Qatar family visa or Qatar family residence is designed for foreign workers in Qatar. It enables them to bring their immediate family members to Qatar for a long-term stay, such as a spouse and children. Every family member, including infants, must obtain a family residence visa.

A foreign employee must meet many requirements and provide plenty of documents to be able to apply for this type of visa successfully.

In this essay, we will tell you about the overall process of applying for a Qatar family residence visa, what documents to collect, and will answer some common questions.

What does an Expatriate Need to Apply for a Qatar Family Visa?

Before expatriates start the application process for their family members, they need to provide some fundamental requirements. Here are different criteria for an expatriate to become eligible for sponsoring their family:

Residence Permit

The first piece of document that expatriates need to sponsor their family is a valid residence permit in Qatar. Therefore, expatriates must prepare their Qatar ID or Residence Card before they apply for residence visas for their families.

Profession Requirement

Unfortunately, foreign workers who fall into the labor category, such as drivers, delivery boys, cleaners, etc., cannot become eligible to become sponsors. The sponsor’s profession should be technical or specialized, or to sum it up, non-labor.

Salary Requirement

The applicant who wishes to become a sponsor should earn a minimum of QR 10,000 or USD 2746,50. Applicants who earn a minimum salary of QR 7000 or USD 1922,55 and benefit from free family accommodation can also apply with one condition. The employer must provide the family accommodation.

The salary requirements are set because the sponsor must be capable of supporting his family expenses and paying for the accommodation and groceries.

Housing Requirement

If an expatriate gets paid QR 10,000  or USD 2746,50 or more, they must provide a tenancy contract confirmed by the Municipality.

On the other hand, If the salary is between QR 7,000 and QR 10,000, then the applicant’s employer should provide family accommodation. If not, applicants have to sign an employment contract that mentions family housing allowance will be provided in addition to the final amount of salary.

What is the Process of Applying for a Qatar Family Visa?

Expatriates can obtain this visa for their family members in five steps. Sometimes expatriates’ employers help them go through the process, but they are not obligated to do so.

Applying for Family Entry Visa

A family entry visa is a one-month visa that allows the applicant’s family to enter Qatar. To obtain it, applicants need to submit all required documents to get this visa approved. After the family arrives using a family entry visa, they need to do some medical tests and fingerprints.

There is another way to bring the family. Expatriates can apply for a Qatar visit visa which has an easier process. Then, expatriates can convert the visit visa to a family residence visa after submitting the same documents, but they have to pay QR 500 to change the visa without leaving the country.

Employees who are working for private companies are obligated to submit 6 months bank statement. Therefore, many applicants choose to bring their families via a visit visa until the 6 months period is completed.

Family Members enter Qatar on Entry Visas

When the Family Entry Visa is obtained, the applicant’s family can come to Qatar. Keep in mind that the entry visa is valid for 30 days upon their arrival. During this period applicant’s family must do the medical tests and fingerprints.

After approval, applicants can continue to the next step if the family members are already in Qatar on a visit visa.

The Medical Test for Residence Visa

At this step, family embers must go through medical examinations to start the residence permit (RP). The Qatari government enforces these medical tests to protect the population from infectious diseases and prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

The Medical Commission is in charge of conducting the health exam in Qatar.  The Medical Commission is on Al Muntazah Street, off the E-Ring Road. The working hours are Sunday to Thursday, 07:00 am to 07:00 pm.

The medical tests

The mentioned medical examinations usually contain:

  • A Blood Test
  • Chest X-Ray
  • HIV/AIDS screening
  • Tuberculosis
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C

Documents for the Medical Test

Family Entry visa holders must present the following documents for their medical tests:

  • Their passport
  • Two copies of the residence visa with the mobile number to be contacted
  • Their debit or credit card to pay the fees (QR 100 per person)

Children do not need to do a medical test. However, to mark them fit, applicants must take a copy of their passport and visa to Medical Commission and pay QR 100.

The residency system that is a part of the Ministry of Interior receives the medical examination results electronically. Two or three days after the medical test, applicants can find out about the result online on the MoPH website.

Note: If applicants want to convert a visit visa to a residence visa, they must tell the officer about the conversion of visas.

The Fingerprinting Process

After medical tests, adults must go Ministry of Interior and register their fingerprints digitally.

The Criminal Evidence and Information Department or CEID is in charge of collecting the fingerprints. The CEID main office is located just after the Industrial Area flyover on Salwa Road.

Fingerprinting Process Documents

Here is the list of documents needed for the fingerprint process:

  • A completed fingerprint application form (This form is available at the CIED)
  • Passport and QID copy of the sponsor
  • Applicant’s original passport
  • A copy of the applicant’s passport
  • Blood group report
  • Two passport-size pictures (The blue background must be blue)

Note: If a receipt is given after the fingerprinting process, applicants have to keep it for future reference.

Apply for Family Residence Permit Card

At the final step, applicants have to apply for a Residence Permit Card (Qatar ID). This process is done at any Ministry of Interior Service Centre. Applicants need:

  • Their own Qatar ID
  • The Passports of the family members
  • Passport-size photos (Dimensions: 35 x 45 mm, Background color: blue)

If you want to immigrate to Qatar as a doctor or nurse, read our article.

How to Apply for a Qatar Family Visa?

There are two ways of applying for a Qatar family visa. Expatriates can apply online or directly.

Applying for Family Residence Visa Online

Applicants can submit their documents via the Metrash2 mobile app. Metrash2 is a free mobile application from Qatar’s Ministry of Interior (MOI Qatar).

Here are the steps for applying for Qatar Family Residence Visa:

  1. Log to Metrash.
  2. Press the “Visa” icon.
  3. Press the “Issue Visa” icon.
  4. Press the “Family Visit” icon.
  5. Press the “Family Resident Application.”

Note: Family Visa Application is selected by default. For a residence visa, the selection must be changed.

  1. Press the “New Application” (at the bottom right of the page).
  2. Complete the form carefully with details of family members.
  3. Press “Validate.”
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen to upload the scanned copies or photos of the documents. Here are the requirements for documents:
    1. The scans and photos must be clear and legible.
    2. Both the photo page and bio page of passports should be on the same side. These pages must be combined to create one JPG file.
    3. Both the front and back of the Qatar ID should be on the same side of the JPG file. These pages must be combined to create one JPG file.
  5. Receive a message that confirms your application and then an update after a few days.

Applicants can pay QR 200 online via Metrash2 as visa fees. They can also pay at the Immigration Office.

Applying for Family Residence Visa Directly

For the offline application, applicants need to:

  • Complete an application form.
  • Visit the Immigration Department in Al Gharafa with the required documents.
  • Take a token number from the Reception.
  • Wait for their turn.
  • When it is their turn, they must go to the counter and submit the documents. If there is nothing wrong with the documents, their application will be approved, and they will be notified in a few days.

Applicants can pay the visa fee (QR 200) online through Metrash or pay at the Immigration Office if their visa is approved. Payment must be made with a credit or debit card.

What is the Qatar Family Visa Required Documents?

To apply for a family residence visa, the documents below must be collected by the sponsor.

  • A filled out application form.
  • A copy of the Passport
    • A copy of the photo page
    • A copy of the bio page
  • Photocopy of the applicant’s Qatar ID card (both sides are required)
  • Passport copies of all family members are required.
  • Copy of the applicant’s marriage certificate for spouse as well as Copy of children’s birth certificates. These certificates must be confirmed by:
    • The Qatar embassy in the applicant’s country
    • Applicant’s country’s embassy in Qatar
    • Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • No Objection Letter (NOC). This letter must be from the employer mentioning the applicant’s profession and salary. This letter must be:
    • In Arabic
    • Dated within the last 3 months
    • A legit copy of the employment contract stating the applicant’s  profession and salary
  • A copy of the tenancy contract that is confirmed by the Municipality. Applicants can also provide a letter from their employer regarding family accommodation.
  • A stamped bank statement (must be for the last 6 months)
  • A copy of the employer’s QID or company registration card
  • Copies of the applicant’s educational certificates

Note: Documents such as marriage, birth, and education certificates must be translated into English or Arabic. If the applicant has adopted children, they need to provide statements of adoption and reasons for adoption.

How Much Does the Qatar Family Visa Costs?

Qatar Family Visa Fee (per person)QR 200 or USD 54,93
Medical Commission Test FeeQR 100 or USD 27,46
Residence Permit Fee (one year)QR 500 or USD 137,32

What are the Rules To Sponsor Adult Children?

Male children aged 25 years or more cannot be on either parent’s visa. However, there is no age restriction for daughters if they are not married.

QID holder children who are over the legal age of majority may be given a Residence Permit under their parents for the duration of one more year in order to find a job during the following year.

Can Spouse and Children Get Work Permits?

If the expatriate’s spouse and children, who are above 18, wish to work in Qatar, they require a special work permit to be able to work while in family sponsorship. They can also apply for this work permit via the Metrash app.

The Bottom Line…

A Qatar family visa is a great opportunity for expatriates residing in Qatar to reunite with their families. Before bringing their families to Qatar, expatriates must provide an employment contract, sufficient salary, accommodation, and a residence permit.

In this article, we explained the complete process of applying for a Qatar family visa in both online and offline methods and their required documents. If you have any experience obtaining a family visa, please share your insights with us in the comment section.


Is Qatar family visa open now?

the visa has been open Since 2021.

Is there salary requirements for Qatar family visa?

Yes, you need to have enough funds to cover your family expenses. The article explains.

Who is responsible for the medical test?

The Medical Commission is in charge of conducting the health exam in Qatar.

Can I apply online for a family visa?

Yes, you can apply online and directly for the residence permit.

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  1. BERREZOUG says:

    Es que ma femme peut postuler pour avoir un contact de travail et une fois accepter, elle peut faire venir sa famille directement.

    • Visa Library says:

      Dear BERREZOUG
      Thank you for your question.
      We highly appreciate it if you ask your questions in English.
      Is this the English translation of your questions? If yes, please provide us with further information so we can help you with it.
      “Can my wife apply to have a work contact and once accepted, she can bring her family directly”.

  2. BERREZOUG says:

    on my part, I thank you for your answer, indeed, I ask you again the question: “Can my wife apply to have a work contact and once accepted, she can bring her family directly”.

    • Visa Library says:

      ِDear BERREZOUG
      Yes, your wife and bring her family to the country if she receives a job offer and the officials grant a work visa.

  3. BARIS says:

    so please help me on visa coming

    • B Rajabali says:

      Dear BARIS
      Visa Library only provides visa information at the moement. If you have questions regarding the application and other stages, ask. But we are unable to help on each applicant. Best of luck with your application.

  4. Md sultan Nahid says:

    Femyly visit visa

  5. Raisul islam says:

    I have 2 questions please answer me
    1.My profession is technician maintenance and in the contact paper is technical maintenance coordinator
    2. My monthly basic salary is 9100 QR and I received my cash
    3. I get the salary certificate from company and there is company stamped

    So with this thing I get family visit or family residency visa?
    Please answer me it’s very important to know
    Thank you

    • M-behroozi says:

      Hello, dear Islam,
      Based on what you wrote for us, you have the job requirements(your job is not labeled as labor). However, your salary is less than QR 10,000. In this situation, if your employer provides free family housing for you, you can apply for a family visa.

      • Mark says:

        Hi is it true that if your salary is 10000 can we apply for residency of the family member, some news they say you should have 15000 salary for applying residency for the family please update me thank you

        • M-behroozi says:

          Dear Mark,
          The minimum salary requirement to apply for a family visit visa in Qatar for children and spouse is QAR 5,000 (USD 1,373).

  6. amala says:

    if the total salary of the mother and father is 15000 QAR, can children apply for family visa?

    • M-behroozi says:

      Dear Amala,
      The minimum salary requirement to apply for a family visit visa in Qatar for children and spouse is QAR 5,000 (USD 1,373).

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