There are different visas to invest in New Zealand. You can obtain New Zealand residency by getting most of these visas. In this section, our main focus is on Investor 2 Resident Visa. If you can invest NZD $ 3 million  in New Zealand for four years, you will be eligible for this visa.

We cover the New Zealand Investor 2 Resident Visa application process, requirements, visa application fee, processing time, and all you need to know.

What is the Investor 2 Resident Visa?

Those with business experience who can invest at least NZD 3 million in New Zealand are eligible for the New Zealand Investor 2 Resident Visa. Before applying for this visa, you must first send an Expression of Interest to the New Zealand Immigration and explain your business and investment experience. If your EOI is selected, you and your family members can apply for the visa. Holders of this visa have many benefits; for example, they can live in this country indefinitely. If you want to get this permission, you should consider the following:

  • You must be  65 years old or younger to be eligible for this visa.
  • Up to 400 Investor 2 Resident visas are issued per year.
  • You can include children under 24 as well as your partner in your visa application.
  • New Zealand Immigration has a points-based system to assess your eligibility for the Investor 2 Resident Visa.
  • If your EOI is approved, you have four months to submit your visa application.
  • You must make an acceptable investment in New Zealand for four years. At the end of the second and fourth years, you must prove that your capital in New Zealand is safe. You can also transfer your budget between acceptable investments.
  • You have to spend 146 days a year in New Zealand. Or stay in New Zealand for 438 days over four years if you invest at least NZ $ 750,000.
  • If your IELTS band score is 3, you must attend a language class for at least 20 hours over the  4-year investment period. These classes are held at the Zealand-registered school or tertiary education provider.
  • If your contact information or address changes during your four years in New Zealand, you must inform New Zealand Immigration.
  • Under this visa, you can work in any job and for any employer that you want.
  • You can study in New Zealand under this visa.
  • You can enter or leave New Zealand in the first two years of your investment, but you must apply for a variation of conditions for the next two years so that you do not have travel restrictions.
  • Your visa must be entered in a valid passport. If your passport expires, you must transfer your visa to a new passport. For this purpose, you must:
    • Send your new and old passport to New Zealand immigration.
    • Complete the Application for Transfer or Confirmation of a Visa
    • Pay the visa application fee.

What are the requirements to get the Investor 2 Resident Visa?

  • Two acceptable photos, passport, birth certificate, and identity certificate are required. Providing your identity documents is required when you have been invited to apply for the visa.
  • You will need to do some medical examinations and a chest x-ray to prove your good health.
  • All applicants aged 17 or older must present a police certificate to prove their good character. The police certificate must be submitted in English, and no more than six months have passed since its issuance at the time of submission. A police certificate is issued by one of the following:
    • Your country of citizenship
    • The country where you have spent 12 months in the last ten years
  • You must prove that all your businesses have influence over must have complied with immigration, employment, and taxation laws. You must also prove that you have never been investigated by the Serious Fraud Office or the New Zealand Police for an offense related to your business dealings. In addition, you should not be involved in business fraud or financial impropriety.
  • You must be able to speak English. If you earn 1 point for English language ability, you must attend language classes. A score of 10 is given to those who prove they are a competent user of English.
  • You can also bring your family to New Zealand under this visa. Therefore, you must provide documents such as a marriage or birth certificate to prove your relationship with your family members. Your family members should also be able to meet the health, character, and English language requirements.
  • Your partner and child over the age of 16 should also be able to speak English. So they have to present the result of their IELTS exam or prove their English background. If they cannot speak English, they must attend language classes, and you must pay the tuition before granting a visa.
  • If you want to qualify for this visa, you must be 65 years old or younger.
  • To prove a recognized business experience, you must provide the following evidence:
    • Business incorporation certification
    • Financial accounts for the business
    • Tax returns
    • Shareholder certificates or other proof that you own the business
    • Job descriptions
    • Performance reviews
    • Personal tax returns
    • Appointment letter
    • Service certificates
    • Strategic planning documents
    • References from your employer – these should be on company letterhead and include your occupation, dates of employment, and employer’s contact details.
  • If you are invited to apply for an Investor 2 Resident Visa, you will have 12 months to transfer your funds to New Zealand through the banking system. In some cases, you may be given another six months to transfer capital. Also, note that you can obtain a temporary visa and travel to New Zealand to check investment opportunities.
  • You must invest at least NZ $ 3 million in New Zealand for four years. You must also specify the type, position, and value of your capital. At this stage, you must provide the following documents:
    • Bank statements
    • Title deeds
    • Property valuations
    • Share certificates
    • Business ownership documents
    • Asset valuations

Keep in mind that your budget for investing in New Zealand should be separate from the money that is going to be spent on your accommodation in the country. In addition, you can not borrow to supply the finance of investment.

  • You must have legally acquired your capital. In order to prove the legality of the capital, you must provide the following documents:
    • Tax returns
    • Payslips
    • Business financial statements
    • Business shareholdings
    • Dividends
    • Receipts for property sales
    • Bank certificates
    • Share trading profits
    • Evidence of gifted money
    • Probate and other evidence of inherited money
  • You should also make an acceptable investment in New Zealand. A trusted professional such as a chartered accountant should specify the following:
    • Your full name
    • The amount invested in NZD
    • The date you started your investment
    • The investment type
    • The names of any organizations you invested in
    • The number of shares or bonds you bought in any organizations

How to apply for the Investor 2 Resident visa?

  1. You must first prepare your Expression of Interest and apply for the New Zealand Immigration. You must also pay your visa application fee. You do not need to submit supporting documents at this stage.
  2. If your EOI scores well enough, New Zealand Immigration will invite you to apply for the Investor 2 Resident Visa. Once your EOI is approved, you have four months to submit your visa application form and supporting documents.
  3. If your Investor 2 Resident visa application is approved, you will have 12 months to transfer your capital to New Zealand and make an acceptable investment. At this stage, you must prove that you have provided your capital from the source you mentioned in your visa application.
  4. Once your visa has been issued, your qualifications will be reviewed. New Zealand Immigration considers whether you have been able to meet all the requirements. If you have met all the requirements at the end of your four years of investment, you can apply for a permanent resident visa.

How much does it cost to apply for an Investor 2 Resident visa?

To get this visa, you have to pay NZ $ 620 to be able to send your EOI. If you choose EOI, you will have to pay NZ $ 4,960 as a visa application fee.

What is the processing time of this visa?

EOI selection is made every two weeks. If your EOI is approved, and you are invited to apply for the Investor 2 Resident Visa, you must wait at least 25 months for your application to be processed and completed.

Let’s sum up

In the previous sections, we explained how to apply for a New Zealand Investor 2 Resident Visa through investment. We also answered questions that most users have asked about this visa. In other sections of the Visa Library website, you can read about other New Zealand business visas as well as visas from other countries.

If you have experience in receiving an Investor 2 Resident Visa, you can share it with other readers through the comments section. You can also ask your questions through this section, and we will answer as soon as possible.

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