Qatar is developing as a world leader in new technology adoption, creativity, and system automation. Qatar’s ICT industry is now valued at $4.4 billion. It will likely expand substantially in the future, offering an ideal environment for U.S. companies of all sizes to enter the ICT sector. Therefore foreign nationals are presented with the great option of immigrating to Qatar as IT managers.

An IT manager oversees and develops a company’s information technology and related management. They handle the details and arrange the execution. He organizes delegations as well. This is quite a demanding job In Qatar.

This essay will talk about It managers in Qatar, how to immigrate to Qatar as an IT manager, the benefits, etc.

Are IT Managers in Demand in Qatar?

Demand for ICT specialists in Qatar far outnumbers local supply. However, the local supply shortfall is not projected to be a severe issue. Because of the country’s growth as a regional commercial center and its capacity to endure the global economic slump, Qatar is expected to continue recruiting ICT employees.

While people with most ICT skills are accessible for Qatari firms to hire, the problem is ensuring that these talents are used optimally and improved to enable enhanced productivity and organizational efficiency. A problem that must be addressed is the rising difficulty that fresh graduates from local institutions face while competing for jobs.

While it is in Qatar’s best interests for all students with ICT specializations to find employment in the Qatari economy after graduation, it may become more challenging for them to compete with an expected increase in the number of foreign ICT professionals immigrating to Qatar as a consequence of global downturn.

What Do IT Managers Do in Qatar?

An IT Manager’s responsibilities vary depending on the firm’s demands, although they often center on computer networks. IT managers identify new technology and software needs, monitor coding requirements, and run connections to recent work locations. In addition, the IT Manager performs testing to ensure that the system’s components are operating at peak efficiency.

IT Managers design and implement system architecture and supervise the work of Systems Analysts and Security Analysts. They also oversee people, checking that their jobs are completed and are engaged in their recruiting and training. An IT Manager’s responsibilities include budget management, senior briefing management, and ensuring data and systems security.

IT Managers’ Responsibilities in Qatar 

  • Control the information technology and computer systems.
  • Ensure that system maintenance is carried out.
  • Check, coordinate, and control the IT and electronic data processes regularly.
  • Manage the workforce through recruiting, training, conveying objectives, and evaluating performance.
  • Design, create, and coordinate the department’s systems, policies, and procedures.
  • Ensure the security and protection of all data, network access, and systems.
  • System backups should be performed regularly.
  • Work toward the user’s needs by recognizing issue areas and implementing fixes as soon as possible.
  • Audit systems regularly and analyze the results.
  • Maintain cost effectiveness and adhere to the budget.
  • Report on the operation of the systems and the department regularly.

IT Managers’ Requirements in Qatar 

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science, technology, or a related discipline is required.
  • Previous working experience as an IT manager or in a comparable capacity is needed.
  • Strong technological management and data analysis skills.
  • Excellent understanding of hardware and software systems.
  • The ability to manage a Datacenter and data management abilities are required.
  • Extensive knowledge of computer networks, network management, and network installation.
  • Understanding of industry best practices.
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, and management abilities.
  • Excellent time management and multitasking abilities.

Internships and apprenticeships in IT management help you get job experience, and you may even be employed by the organization where you perform your training or apprenticeship. Most of your coursework is project-based, giving you a feel for real-world problems, and will also help you gain job experience. Furthermore, senior projects frequently demand you to develop a company’s technical requirements and marketing plans.

After completing an education program, you should be able to do web design, networking, programming, information literacy, and management theory. In addition, you’ll understand how to perform business research, analyze data, create business plans, and communicate successfully in an international market.

IT Manager Salaries in Qatar

In Qatar, an Information Technology Manager makes around 24,000 QAR per month. Salaries vary from 12,900 QAR (the lowest) to 36,200 QAR (the highest).

This is the average monthly payment, which includes housing, transportation, and other perks. Salaries for Information Technology Managers vary greatly depending on experience, abilities, gender, and region. 

Median Salary

The median monthly pay is 22,000 QAR, which indicates that half (50%) of IT Managers (s) make less than 22,000 QAR, while the other half earn more than 22,000 QAR. The median pay value is the midpoint compensation figure. In general, you want to be on the right side of the graph, in the group that earns more than the median pay.


A 25th percentile and a 75th percentile are closely related to the median. For example, salary distribution diagrams show that 25% of Information Technology Managers earn less than 15,700 QAR, while 75% earn more than 15,700 QAR. Additionally, 75% of Information Technology Managers make less than 26,800 QAR compared to 25% who earn more than 26,800 QAR.

Work Visas to Immigrate as IT Managers to Qatar

All information technology managers wishing to work in Qatar must get a work residence visa. This, however, is only available if an employer supports you. In most cases, the employer will get a temporary visa to enter the country and then carry out the necessary processes once you arrive.

Once you’ve found a job that will sponsor you, they’ll need to handle all the paperwork to acquire a residence permit. If you were offered a job before entering the country, your company must exchange your temporary visa for a Qatari residence permit within two to four weeks.

These residency licenses also allow you to bring your family to Qatar. Your employer, however, must renew them each year.

Language Requirements to work in Qatar as an IT Manager

English is required for most occupations in Qatar. This is the primary business language in the country. But, some understanding of the Arabic language is also beneficial.

How to Find Jobs in Qatar for IT Managers?

Now that you understand what it takes to work in Qatar, you should start looking for a job. Finding work in Qatar is similar to finding work in other nations. Online resources will be essential in your job hunt, so use them.

Recruitment agencies in Qatar

If you already have a few years of work experience, using a recruiting agency to locate a job in Qatar may be quicker and simpler. There are numerous in the country, ranging from tiny local businesses to large worldwide organizations. Working with companies like Adecco, Michael Page, Robert Half, or Hays will be your best bet from abroad. In addition, you might try QHR, Bayt, Work Circle, Al Noof, and Gulfaar in your area.

Job fairs and networking in Qatar

Finding a job in Qatar, like anywhere else, is simpler if you have good connections. As a result, it is critical to establish a solid network. You may accomplish this by visiting job fairs and networking events around the country. In addition, many Qatari employment firms and institutions hold them, so keep an eye on their websites to discover one that works for you.

Jobs in Qatari newspapers

You may be surprised to learn that newspapers are an excellent source of job opportunities in Qatar. For example, you can find classifieds in the Qatar Tribune and Gulf Times.

Looking for jobs in Qatar online

As in any other country, finding a career in Qatar in the twenty-first century frequently depends on the internet. As a result, it is critical to create a strong LinkedIn profile and research available employment on the network. You may also look at online employment boards like Monster Gulf and Gulf Talent.

Furthermore, if you have an idea of which firms you want to work for, you may go directly to their career pages. All the prominent oil corporations, banks, and hotel chains immediately post job openings on their websites, so keep an eye out for them.

Infographic How to Immigrate and Work in Qatar as an IT Manager

How to Apply for It Manager jobs in Qatar?

Immigrating to Qatar as an IT manager and finding work might be difficult. However, once you’ve identified several positions that interest you, you may start the application process. This is comparable to what you will find elsewhere in the world. You will submit a curriculum vitae and a cover letter. Following that, you may have a phone or online interview. Some companies might need an in-person interview as well. If accepted, you may get a job offer and must negotiate the terms of your contract. The procedure takes around four weeks on average, but it can take up to two months.

You must prepare your CV before beginning your job search in Qatar. This will not be noticeably different from how a CV appears elsewhere. You must include your contact information at the top, including your email and phone number. Following that, describe your professional working experience and education. Since Qatar is a multinational environment, ensure you emphasize your language skills. It might also assist in displaying some individuality by stating your interests. Most essential, your CV should be clear and straightforward. You must also provide a cover letter with your application.

One thing to keep in mind is that you will need to prepare for an interview properly. You should be familiar with the culture and dress and act accordingly. It might also be beneficial to conduct a little research about the organization and its activities in Qatar.

Benefits of Immigrating to Qatar as an IT Manager

The pay

Managers with the highest pay work in information, whereas those in computer services design, banking and insurance, manufacturing, and business management also earn more than the average.

Duty customization

IT management includes the IT director, security manager, and chief technology officer. You can locate a job that is a good fit for you based on your interests. IT security managers, for instance, oversee network and data security. They work with top management to develop security policies and distribute information. An IT director, on the other hand, establishes IT system needs and directs IT activities. In addition, the directors hire and train staff and keep track of the budget. Such roles are ideal for individuals seeking a wider variety of responsibilities.

Challenging work

IT management training might be beneficial if you are creative, enthusiastic, and interested in technology. Because of the nature of the profession and the continuous developments in technology, your education will never become static. Every day provides new difficulties and opportunities to learn.

IT managers are in demand

Job growth for IT managers According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for these IT specialists is expected to rise at a pace of 15% from 2014 to 2024, which is substantially faster than the average for all positions. The insurance carriers business, in particular, will experience a 26 percent increase in IT managers. Healthcare is another industry where IT manager opportunities are expected to rise rapidly. These increases can be attributed to cybersecurity concerns and increased digital outreach. In addition, managers who retire provide new career opportunities.

Unlimited advancement potential

Many IT managers begin by managing at a lower level. Then, they advance to positions such as IT director, project manager, and even chief technology officer. A chief technology officer may eventually become a CEO.

Companies need qualified candidates

Many organizations have problems recruiting skilled IT managers. IT management training enables job candidates to demonstrate their suitability. Many IT programs work with employers to stay on top of real-world issues and guarantee that graduates can help immediately. IT is a fast-paced sector, and the best candidates have job experience and a working knowledge of current technologies.


As Qatar is becoming a hub for state-of-the-art technology and many international companies are trying to find customers in Qatar, it is ideal for IT managers and developers to immigrate to the country and start their careers there. 

This essay looked at the conditions and requirements of immigrating to Qatar as an IT manager, their responsibilities, how they can apply for jobs in Qatar, and the benefits of working in Qatar as an IT manager.

If you like to learn more about immigrating to Qatar with a specific job, check the sidebar on the right.

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