One of the flourishing domains in India is healthcare. India is one of the best countries in terms of medical care for chronic diseases such as cancer, Although it is very affordable in comparison with developed countries. India takes advantage of modern equipment and skilled personnel at the same time and that is the reason why it is successful in medical terms.

In this web page, we provide you with detailed information about medical attendant visas, eligibility, requirements, etc.

What is an India medical attendant visa?

An India medical attendant visa is granted to the relative or guardian of the patient who needs medical assistance in India. It is an E-visa, meaning you can get it via an online application. It has the same policy as Indian medical visa, allowing specific nationalities to visit India for the same period as the patient.

How can you apply for an India medical attendant visa

This visa includes triple-entry valid for two months for a maximum of 60 days from the date of arrival in the country. Both patient and attendant can get a medical visa or medical attendant visa two times a year.

This visa should not be mistaken for a medical visa. Both are issued for medical objectives. However, there is a little difference in respect. In the case of a medical visa, the applicants tend to travel by themselves, but in a medical attendant visa, the patient has somebody accompanying him for medical purposes.

What is India medical attendant visa eligibility?

Here are the eligibility criteria you should consider as an applicant. The applicant should be:

  • An immediate relative of a patient to seek medical attention in India.
  • Blood relative to the patient
  • Willing to stay in India during the time of treatment
  • The patient already has an e-medical visa that serves them alone.
  • Each patient can have two blood-related attendants during their treatment.

There are more than 150 eligible nationalities for this type of visa. You can check them out on the India visa website.

What are India medical attendant visa requirements?

In addition to the mandatory requirements, there are some additional requirements that you have to provide to apply for India medical attendant visa:

Essential requirements:

  • Online visa form
  • Original and photocopy of passport
  • Paid fund
  • Full application with signature
  • Place of residence
  • A letter from the hospital confirming your patient needs companionship
  • Copy of the passport and visa of the patient
  • Hospital admission of the requirement for a medical attendant

If you have not received any admission from the hospital and you intend to accompany the patient for emotional support, the patient should provide an assurance form, admitting they need companionship.

Additional requirements:

The applicants will be inquired to provide any of the following documentation depending on the case:

  • Local treatment medical reports
  • Financial viability evidence
  • Address proof
  • 2 copies of visa or residence permission
  • Copy of earlier visa
  • Copy of another passport in case of dual nationality

How to Apply India Medical Attendant?

You can download the India medical attendant visa application through this website for eligible countries. This fact will allow you to miss out on going to Indian embassies to get a visa, and filling out the form in the comfort of your home. Therefore, you must have the requirements on hand during the online application. Then you can wait for the officials to make a decision and inform you right away.

Visa Validity India Medical Attendant

Like other E-visas, the processing time depends on the type of visa you apply for. The visa duration depends on the time the patient stays in India. You can stay as long as they do, or even less, depending on the condition.

The India medical attendant visa will take two or three business days to be issued. We suggest you give a few days leeway between your application and the scheduled flight in order to avoid discrepancies.

The E-medical attendant visa has the same validity as an e-medical visa, while it can only be granted at most to two family members.

Visa Fees India Medical Attendant

The India medical attendant visa fee may vary, and it’s non-refundable whether you obtain the visa or not.  You should review your application thoroughly before submitting it. Any self-identified error may lead to being rejected after the submission. Afterward, the system may require a new one with the same processing fee.

Dependent Condition India Medical Attendant

The  India medical attendant visa is, by essence, a dependent visa. You can’t bring anybody along under your visa, so to speak. If another member of the family is willing to accompany you to India, they should apply separately.

Let’s recap!

An India medical attendant visa enables you to accompany your loved one to receive medical services in India. This type of visa will help the patient have someone by their side to take care of financial needs. On the Visa Library website, you can learn about other Indian visitor visas like (film visas, group tourist visas, transit visas, medical visas, tourist visas, and emergency visas) as well as ways to immigrate to other countries.

If you need to know about the India medical visa or other types of visas, you can go to the left sidebar or the menu of the website. We have gathered all the information you need about all types of visas worldwide.

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