India has multiple types of visas, as it’s one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Many people are keen to visit there because of its numerous tourist destinations, different cultures, and high-tech universities.

There are various reasons why to visit India as it grants you tones of possibilities. Depending on your need, you can take advantage of its features that not every country has. Here, we will briefly explain the India visa subcategories to help you select the most proper one for your very purpose. An India visitor visa consists of the following subcategories:

E.medical visa

India has generated a type of visa that allows foreigners to receive high-quality treatment in India’s best hospitals. The disease does not have to be chronic, so you will be eligible for the India medical visa. Even if you intend to perform plastic surgery, this is the proper visa type for you.

Steps to apply for an India visitor visa

Emergency visa

An India emergency visa (different from a medical visa and medical attendant visa) is an Indian visitor visa given to people who experience fatal emergency conditions. These experiences may include the loss of a family member, urgent medical condition, etc. Under these circumstances, one needs to travel immediately. That’s why a standard visa type won’t work.

Transit visa

India transit visa is given to people who do not tend to stay in India for a long time and are destined to another country. They will remain for a short time at the airport. However, they can’t leave the transit zone.

Film visa

India Film visa is an India visitor visa suitable for a commercial shooting (featured film, commercial, reality tv, others) in India. Eligible people can include crewmembers, actors, technicians, or producers. The eligibility criteria and requirements are exactly the same as a Journalist visa. That’s why “India Film visa” and “India Journalist” visas are used interchangeably.

Sport visa

By applying for an India sports visa, sportspersons or members of international teams can benefit from taking part in games. In addition to that, they can bring along their loved ones to India for emotional support.

India tourist visa

365 days after being issued, the India Tourist e-Visa allows multiple entries into India. The duration of their visit to India can be up to 90 consecutive days per visit for citizens who are eligible. The simple and straightforward form for applying for an India visa online is available to eligible citizens. India has two types of tourist visas including tourist visas and group tourist visas.

Mountaineering visa

Those foreigners who wish to visit the Indian Himalayan mountain, which counts as a restricted area for climbing mountain peaks, need to apply for an India mountaineering visa. This is an India visitor visa suitable for adventurous athletes as it grants you the opportunity to experience the wild nature of India.

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