How To Live And Work In Germany Through EU Blue Card In 2020

You are a skilled person searching for better conditions? Going to Europe was the first thing that came into your mind. But you can get a job in the European countries through the EU Blue Card. One of the countries that use it to a great extent in Germany. You comply with the requirements; the rest is easy.

This article will explain who can apply for the EU Blue Card, requirements, application process, FAQs, and more.


What is Germany EU Blue card?

EU Blue Card is a residence permit. The government introduced it to address the shortage of skilled workers. The qualified workers can move to Germany through the EU Blue Card.

Who is Eligible to apply for Germany EU Blue card?

You have to comply with the eligibility criteria to apply for the EU Blue card. Bear in mind that German officials are strict with their rules. It is exactly true with the EU Blue Card.

University certificate

Holding a university degree for EU Blue Card is mandatory. Depending on the job, you might have to hold a Master’s degree.


Having at least five years of job experience is necessary


You must have either an employment contract a job offer. It must hold validity for at least one year.


The job must pay at least 55.200 EUR per year (2020). The least required payment for the following fields is 41.808 EUR:

  • Mathematicians
  • Engineers
  • Natural scientists
  • Technicians
  • Physicians

The required salary for Germany EU Ble Card also depends on your job:

  • For the careers that lack the workforce: €43,056.
  • People graduated from university: 55.200 EUR.

Germany EU Blue card Application Process

The application process for Germany EU Blue Card is as follows:

  1. Germany Work visa

First, you have to apply for a Germany work visa:

  • Germany work visa
  • Germany freelance visa

Entering Germany through one of them is the precondition to applying for Blue Card.

  1. Registration

When you entered Germany, register your address with the Registration Authorities. Find the nearest one and visit them. You need a bill or rental contract to prove your address to them.

  1. EU Blue Card Application

Now you can begin to apply for the EU Blue Card. Find the closes Immigration Authorities to the registered address in the earlier stage. Schedule an interview with them.

Get to the interview in-time and bring all the requirements. You can see a list of them in the section below.

Submit every document to the officials, then pay the fees.

  1. Processing

Wait until the German officials process your application. They will notify you of the further steps.

Germany EU Blue card Requirements

The requirements for EU Blue Card is as follows:

  1. Application form

You could receive the application form from the immigration Authorities near you. Also, you could receive it from their website. Be careful while you complete the form. The information you put in it must be identical to the rest of your documents.

  1. Passport

Your passport must possess validity for at least one year over the date you leave Germany.

  1. Proof of legal stay

Provide the legal document that proves your stay in Germany is legal. It could be a residence permit from another EU country.

  1. Photos

Submit two photos, colored with a clear background. They must be identical.

  1. Employment/work contract

The two sides must sign the work contract you have with the german employer. It must include your salary.

  1. Eligibility proof

Provide the documents that prove you are eligible for the Germany EU Blue Card. It could be:

  • Education certificate
  • Diploma
  • Work experience proof
  • Qualifications
  1. CV/Resume

It must cover all of your work experience and the skills you possess.

  1. Proof of Salary
  2. Health insurance
  3. Declaration letter

Your German employer must provide this one.

Please note the official could ask for more documents. If you are outside of Germany, bring all the necessary documents to the country.

EU Blue card Fee/Cost

EU Blue Card in Germany would cost you 140 EUR.

Germany EU Blue card Processing Time

The least processing time for EU Blue Card in Germany is three months. However, it could take longer.

How Long is the EU Blue card Valid for?

The German EU Blue Card validity depends on the lengths of your employment contract. Blue Card’s validity will be 90 days longer than your work contract. Yet, the top validity of the EU Blue Card is four years.

Can I Extend EU Blue Card?

Yes. You may apply for the EU Blue Card in Germany. When you live in Germany for more than two years (33 months), you can apply for Permanent Residency.

Can I bring my family to Germany under an EU Blue card?

Yes. Not only you may bring your family members, but they also have permission to work in Germany.

I have lost my job. What shall I do?

When you are in Germany under the EU Blue Card and lose your job, you have to inform the immigration officials. They grant you a limited time to find a new job. If you find a job, you can continue staying. In case not, you might have to leave the country.


Can I Apply for EU Blue Card under a short-stay visa?

No. You have no permission to apply for a Germany EU Blue Card through:

  • Germany Studnet visa.
  • Germany Tourist visa.
  • Germany Medical visa.

In What countries is the EU Blue Card Valid?

The EU Blue Card is valid in all the members of the EU.

Let’s sum up…

This article explained everything about EU Blue Card.

Now you know: what is the EU Blue Card, who can apply for it, requirements, the application process, FAQs, and more.

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