Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601) allows you to come to Australia as many times as you want during the 12 months and stay in this country for up to 3 months each time. Fortunately, applying for this visa is free of charge; you just have to pay AUD20 as an online application service charge.

You will not be able to travel to Australia under this visa at this time due to the prevalence of COVID-19 unless there are exceptions. Certain passport holders might be able to apply for an ETA as part of the Australian ETA mobile app pilot.

In the following, we will explain the visa application process, application fee, requirements, processing time, and other information that you need to know before applying for a visa.

What is the Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601)?

Under this visa you can:

  • Travel to Australia as a tourist
  • Meet your family and friends
  • Enter Australia as a business visitor

You can also study for three months under this visa. However, if you intend to travel to Australia to study, you must apply for a student visa. Applicants seeking training at a child care center or health center must apply for a Visitor (subclass 600) Visa.

People who come to Australia as business visitors can:

  • Do employment inquiries and general business-related investigations.
  • Negotiate an employment contract
  • Do activities related to the official government visit.
  • Attend conferences and seminars. However, they cannot receive a salary for participating in these events.

You are not allowed to sell services or goods under this visa. Please note that you must apply for a temporary work visa if you intend to work temporarily in Australia.

If you intend to obtain this visa, consider the following:

  • You can not bring your family members to New Zealand under this visa. They must apply for a separate visa, even those listed in your passport.
  • The cost of applying for this visa is AUD20.
  • If you are applying for Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601) outside of Australia, you must be outside the country when granting the visa. If you are applying for immigration clearance, you must also be there when granting the visa.
  • The processing time for subclass 601 is not available. But keep in mind that if you do not provide complete information or there is a discrepancy in the information provided, your visa application might be rejected.
  • You must be able to meet all the requirements for this visa and comply with Australian law.
  • We recommend that you get health insurance to cover unpredictable medical expenses.
  • You can enter and leave Australia many times if your visa is valid.
  • If you have a Maritime Crew visa or a Special Purpose visa and are given an ETA, your ETA will come into effect when given, and you will have both visas concurrently. When you come to Australia, you will enter on both visas. You can stay in Australia for the longer of the two visa periods.
  • The visa is digitally entered into your passport, so no label will be inserted into your passport. If ETA is entered into your current passport, then your passport expires, your ETA will cease, and you have to apply for another one.

What are the requirements to get the Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601)?

Passport holders in the following countries can apply for an ETA:





Hong Kong (SAR of China)

NorwayPortugalRepublic of San MarinoSingaporeSouth Korea


SwitzerlandTaiwan (excluding official or diplomatic passports)The Netherlands

United Kingdom—British Citizen

United States of AmericaVatican City  
  • You must prove that you are temporarily staying in Australia and meet the conditions set out in your visa.
  • Australia has one of the best health standards in the world. Therefore, all people who enter this country must have at least health standards to be eligible for an Australia visa. In this way, the public health of Australia is protected against dangers such as active tuberculosis. Therefore, most visa applicants must be able to meet their health requirements.
  • If you intend to obtain Australia visas, including tourist visas, you must do a character test. If you can not meet the character requirements, your visa application will be rejected or canceled.
  • If you or your family members (even those who do not apply for a visa with you) owe to the Australian government, you must repay it.
  • Keep in mind that visas will not be issued to applicants under the age of 18 if it is not in the applicant’s best interest.

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How to apply for the Electronic Travel Authority?

Before applying for a visa, you must check that your passport is valid.

When applying for a visa

  1. You must provide accurate information first. Failure to give accurate details in your application may result in the rejection of your visa application.
  2. You must apply for a visa online. Here is the portal for online applications. A reference number is given to you after you submit your application. You can use this number to track your application process. Only citizens of these countries can apply for this visa online:


Hong Kong (SAR of China)




South Korea

United States

Citizens of the following countries must apply for the visa in another way:















Republic of San Marino




Taiwan (excluding official or diplomatic passports)

The Netherlands

United Kingdom—British Citizen

United Kingdom—British National (Overseas)

Vatican City


They can apply at:

  • Travel agents
  • Airline service providers
  • Specialist service providers

Visa outcome

When you have lodged your ETA application, you receive written advice with the following information:

  • You will be informed that the ETA has been given to you
  • You may be informed that your visa application has been referred for further evaluation. You can check the status of your ETA after 12 hours by logging back into the ETA system.
  • You may also be advised to go to the nearest Australian visa office and submit a new application.

You will receive the following information when the visa is issued:

  • Your visa grant number
  • The date your visa starts
  • Your visa conditions

You will be notified by email if Australian immigration rejects your visa application. The reasons for this decision will also be explained to you. You are also notified if you have the right to reapply. Note that even if your visa application is rejected, the fee you paid as the visa application cost will not be refunded.

What is the validity of the Electronic Travel Authority?

  • As soon as the visa is issued, it is either valid for 12 months or equal to your passport’s validity, whichever is earlier.
  • If you intend to stay in this country for a long time to spend your holiday, you need to petition for a Visitor visa (subclass 600).

How you got your Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601): first-hand experience

Have you received this visa before? If you have experience in obtaining Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601), you can tell your story to our other readers. This way, they can make better decisions using your experience.

Let’s sum up…

In the previous sections, we answered frequently asked questions that most of our readers had asked us about how to obtain an Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601). You can also ask your questions through the comments section, and we will respond as soon as possible. On the other parts of the Visa Library website, you can find up-to-date information about other Australian visas and visas from other countries.

On the Visa Library website, you can learn about other Australian Visitor visas (like subclass 600, subclass 651, and subclass 771) as well as ways to immigrate to other countries.

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