How can I Get a Qatar Tourist Visa?


If you are looking for sunny weather during your holiday, there is no place better than Qatar to visit. A Qatar tourist visa is an excellent option for international travelers. They can enjoy a blend of tradition and modernity different from anywhere else in the world. Tourists can go skydiving over the Persian Gulf or scuba diving under Persian Gulf waters. Obtaining a Qatar tourist visa also allows tourists to stay at luxury hotels and upscale shopping and presents international dining options.

In this article, we will discuss Qatar tourist visas, how to apply for them, their required documents, and answer some common questions.

Who is Eligible for Getting A Qatar Tourist Visa?

The following criteria should be met in order to obtain a tourist visa to travel to Qatar. Applicants should:

  • Truly be a traveler

َApplicants need to have pure intentions when they travel to Qatar.

  • Be eligible to pay for all expenses. 

Applicants must possess adequate assets to pay for their expenses throughout the stay.

  • Have reasons to return

Applicants must ensure the Qatari authorities that they have strong ties to their home country and will return after their stay.

  • Be a good character

Applicants must have clean criminal records. Applicants may also have to present PCC or Police Clearance Certificate.

  • Be in good health 

Qatari authorities have set minimum health criteria, and applicants must meet these health requirements.

  • Have genuine travel purpose

Applicants must genuinely love traveling with the intention of exploring Qatar. To prove their intention to visit, travelers must already have made the necessary travel arrangements.


What are Qatar Tourist Visa Requirements?

There are many documents required for a Qatar tourist visa that travelers need to collect. Each document has its value, and it must be legible and good enough so travel agents can access the required information. Remember that these documents might differ from one country to another. The list of standard documents is as follows:

  • Original passport
  • Photographs
  • Return tickets
  • Evidence of income tax returns
  • Evidence of accommodation, such as invitation letter and hotel voucher.
  • Evidence of purpose of visit like invitation letter, exhibition or conference pass, etc.
  • Evidence of identification and nationality like PAN card, Adhaar card
  • Vaccination certificate
  • PCR test


Original Passport

A submitted passport must have validity for at least 6 months. Applicant’s passport also must be:

  • original and genuine.
  • have two blank pages for the visa-related stamps.
  • in good condition and not torn, ripped, split, or damaged.



There are set specifications for passport photos. For example:

  • It must have a white background.
  • The dimensions specifications are length – 45mm and breadth – 35mm.
  • The photo must have a matte finish.
  • 80% of the face must be shown in the frame.
  • It must be a recent photograph because an old photo can result in a rejection of a visa application.
  • Tourists’ faces must have neutral facial expressions, which means no smiling or frowning.
  • No glasses are allowed.
  • Tourists with long hair must tie their hair so that their faces and ears are clearly visible.
  • No headgear is allowed except for religious reasons.
  • Tourists’ teeth must be visible in the photograph.
  • Applicant needs one copy with the same photo guidelines to submit.


Return Tickets

Return tickets are important because they prove the tourist’s course of travel and the tourist’s return to the native country. Tickets must be confirmed for the complete round-trip journey to Qatar.


Evidence of Accommodation

Tourists must provide some evidence like a hotel voucher If they are staying in a hotel during their visit and proof to confirm the purpose of their travel.


Evidence of Identification and Nationality

PAN cards are important government-issued documents. The guidelines must be followed, and signature proof must be provided. PAN cards are mandatory as a proof of identity.


Vaccination certificate

All tourists must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 with the vaccines below:

  • Pfizer BioNTech (two shots)
  • Moderna (two shots)
  • AstraZeneca (two shots)
  • Johnson & Johnson (one shot)


PCR test

Tourists must have an RT-PCR test, and it must be Negative. Their tests must be done within 72 hours of arrival.


How to Apply for Qatar Tourist Visa?

Currently, there are two methods to apply for a Qatar tourist visa. Before taking a flight to Qatar, tourists can either apply online or get a permit at the airport once they arrive. The application processes are as follows:


Online Tourist Visa

An online tourist visa is suitable when tourists want to start their application process prior to their visit to Qatar. Applicants have to:

  • Go to the Qatar Embassy official website.
  • Complete the tourist visa application form online.
  • Affix scans of the required documents.
  • Submit the documents and the application form.
  • Make a tourist visa fee payment for the processing.
  • If approved, receive the visa by email.


Visa on arrival

If a tourist is from a country eligible for a visa on arrival, they can obtain a Qatar tourist visa based on the following steps. Applicants have to:

  • Reserve a ticket for onward and return travel from Qatar.
  • Provide a type of accommodation like a reserved hotel room and present their proof of accommodation upon entry.
  • After arrival, talk to the appointed authorities for a Qatar tourist visa on arrival.
  • Present all the required documents to the authorities.


Note: Applicants must insert their complete and correct information in application forms. This information must match the documents and the passport details because tourists might face rejection if not. In addition, a visa rejection can affect future applications for a tourist visa to Qatar.


How Much does Qatar Tourist Visa Fees Cost?

Tourists must pay the visa fees at the time of submitting the application form. However, if a tourist applies for a visa on arrival, they can pay the fee at the airport. A Qatar tourist visa costs 100 QAR or 27 USD for the main application. If the tourist has some company, they must pay an extra 50 QAR or 13.50 USD for each person.


How Long is a Qatar Tourist Visa Valid?

Tourist visa holders can stay in the country for up to 30 days. However, this visa is valid for 90 days.


How Long Does the Online Visa Application Take?

On average, an online tourist visa takes 48 hours to 96 hours to be processed and sent to the applicant.


The Bottom Line …

Qatar tourist visa is an excellent offer for international travelers to visit this exciting country. Qatar tourist visas have different applications, specific documents, visa fees, and validity. In this article, we explained all the mentioned subjects in detail. If you have any experience regarding Obtaining a Qatar tourist visa, please share with us in the comment section.

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