Germany Visitor Visa Requirements, Types of Germany Visitor Visa


Great tourist attractions, medical treatment, or business, people have different purposes for visiting Germany. Millions of people visit it every year. They have various reasons to do so. If you are going to visit Germany, you might need a Germany visitor visa. If yes, without a visa, you may not enter the country. By reading the below text, you know whether you need one, the different types of Germany visitor visa, the requirements, and its application process.

Who Needs a Germany Visitor Visa?

Germany visitor visa is to visit the country for a purpose. It could be business, tourism, or just see friends and family. The type you pick depends on the nature of your visit. Yet, the maximum time you can stay in Germany is 90 days. When you need to stay longer than that, apply for another type of visa.

You might also be free of a Germany visitor visa. Why? A few states and countries are free of it. They can visit the country with a travel document or passport. If you are among the visa-free countries, there is no need for you to apply for a visitor visa. Everything depends on your nationality.

Germany Visitor Visa Requirements

The requirements for a Germany visitor visa are as follows:

  • The right type of application form
  • A valid passport
  • Photos
  • Proof of Residency
  • Travel itinerary
  • Health insurance
  • Proof to have enough funds
  • Permission leave (if applicable)
  • Invitation letter (if possible)
  • Cover letter
  • Required documents based on your job status
  • Requirements for minors (if any)

The mentioned documents are only a general standard. Each visa type has its requirements. Also, the German officials could ask for more supporting documents. Consider this point in your application.


Germany Visitor Visa Application Process

The application process for Germany visitor visa has fixed procedures to follow. You should know about them in advance. Prior knowledge is power about visas. Knowing a few points about the next step would help you avoid mistakes caused by lacking knowledge.

1. The big question

Before you begin the application process; Do I need a Germany visitor visa? As explained above, some countries do not need a visitor visa for Germany. They can enter the country with a travel document. Figure out if you are one of them or not. If yes, you do not need to continue. Make arrangements for your trip. If you need a visa, follow the below guideline.

2. Application

The application form is the first requirement to complete. You could complete it on the VIDEX website. Once completed, every part, print, date, and sign it. Keep the form as you have to submit it along with the other requirements.

3. Requirements

The German officials have set a few supporting documents for a visitor visa. Collect all of them as the given instructions. Missing or incomplete part leads to longer processing.

4. Visa interview

Get a meeting with the German embassy to submit the requirements. You have to get there in person and submit the requirements to the authorities. Also, provide an address to the authorities. It to post the visa to your address. The German officials might ask you to pass and interview too. You ask a few questions about the nature of your visit to Germany.

5. Fee

There is a fee for visa processing. Pay the fee to get the visa processed. We recommend keeping the receipt; the longer, the better.

6. Processing

When you finished everything with the meeting, wait until the visa gets processed. Once the officials issue it, they will post it to your address. Providing that the application gets denied, the officials post you a letter informing you why.

Types of Germany Visitor Visa

Transit Visa

Germany transit visa allows foreign people to catch a connecting flight in the country. You could switch your flight to one of the German airports. The german law aside, the Schengen law forbids a few countries to do so without a visa. They have to hold a visa to do that. Yet, not everyone needs a transit visa. As some countries need it, many more are free of it. Search to know about it.

The transit visa authorizes you to stay in a German airport for up to 24 hours. You can not leave the international transit area during the period. You can only wait to get on your flight.

Tourist visa

Germany tourist visa is a short-stay visa. It also gets called the Schengen Tourist visa. It allows you to visit Germany and all the other members for up to 90 days. Yet, its limitations are strict. Its holders may not work or study in Germany or any other Schengen member. It is only for people to visit places or see friends and family.

Medical treatment visa

Every year, about 150,000 – 250,00 people visit Germany to get health care services. They want to use their high-quality health care system. A few countries might need a visa to get medical treatment in Germany. It gets called a Medical treatment visa. Whether you need a medical visa depends on your nationality. Only a few countries are free of it. Many more need it.

The medical visa comes in two categories:

  • Short-term
  • Long-term

First, you should know the lengths you need to stay in Germany. If it is up to three months, apply for the short-term. When you have to stay longer than 90 days, apply for a long-term visa.

To apply for a Germany medical visa, you must have an invitation letter from a German hospital or clinic. You or an agent contacts them. They investigate your case. Often they might ask for more documents. They accept to provide medical treatment and provide a treatment plan. They will send an invitation letter. You use the sent invitation letter to apply for a medical treatment visa.

Lets’ sum up…

In this text, you got familiar with Germany visitor visas. Now you know whether you need one or not, what are the requirements and application process.

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If you have obtained experience or knowledge about visas, write them in the comment section. Applicants highly appreciate and embrace them. They are great tips to avoid mistakes and save time and energy.

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