How to apply for a Japan training visa?


“Nippon-koku” or “Nihon-koku” in Japanese means the origin of the sun. Excluding the North Pole, Japan is the most eastern country in the world. Undoubtedly, traveling to the land of the sun, Japan, has its own charms, and consequently, obtaining a Japan training visa is one of the goals of professionals in the world.

It is interesting to know that according to the latest statistics of the strongest passports in the world in 2020, Japan is the strongest passport in the world with the possibility of entering 190 countries without a visa, and more interestingly, this is the second year that Japan visa has got the trophy.


Japan Training Visa is one of the most popular visas issued annually. Those who want to gain skills in an organization in Japan must apply for this visa. In this article, we will define the Japan training visa,  documents, requirements, application process and many other details.


What is a Japan training visa?

For those who want to acquire new technology, skills, and knowledge, Japan has many opportunities. You, as an apprentice, come to Japan under the Technical Intern Training Program and are instructed in the desired organization to obtain the newest technology, skills, and education.

you, as a trainee, must be an employee of an organization outside Japan whose CEOs send you to Japan to obtain new abilities. If you do not have this option, maybe a work visa is the better choice for you.

As an apprentice

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • In your home country, the desired[r1]  technology, skills, or knowledge should not be available or extremely hard to achieve.
  • After that you return from Japan, you should be able to utilize the technology, skills, or education for which you have come to Japan.
  • The technology, skills, and education that you want to obtain should be the unique ones and not those, one can acquire through routine work.
  • As long as you are the holder of a Japan training visa you are able and have the right to do any activities during the training course.
  • Acquiring the new technology, skills and knowledge is available for you either from a public or a private organization in Japan


As an organization

If you want to learn and acquire new technology, skills, and education,the intended organization should provide a full-time trainer who has a minimum of five years of experience in that field. Each organization (Institution) has the capacity in obtaining new trainees. The more full-time employees the more trainees they may take:

  • For organizations whose employees are over 301: 1/20th of the full-time employees may train apprentices
  • For organizations whose employees are 201-100: 15 trainees are their limit
  • For organizations whose employees are 101-200: 10 trainees are their limit
  • For organizations whose employees are 51-100: 6 trainees are their limit
  • For organizations whose employees are less than 50 employees: 3 trainees are their limit

You, as a trainee, must look for two types of institutions:

  • Individual organizations: These organizations accept trainees directly from foreign companies and business partners.
  • Supervising organizations: They refer trainees to their business partners that usually are non-profit organizations or small business associations.


What documents do you need for a Japan training visa application?

Bear in mind that it is not necessary to submit your application in Japanese. But it has a good impact when you send your documents in Japanese and may shorten your Japan Training Visa process.

A certified immigration specialist can assist you in the preparation of a document package as follows:

  • Describe yourself in a plain explaining, as well as the purpose of the course, its location, and duration.
  • You must somehow provide a document proving that after returning to your home country, you will put to practical use the technology, skills, or knowledge acquired in Japan.
  • Documents that certify your professional career (as a trainee).
  • Documents that certify the ability of the trainer to provide planned training.
  • A full description of the organization that sends you as a trainee in Japan.
  • Copies of the desired (implementing) company’s registration code, a statement of profit and loss, and a list of full-time employees.


How to apply for a Japan training visa?

Bear in mind that during your first year of training, you are considered:

  •   Technical Intern Training [I]:

During your first year of training, you are considered a Technical Intern Training [I], meaning that you are now in course of obtaining the technology, skills, and education. Bear in your mind that you always have to begin your journey through a Japan training visa with Technical Intern Training [I] and there is no skipping.


  • Technical Intern Training [II]:

If you pass the National Trade Skills Test Basic Grade 2 in the field of your business, your Japan Training Visa status can be able to upgrade from Technical Intern Training [I] to Technical Intern Training [II].One of the advantages of this stage is that you become more proficient in the technology, skills, and education you were obtained during your first year.


Application process

There are some protocols that you should consider before applying for a Japan Training Visa:

  • Ensure that all the necessary requirements (either by you as an apprentice and the implementing company) have been met.
  • Ensure that the desired activity you have chosen is available and is in accordance with the training plan.
  • Collect COE: COE (Certificate of Eligibility) is a written file issued by the Ministry of Justice in Japan, and for obtaining this certificate you must have a sponsor in Japan.The company where you are going to do the internship is your sponsor and must apply for this certificate.
  •  Wait for your COE to be approved. The sponsor in Japan must make contact with the local Immigration Office for your certificate to be applied and approved.
  •   Take your COE from the same Immigration Office.
  • Obtain your training Status of Resident (SOR) by exchanging your COE for SOR.  You must carry your SOR card all the time at all places in Japan.


You must submit your COE, at the regional immigration service office in Japan in person.


What do you do when in Japan?

After that you get your Japan training visa, at the very beginning, the immigration officer will review your visa and related documents. Once your landing permit is received, you may enter the land of the sun legally.


How much can I stay in Japan under a Japan training visa?

It depends on the training course you have chosen, but usually, it is from six months up to three years.


First hand experience

Have you applied for a Japan training visa? If so, how has your experience been? What unforeseen obstacles did you face? We kindly invite you to share your experiences with us and other readers. Your experiences can be invaluable to people who plan to take this path.


Let’s sum up…

In the previous sections, we tried to answer all your basic questions about the Japan training visa. As you understand, you can not apply for this visa independently. You need a sponsoring company in Japan. You can put your questions in the comments section for our experts to guide you.

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