New Zealand business visas are often issued to people who:

  • Plan to start their own business in New Zealand
  • Want to invest in this country
  • Need these visas for business purposes, such as attending an event
  • Intend to be an entrepreneur in this country

New Zealand Business visa: Requirements

New Zealand Business Visa Requirements include:

A Complete Guidance on New Zealand Business visa: Requirements, Application Process & more
  • Applicants who want to apply for a New Zealand Business Visa can include their family members in their visa application. Family members should be able to meet some requirements, such as English language requirements.
  • For most New Zealand business visas, you must be able to meet the minimum amount of investment. For example, those applying for an Entrepreneur Work Visa must have a minimum capital of NZD $ 100,000.
  • Those who intend to invest in New Zealand should know that their investment must be in a way that can contribute to this country’s economic growth. Also, the money to be invested in New Zealand must be obtained legally.
  • If you plan to initiate your own business in New Zealand, you must provide a plan outlining the details of what you want to implement. Also, if you’re going to invest in this country, you must describe your recognized experiences in the last three years.
  • Applicants for the Entrepreneur Work Visa must obtain at least 120 points on the points scale.
  • Those wanting to apply for a Business Visitor Visa can enter the country with NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority) if they come from a visa waiver country. Note that visa applicants can apply for this visa for business purposes.
  • Those who intend to apply for Investor 1 Resident and Investor 2 Resident visas must transfer their capital directly into New Zealand from their bank account through the banking system.

New Zealand Business visa: Application Process

The process of applying for a New Zealand visa is not complicated. Note that if you want to apply for some New Zealand business visas, you must be in the country. The application process is as follows:

  • Online Submission: You can submit a visa application form with a scan of your documents through the account you create on the New Zealand Immigration website. You can also pay a visa application fee and other costs online. Keep in mind that online submission is faster than paper submission.
  • Paper Submission: In this method, the certified copies of the documents, along with the completed application form, must be sent through the nearest visa application center.

New Zealand Business visa: Types

  • Business visitor visa: You can travel to New Zealand for business reasons. To do this, you must obtain a Business Visitor visa. As long as you are in New Zealand, you must have enough money or be supported by your employer. This is valid for up to three months. During this period, you can also enroll in a training course. If you are one of the visa waiver countries, you will not need a visa. If you submit your visa application online, your documents will be processed faster. You can also include your partner and children in the Business visitor visa application.
  • Entrepreneur Work Visa: Those who intend to begin their own business in New Zealand can apply for this temporary visa. To qualify for the Entrepreneur Work Visa, you need to provide your business plan and have at least NZ $100,000 to invest. You should also be able to get 120 points on the points scale. When your business is in the startup stage, the visa is valid for 12 months. After that you showed your business set-up, you can stay in this country for another 24 months.
  • Global Impact Visa: The New Zealand government grants a three-year visa to entrepreneurship pioneers or investors to implement their models and ventures in New Zealand in the interest of positive global impact.
  • Entrepreneur Residence visa: Applicants for self-employment in New Zealand can apply for this visa. To be eligible for this visa, you must be on a visa that allows you to be self-employed. Holders of Entrepreneur Residence visas can live permanently in New Zealand. You can also enter your partner and dependent children on this visa.
  • Investor 1 resident visa: If you have NZ $10 million for a three-year investment in New Zealand, you can apply for residency. Therefore, the validity of this visa is indefinite.
  • Investor 2 resident visa: Experienced business people with a minimum capital of NZD 3 million can apply for New Zealand residency. Before applying for an Investor 2 resident visa, you must submit your Expression of Interest and explain your experiences and investments. If the Expression of Interest is approved, you, your partner, and your dependent child will be invited to apply for New Zealand residence. You must first transfer and invest your money in New Zealand. The resident visa will then be sent to you.

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