Do you have a degree and can practice pharmacy in your home country? You can immigrate to Germany as a pharmacist and live in the strongest economy in Europe. 

This article explains how you can immigrate to Germany as a pharmacist, what the requirements are, and the application process. 

How to become a pharmacist in Germany?

You need to follow the below steps to move to Germany as a pharmacist. Some people ask if it’s hard to immigrate to Germany as a pharmacist or not. The answer could be yes, as the German officials are strict with the recognition or approbation. It is the process of recognizing whether your degree is valid to work in Germany or not. The rules are strict for non-EU nationals. 

Follow these steps to move to Germany as a pharmacist. 

Getting a degree as a pharmacist

You must have a degree as s pharmacist in your home country to immigrate to Germany as a pharmacist. The degree must be valid in your home country and approved by the officials. In case you need to pass a test to become a pharmacist, you need to take it and provide the certificate to the German officials. There are two cases with the degree you earned from your home country: 

Degree earned inside the EU 

If you have received your degree from an EU, EEA member, or Switzerland, you will automatically become eligible to work in Germany. There is no need for your documents to be recognized. 

There are requirements with automatic recognition as well. One is the completion of a five-year program that held full-time theoretical and practical education of at least four years. The university or institution must be recognized by German officials, and a six-month internship is also required. 

Degree earned outside of the EU Approbation 

If you got your degree from outside of the EU, you need to have it recognized by the officials. This is the list of authorized centers in each state that you want to move to.

Contact them and send your documents to get recognized. 

You can send your documents for recognition if you answer yes to the below questions: 

  • You have completed your profession abroad and have studied abroad in an institute of higher education or a university
  • You have compelled your training or degree successfully. 
  • You have a state-certified qualification. 

You have to send them the below list of documents: 

  • Identity proof 
  • A summary of completed education, training, and work experience
  • Educational certificates
  • Work experience proof 
  • Any professional qualification experience 
  • Proof to have the right to practice pharmacy in your home country
  • Good health certificate from a doctor 
  • Clean record certificate 
  • Proof of German language skills.
  • Open or pending legal criminal proceedings

The processing of documents comes with a fee. You need to ask the responsible center in the state how much your application costs. 

Have the document translated into German and send them everything. They might ask for further documents regarding your nationality and conditions. 

Language proficiency 

It is required to have German language proficiency to get your documents recognized. You need to be fluent in German to interact with patients and co-workers to perform dentistry. Understanding the patients and prescribing without any error or mistake is necessary. 

You need a B2 certificate to take the necessary tests in German.

Find a job in Germany

You need to search for a job in Germany as a pharmacist. Look for one on the websites that provide such positions. 

This list is the most famous website that helps you find a job offer in Germany. 

  1. Indeed
  2. StepStone
  3. Arbeitsagentur
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Meinestadt.de
  6. Jobrapido.de
  7. Kimeta
  8. Xing Stellenmarkt
  9. Monster Deutschland
  10. Stellenanzeigen.de

When you get the job, you need to apply for a work visa at the German embassy or consulate in your home country. 

Internship and final exam 

When the German officials approve your documents, you will have permission to work as an assistant pharmacist for six months. 

When you are done with the internship, you need to take an oral test with the 

  • Council of public health officers
  • Pharmacists
  • State officers 

When you pass the test, you will get your pharmacist license.

Vide description 

Authorized centers in each state


Infographic How can you move to Germany as a pharmacist

Where can I work as a pharmacist in Germany?

There are various places you can work as a pharmacist in Germany. t It is up to your expertise, work experience, and the available job positions. The job market is good in Germany, and you can find the job you want if you are qualified. 

But the below list is for you to get familiar with some of them; 

  • Public pharmacy
  • Hospital pharmacy
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • German armed forces,
  • Administration and authorities, 
  • Universities 
  • Teaching institutions and vocational schools.

What are your responsibilities as a pharmacist in Germany?

Your tasks and responsibilities are up to the palace you work in. As a pharmacist in a general pharmacy, you need to provide services to people and get them what they want. But here are some of the tasks you may face in Germany; 

  • Prescriptions 
  • Providing information and advice to patients 
  • Possible interactions between the drugs 
  • Advice on how to take the drugs 
  • Explaining the use of dosage forms
  • Site therapy (hospitals) 
  • measuring blood pressure or blood sugar
  • commercial knowledge (managing the pharmacy) 
  • Advising medical staff on drug usage 
  • Research and development with companies 
  • Check quality management 

How much does a pharmacist get in Germany?

Your salary is up to the palace you work with. See the section above to know the places you might end up working as a pharmacist in Germany. But a general pharmacist gets about 49.000 EUR in the country.

You can search Indeed and the introduced websites in the above section for the job title. It can give you a good view of the salary range as a pharmacist in Germany. 

Let’s sum up…

You can immigrate to Germany as a pharmacist if you are qualified and your degree is recognized. This article brought you how to get your qualifications recognized and what you should prepare. 

The list of authorized centers that evaluate your application is introduced in the article. 

If you have questions that we didn’t cover in the article, write them down in the comment section. The Visa Library team will get to them right away. 

Frequently asked questions about moving to Germany as a pharmacist 

Can non-Eu nationals immigrate to Germany as a pharmacist?

Yes, they can, but their degree needs to be recognized by the officials. 

How can I become a pharmacist in Germany?

Apply to the authorized center in the city you want to move to and get recognition. 

Is pharmacist a demanding job in Germany?

Yes, There are various job positions that you can work in, see the article.

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