New Zealand Investor 1 Resident Visa allows you to invest in this country. If you have at least NZ $ 2.5 million to invest in New Zealand, you can apply for this visa. You are also allowed to bring your family members to New Zealand under this visa.

We cover the New Zealand Investor 1 Resident Visa requirements, the application process, the fees to be paid, the processing time, and all you need to know about this visa.

What is a New Zealand Investor 1 Resident Visa?

If you plan to invest NZ $ 10 million over a 3-year period, you will be eligible for the Investor 1 Resident Visa. If you can obtain this visa, you can live here with your family and enjoy many benefits. Visa holders can even bring their car, ship, and household items to New Zealand, free of customs charges. If you want to qualify for this visa, you must consider the following:

  • The validity of this visa is infinite.
  • You must make an acceptable investment in New Zealand for three years. Then, at the end of the second and third years, provide evidence that you have maintained your capital. You can also transfer your money between acceptable investments.
  • You must spend at least 44 days in New Zealand in the last two years of the three years you have invested. Also, if your minimum investment is NZ $ 2.5 million, you must be in New Zealand for 88 days at any time you can during the three years.
  • You can also include your family members in your visa application. After the visa is issued, they will have up to 12 months to come to New Zealand.
  • While you are in New Zealand, you must notify New Zealand Immigrants of any change in your address or contact information.
  • You can enter or leave New Zealand as much as you want in the first two years of your investment, but you have to apply for a variation of conditions after that.
  • If you can meet all the requirements during three years of your investment, you can get a New Zealand permanent resident visa for yourself and your family members. With this visa, you no longer have restrictions on traveling in and out of New Zealand.

What are the requirements for obtaining this visa?

  • To obtain New Zealand Investor 1 Resident Visa, you must provide two photographs that show your head and shoulders clearly.
  • A passport and certificate of birth or certificate of identity are required.
  • You should do a medical examination and a chest x-ray.
  • If you are 17 years old or over, you must provide a police certificate. A police certificate is issued by one of the following:
  • Your country of citizenship
  • A country where you have spent at least 12 months over the last ten years

Note that this certificate must be in English, otherwise you must translate it into English.

  • You must meet the requirements for a fit and proper person. Therefore, you should consider the following:
  • All your businesses must comply with taxation and employment laws.
  • You should never be investigated by the Serious Fraud Office or the New Zealand Police for an offense related to your business.
  • You must not have convictions in your records.
  • You should not be involved in business fraud or financial impropriety.

New Zealand Immigration will contact you if more information is required.

  • Your family members must also meet the visa requirements. These requirements include character, health, and identity. You must also provide evidence such as a marriage or birth certificate to prove your relationship with them. If your family member has received a temporary visa, you must enter his or her name on your residence visa application. To evaluate the Partnership, New Zealand Immigration considers the following:
  • How long have you been living together as a couple?
  • Do other people recognize your relationship?
  • What are your living arrangements?
  • Do you support each other financially?
  • Do you share financial responsibilities?
  • Have you shared your property or assets?
  • Do you share common household tasks?
  • You must invest at least NZ $ 3 million for three years. This capital can be provided by you or jointly by you and another person. If you own an investment together with:
  • Your children, you can declare the full value of the investment
  • Your partner, you can assert the total amount of the investment, as long as you and your partner have a recognized partnership
  • Someone who isn’t your partner or child, you can only claim for the part of the investment that you own.

Note that you cannot borrow or loan your capital. The evidence you need to provide concerning your budget are:

  • Bank statements
  • Title deeds
  • Property valuations
  • Share certificates
  • Business ownership documents
  • Asset valuations
  • To explore New Zealand investment opportunities, you can first come to the country on a temporary visa. If your Investor 1 Resident Visa application is approved, you must transfer your funds directly to New Zealand through the banking system. You will have 12 months to transfer capital. In some cases, New Zealand Immigration may give you another 12 months to transfer your money.
  • You need to show that you have legal capital. The evidence you need to provide in this case is:
  • Tax returns or certificates
  • Payslips
  • Business financial statements
  • Business shareholdings
  • Dividends
  • Receipts for property sales
  • Bank certificates
  • Share trading profits
  • Evidence of gifted money
  • Probate and other evidence of inherited money.

If you have been gifted the amount you want to invest, you must prove that the gift is legal and unconditional.

  • You should invest NZ $ 10 million in New Zealand in an acceptable investment. A trusted professional like a chartered accountant or solicitor must confirm that:
  • Your full name
  • The amount invested in New Zealand
  • The date you started investing
  • The type of investment and the company in which you invested
  • The number of shares or bonds you purchased in any organization

What is the application process for Investor 1 Resident Visa?

  1. You must first complete the visa application form and submit it with other supporting documents to New Zealand Immigration. Do not forget to pay for the visa application fee and immigration levy.
  2. New Zealand Immigration reviews visa applications and decides whether to grant a visa. New Zealand Immigration may ask you to provide additional documents.
  3. If your visa application is approved, you must transfer your funds to New Zealand to invest. You typically have 12 months to transfer funds to New Zealand and make an acceptable investment. However, in some cases, New Zealand Immigration may grant you an extension. You must prove that your fund is supported by the source you named in your visa application.
  4. Once you have been granted an Investor 1 Resident Visa, it will be checked whether you have met all your visa requirements. For example, have you kept your investment and spent time in New Zealand? If you have met all the conditions during the three years of investment, you can apply for a permanent resident visa.

How much does it cost to apply for an Investor 1 Resident Visa?

The cost of applying for this visa is NZ $ 4,960. Note that the application fee is non-refundable. In other words, if your request is rejected, this fee will not be refunded.

What is the processing time of the Investor 1 Resident visa?

90% of the submitted applications will be processed and completed within 17 months.

Let’s sum up…

In this section, we discussed the details of the New Zealand Investor 1 Resident Visa. As explained, you can enjoy many benefits by obtaining this visa; you can even bring your car, ship, or household items to New Zealand. If you want to get information about other New Zealand visas, you can go to the left sidebar on the site. You can also learn about visas from different countries on the Visa Library website.

If you have experience obtaining this visa or other visas, you can share it with other readers through the comments section. You can also ask your questions through this section.

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