extend it for 18 months. Remember that you can only look for a job at this time. When you find a job, you have the authorization to apply for a Germany work permit.

Let’s sum up…

This article explains all you need to know about the Germany student permit. As explained, the permit also gets called Germany study permit and Germany Student Residence Permit.

This text explained whether you need a Germany student permit or not, requirements, the application process, FAQs, and many more.

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