All international students who intend to continue their studies in Australia need a student visa. There are three types of Australian student visas:

  • Student visa (subclass 500)
  • Student Guardian visa (subclass 590)
  • Training visa (subclass 407)

But what do foreign students need to know before receiving a visa? We are going to describe the mentioned visas, the application process, the fees to be paid, and other essential information in this article.

Student visa (subclass 500)

A student visa (subclass 500) allows international students to study full-time in Australia for up to 5 years. Student visa holders benefit the following:

  • They can work up to 40 hours every two weeks once your course starts.
  • They can also bring family members to Australia.
  • The holders of this visa can travel in and out of Australia. As long as the applicant’s visa is valid, they can travel abroad and return to Australia.

Australia student visa requirements are:

  • The applicant must be at least six years old.
  • The applicant must provide a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) at a full-time program registered on the CRICOS¬† or Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students.
  • The applicant must demonstrate his proficiency in the English language.
  • The applicant must demonstrate that he can cover the cost of living in Australia.
  • The applicant and his dependents must meet health and character requirements.

To apply for this visa, you must first create an account in Immi Account and then submit your documents and pay the application fee. While applying, list family members in your application, even if they do not intend to travel with you to Australia. If you do not do this, your family members will not be qualified for a student visa to join you in Australia. If you did not list your family members and they need to join you in Australia, you have to apply for a new student visa, including them, and explain why they were not included in your application.

Visa applications can be applied inside and outside Australia. If applicants are applying outside of Australia, they must submit their application at least six weeks before the start of the course.

The Australian student visa fee is AUD620. There is also a charge for family members who apply for the visa. The applicant may also have to pay other fees for health exams, police certificates, and biometrics. If the visa application is rejected, the visa application fee will not be refundable.

The Australian student visa processing time varies depending on the program in which the student is admitted. The result of the visa application will be communicated in writing to the applicant. If the visa is approved, you will be notified of the visa grant number, visa expiration date, and visa requirements. If the visa application is rejected, the applicant will be notified of the reasons for the visa refusal and whether you have a right to a review of the decision.

Student Guardian visa (subclass 590)

A student guardian visa (subclass 590) is issued to the dependents of those who have a student visa, and are 21 years or older. The applicant must

  • Be the student’s parent, custodian, or relative.
  • Have sufficient funds to afford yourself and the student during your stay (providing accommodation and other support).
  • Be at least 21 years old.

Holders of this Australia student visa are not authorized to work in Australia. However, they can enroll in the English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students for less than 20 hours per week, or in any other programs for no more than three months. As long as the visa is valid, holders of this visa can enter or leave Australia as many times as they want, but they are not allowed to leave Australia without a student visa holder unless they have made certain arrangements.

Applications for this visa are submitted online to the Department of Home Affairs. There is a complete list of required documents on the official website of the Department of Home Affairs. Therefore, it is recommended that you read this checklist carefully before proceeding.

Applicants for this Australia student visa must provide the following documents:

  • Copy of current passport pages
  • Complete Form 157N ( Student guardianship arrangements)
  • Provide evidence indicating the applicant is able to cover the following costs:

12 months of school fees for the student visa holder

12 months of living costs for you, the student visa holder, and family members

School fees for school-age children who accompany you

  • Official government letter showing your personal income over the past 12 months (Bank statement or employer’s letter not accepted)
  • You need to indicate that you have adequate health insurance for the first 12 months of your stay in Australia.
  • You must illustrate that you do not intend to reside permanently in Australia through documents such as a return ticket or a future employment contract in your home country.

All documents must be translated into English by an official translator. The visa application fee is AUD620, which must be paid by the applicant. The application must be submitted online at least six weeks before the start of the student course. The Australia student visa processing time for 90% of submitted applications is five months.

The validity period of this visa is determined based on the conditions of the student visa holders and their age. Visa is linked to your passport digitally, so there is no need to use a label on your passport.

Training visa (subclass 407)

A training visa allows applicants to complete a workplace-based training (to enhance their skills for their current job), or a professional development training program for up to two years. The essential requirements for applying for this Australia student visa are:

  • The applicants must turn 18 years old.
  • The applicants must indicate that they do not intend to reside permanently in Australia.
  • They must meet health and character requirements.
  • The applicants must have a sponsor.
  • Applicants for the Training visa must be able to fund themselves and their accompanying family members in Australia.

Before applying for this Australia student visa, you must find an organization as a sponsor. Sponsoring organizations should have submitted a nomination application. Applications for this visa can be submitted in or out of Australia. Applicants can include their family members in their visa applications. The main applicant has to pay AUD310 as an application fee.

Documents to be submitted by applicants include:

  • Copy of current passport pages and a national identity card
  • A sponsor approval letter
  • Documents showing the applicant’s financial capacity, such as a bank statement or employment contract
  • Evidence that demonstrates the applicant’s English language skills
  • A copy of the applicant’s qualifications and his Curriculum Vitae
  • A statement from the sponsor confirming the applicant’s skills and work experience to participate in the program

The mentioned documents must be translated into the English language through the official translator, scanned in color, and applied online. Processing time for 90% of submitted applications is five months. The visa result will be communicated in writing to the applicant.

This type of Australian student visa cannot be extended. If you want to stay longer, you need to explain why you were not able to complete your course within the initial training period.

If you decide to change your organization while you are in Australia, you must be sponsored by that organization. They must send a new nomination for you. When the new nomination is approved, you are allowed to continue your occupational training with the new organization for the time remaining on your visa.

If your occupational training program changes, you have to submit a new visa application.

If your sponsor ends your training, you must inform the Department of Home Affairs. You can try to find another organization to sponsor you.

Let’s sum up…

This article gives you a brief overview of Australian student visa types. On the Visa Library website, you can learn about other types of Australian visas as well as ways to immigrate to other countries. in case you have some experience, please write it down in the comment section. Your comments let the readers choose better and avoid mistakes. Conveying your experiences as comments is a great help for applicants.

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