Do you need a Schengen Medical Visa?

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Do you need a Schengen Medical Visa?

You or one of your family members need medical services in Schengen Area countries. You might need a Schengen Medical Visa to enter the country. It is up to your nationality.

This article will explain who needs a Medical Visa, requirements, the application process, FAQs, and more you need to know.

Who needs a Schengen Medical Visa?

Are you trying to find out that you need a medical visa or not? Well, the answer is your nationality. First, you need to know that a Schengen visa is only valid for 90 days.

A few countries and states are exempt from a Schengen visa. The citizens of these countries can enter the Schengen Area with their passports. For instance, the EU, EEA, EFTA, and Switzerland citizens don’t need a visa for the Schengen Area.

The list of below countries needs a Schengen visa.





Pakistan Laos Russia
Armenia India Lebanon Saudi Arabia
Azerbaijan Indonesia Maldives Sri Lanka
Bahrain Iran Mongolia Syria
Bangladesh Iraq Nepal Tajikistan
Bhutan Jordan North Korea Thailand
Burma/Myanmar Kazakhstan Oman Timor-Leste
Cambodia Kuwait Philippines Turkey
China Kyrgyzstan Qatar Turkmenistan &


North America

Belize Dominican Republic


Cuba Haiti


South America

Bolivia Guyana
Ecuador Suriname



Belarus Kosovo



Fiji Nauru Samoa
Kiribati Northern Marianas Solomon Islands
Marshall Islands Palau Tonga
Micronesia Papua New Guinea Tuvalu



Algeria Comoros Ghana Mali Somalia
Angola Congo Guinea Mauritania South Africa
Benin Rep. of Congo


Guinea-Bissau Morocco Sudan
Botswana Djibouti Ivory Coast Mozambique Swaziland
Burkina Faso Egypt Kenya Namibia
Burundi Equatorial Guinea Lesotho Niger Tanzania
Cameroon Eritrea Liberia Nigeria Togo
Cape Verde Ethiopia Libya Sao Tome and Principe Tunisia
The central African Republic Gabon Madagascar Senegal Uganda
Chad The Gambia Malawi Sierra Leone Zambia



If you are from one of the above countries, you need a Schengen Medical Visa.


How to apply for a Schengen Medical Visa?

The application process for Schengen Medical Visa is as follows:


1. Do you need a visa?

Being successful is about asking the right question and listening to the answer.” Before you begin the application process, ask the right question. Do I need a visa?

As the article covered above, not all the citizens in the world need a Schengen visa. A few countries are exempt. See if you are one of them or not. If yes, Congratulations. You can move to the Schengen Area at the moment.


2. Are you eligible?

Do you need medical care in a Schengen country? Ok, but do you have proof for it? Can you provide supporting documents for Medical Visa? You need to come up with the eligibility principles to apply for the visa. If you are ineligible, the officials will refuse your application.


3. Medica service arrangement

Choose a Schengen country to receive medical services. Then find a hospital or medical center that’s willing to provide services.

The two of you need to come to an agreement. One of the requirements for the visa is to show:

  • Medical service agreement
  • Proof to have paid the fees


4. Application form

You can get the application form from the embassy of the country you want to visit. You may receive it from their website or receive it in person. For instance, you are going to visit France. You can get the form from the French embassy’s website.

Complete the form with your information. In the end, print, date, and sign it.


5. Visa appointment

Now is the time to schedule a meeting to submit the supporting documents. The place depends on the country you live in. It could be a visa center authorized by the officials or an embassy.

For instance, you are going to visit Germany. Determine if the german embassy provides visa services or a visa center.


6. Schengen visa requirements

You could begin this stage a bit earlier. Collect all the requirements for a medical visa. You can find a list of them in the below section.


7. Visa meeting and Interview

Get to the embassy on the scheduled date. Bring the gathered supporting documents. The early bird catches the worm? Yes, you need to get to the meeting early. Get there at least half an hour early. Going through the security check could be a Labors of Hercules (kidding).

During the meeting, the officials will take the requirements. They will also ask questions about your visit. You should give true and honest answers. Then pay the fee for visa processing.


8. Processing

Now you need to wait until the officials process your visa. They check your requirements and might require further supporting documents. If they do, the required time will be longer.

Once they issue the visa and it’s ready, they will inform you. You might have to pick it up, or the embassy will post it to you.


What are the requirements for a Schengen Medical Visa?

The requirements for a medical visa is as follows:


Application form

The application form you need is a short-stay one. Some applicants make a mistake with this part. As explained, you can get the form from the embassy’s website.

You need to complete the form with care. The information must match your documents.

When you completed the form, print, date, and sign it. Often you might have to sign the form in the embassy or visa center. It depends on the country.



Your passport needs to hold validity for at least one year. It may not be older than ten years ago. Having at least one blank page to stick the visa on it is a must.



The officials require two photos of you. They must be:

  • Passport size
  • Identical
  • Not older than three months
  • Your face must cover 70% of the photo



You need to buy insurance for your visit. It must hold validity in the entire Schengen Area and cover your medical expenses for 30.000 EUR. Keep in mind that it must cover every form of medical service.


Proof of accommodation

State where you will stay while you are in the Schengen Area. For instance, you can provide a rental agreement, the receipt of a reserved hotel. In case a friend or family will host you, provide an invitation letter, and his/her details.


Proof to have sufficient fees

You need to have enough money to cover your stay’s expenses. The Schengen officials need proof for it. For instance, bank statements could prove it. If a sponsor will cover your expenses, provide a sponsorship letter.


Proof to need medical service

A doctor, hospital, or medical center must verify that you need medical service. They must also provide your medical history.


Acceptance letter

You and a hospital or medical center in the Schengen Area must reach an agreement. Provide the letter from the hospital that they are ready to provide you medical services.


Proof of paid medical services fees

You need to pay the fee for the medical service you will get. The way to pay for the service depends on the medical center. You might have to pay or part of it. But you also need to prove that you can pay the extra costs.


Proof of relationship

If a family member accompanies the patient, provide proof of relationship. For instance, a birth certificate, a marriage certificate could suffice.


Attention: The officials of the Schengen country you are traveling to might require further documents. It is up to your case and their decision.

You also need to have the documents translated into English or the official language of the country you are traveling to.


How long can you stay under a Schengen Medical Visa?

The Schengen medical visa is valid for 90 days. Bear in mind that you can stay for 90 days in a six months period. If you need to stay longer, you have to apply for another type of visa. A national medical visa could be your option.


Can you extend Schengen Medical Visa?

Normally you may not extend a Schengen medical visa. Keep in mind this point and forget making excuses for the officials.

The officials will let you extend your visa if your life is at risk. You need to stay longer to receive a vital service.


Let’s sum up…

You need medical services in a Schengen country. To move to the country, you might need a Schengen medical visa.

The article explained who needs a medical visa, requirements, the application process, FAQs, and more.

You can see the sidebar to know more about other Schengen country’s visas.

If you have information or knowledge about visas, let others light their candle with it.

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