Do you want to immigrate to Japan as an operations director? Well, you have entered the right page. The Visa Library team will bring you all you need to know to immigrate to Japan as an operations director.

Requirements to immigrate to Japan as an operations director

If you are determined to immigrate and work in Japan as an operations director, you need to fulfill the requirements. This section brings you the required items to immigrate to Japan as an operations director.

Read the required items carefully and determine if you have or can get them or not. Your situation might determine other requirements. You would better get a clear understanding of the process as well. It’ll help you a lot and makes the process easier.

An educational degree.

You might have to need an educational degree to work as an operations director. The employer might ask for a related educational degree to determine whether you have knowledge of handling the position.

Is academic education important in your field? You know it better and are aware of what the employers are looking for.

If you have a related degree, the process might get easier for you. You might be able to find a job better. But the educational certificate might not be a must. If the employer is satisfied with your work experience and your resume is profound, you might get a job offer.

Work experience

This is one of the essential requirements to immigrate to Japan as an operations director. Work experience is what makes you capable of doing the job. You will be managing and coordinating several parts together or even in other countries. So your resume must indicate you can do it.

Your resume is the first thing employers look at. It must catch their eyes and lead to an interview.

You will learn about the process in the below section. So you will learn why it’s essential to persuade the employer. Your CV or resume is the first item that the Japanese employer will see. So it must reflect you can do the job. It’s up to you to write a great resume and show your skills and abilities.

A job offer from an employer in Japan

This is the first step you have to pass, and you could say is the largest obstacle in your way. Getting a job offer from a Japanese employer is a must, and there is no way to skip it.

You have to find a Japanese employer willing to hire you and needs your skills and abilities as an operations director.

But why is this stage essential? The reason is that you need Japanese government approval to work as a foreign person in the country. It’s the employer who asks permission from the related authorities. You, as the employee or operations director, cannot ask such permission.

Only after the official’s permission gets issued can you apply for a work visa and move to the country.

Permission to work in Japan as a foreign national

Every foreign person who wants to work in Japan needs approval from the government. It gets called a Certificate of Eligibility.

The Japanese employer applies for this certificate, and after the issuance, you, as the operations director, can move to Japan and begin your work.

The precondition to applying for a work visa is the Certificate of Eligibility. As explained, only the employer can apply for it. This is why you need a job offer from an employer to work in Japan in any position.

The employer and the operations director must agree on the employment. Then, they must sign an employment contract, which must cover every aspect or terms of employment, such as;

  1. Job title
  2. Job description
  3. Role and skill requirements
  4. Education requirements.
  5. Annual salary
  6. Raises, bonuses, incentive opportunities
  7. Health benefits (medical, dental, eye care, etc.)
  8. Confidentiality, privacy, and responsibility
  9. The schedule and employment period

There are other terms with the contract, and the above list is just a sample. You can add whatever condition or items you know about your employment to it. Also, your employer might want to add another item to it.

You should negotiate the work contract and its terms with your employer. Read every line carefully and ask for help if you do not have much information about it. You can get help from your family lawyer as well.

Being able to provide the required documents

When you apply for a Certificate of Eligibility and a Japan work visa, you have to submit some supporting documents. You must be able to submit these supporting documents. Moreover, the Japanese embassy or consulate in your home country could ask for further supporting documents. You would better contact them and ask if it’s so or not. They might have information on their website as well.

You can learn more about the Japan work visa requirements from the article that the Visa Library has prepared. Preparing some of them could take you some time. So you would better prepare yourself.

How to immigrate to Japan as an operations director

Japan visa options for immigrant operation directors

You might need these visa options in the process.

Japan work visa 

Every foreign person who wants to work in Japan needs a work visa. The first step is to find an employer who needs your skills. He/she applies for a work permit, and then you can apply for a visa to enter Japan.

Japan student visa

If you want to study for a university or academic degree in Japan, you need a student visa. Every foreign person who wants to study in Japan needs a student visa. You must get admission to a Japanese university and then apply for a student visa.

Japan tourist visa

In the recognition process, you might have to visit Japan. If you are not among the visa-waived countries, you need a tourist visa to enter the country and complete the step.

How to immigrate to Japan as an operations director?

These are the steps you have to follow to immigrate to Japan as an operations director;

Find a job offer with a Japanese employer/company.

The first step you have to pass to land as an operations director. It’s an essential step, and there is no other way to skip this part.

Japanese employees try to hire from inside the country. But if they can not find an appropriate applicant, they look for someone from abroad. It’s up to your skills and abilities to persuade them to hire you.

If you wonder how to find a job position as an operation director, you can find a few ways in the below section. You can use one or all of them if you can find a job. It’s up to your condition to use them and find a job position in Japan.

It could take time to find a job. You would better get started sooner. Also, you could improve your condition to boost the chance of getting a job offer.

For instance, you can work on your Japanese language proficiency and improve it or pass an exam and get a certificate.

You know better than anyone how you can improve yourself to get a job offer. You would better commit yourself to it.

After you find a job offer, the two sides have to sign an employment contract. It’s part of the requirements, and you cannot continue the process without a contract.

This is one way to determine if the job offer is real or not. If the employer is unwilling to sign a contract and asks for money, it might be a fraud.

The contract must be on company letterhead, and the email or way of communication should be formal.

The employment contract must be complete and cover all aspects of your employment. You would better spend some time researching contracts and how to reach an agreement with your employer. You can read so many samples on the internet or get help from your lawyer.

The Japanese employer applies for a Certificate of Eligibility.

After you sign the contract, you have to gather the list of supporting documents and send them to the employer so he/she can apply for a Certificate of Eligibility.

The employer will provide you with a checklist of documents, but this is a sample of the documents you have to gather;

  • Your passport or travel document.
  • Clean record certificate.
  • CV/resume.
  • Signed employment contract.
  • Educational document
  • Etc.

The Japanese employer applies for the Certificate of Eligibility to the immigration officials. They evaluate the case and decide whether to issue it or not. If the answer is yes and the certificate gets issued, you can continue the rest of the process. If not, you may not work in Japan. You have to apply again, find another employer or improve your conditions.

If the COE is not issued, the employer could help you in case he/she needs you.

The processing time is different, and there is no exact timing for it. If the Japanese officials ask for further documents, it takes longer. In case one piece of document is the mission or is wrong, the application takes longer. So you’d better double-check everything and make them according to the instructions. You can check everything with your employer to ensure they are according to the instructions.

Collect the work visa supporting documents

Then comes the stage of gathering the work visa document. The work visa application is different than the COE application. It’s the employee or operations director who has to apply for the work visa.

The employer applies for the COE to the related Japanese officials inside the country. But the employee applies for a work visa to the Japanese embassy or consulate in his/her home country.

This is a sample list of the documents you have to gather for a Japan work visa; 

  • Documents related to the company, including company registration, profit, and loss statement
  • The Eligibility Certificate
  • Previous academic and work experiences
  • Details of the job position, company name, salary, and length of work must be provided.
  • The photo of the applicant should be 3 * 4 cm in size and should be on a white background. It must have been taken in the last three months. The applicant’s face in the photo must be completely visible.
  • A valid passport with a copy of it
  • The Japan work visa application form must be completed and signed by the applicant.
  • Clean record certificate.
  • CV.

The above list is a sample of the documents you have to submit to the Japanese embassy.

Also, you should find out who is responsible for visa processing in your home country; 

  • Japanese embassy
  • Japanese consulate
  • A visa center

You’d better visit the center’s website responsible for visa processing in your home country. Determine if they have a checklist of documents or instructions for your work visa application. Try to find out if they need other documents by your nationality or not. If yes, try to fulfill them. If the website doesn’t provide much information, you can send an email to ask for further information.

The point you need to clarify is whether the embassy requires a copy of the documents or not. If yes, how many and in what format?

Submit your work visa application to the Japanese embassy

After you are done gathering the document, schedule a meeting with the Japanese embassy or visa center responsible for processing in your home country.

You can arrange a meeting sooner as the embassy might be busy and grant a meeting later. You should better save time.

Visit the embassy on the scheduled date and bring all the supporting documents. Review them not to miss anything. You would better get to your meeting a bit early as it could take time to get to the embassy building. Find out if the embassy has instructions for entering the building or not. There could be some guidelines for entering the building, or due to COVID-19, for instance.

Submit the documents to the officials when you meet them, then follow their instructions. If they ask questions regarding your application, give them true and honest answers. There is also a fee for work visa processing you should pay. Determine how much it is, then pay it to the embassy.

Follow every step in the embassy to complete them. Then you have to wait for work visa processing.

The timing is with the embassy and their workload. It could take longer if they ask for further documents.

The embassy will inform you of the results. They tell you to pick up your visa stuck on the passport. When you receive the visa letter on your passport, you can move to Japan.

How to find a job in Japan as an immigrant operations director?

We need to emphasize one more time that the first stage to becoming an operations director in Japan is to find a job offer. This is an essential part and the first obstacle to pass.

This section brings you some ways to find a job in Japan s an operations director.

Websites that provide job positions.

The internet has made so many things easier. So it is with finding a job. There are websites that offer job positions worldwide, and some offer positions for a specific country. So it is with Japan.

These are some of the websites that advertise job positions in Japan. You can find a job offer as an operations director in the country

  • WeXpats Jobs
  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed
  • en world
  • MyNavi
  • Career Cross
  • Career Engine
  • YOLO Japan

You have to prepare a resume and apply for positions. If your resume and work background are eye-catching, employers reach you and offer the position. Then comes the interview stage. You have to pass a few interviews with the HR team and the technical team. If everything goes right and the employer wants you, it leads to a cork contract and the rest of the procedure you read in the above section.

Recruiter agencies

Some companies help people find a job or help employers find the employee they need. There are such companies in Japan as well. You can reach them and find you a position as an operations director. 

  • FAIR Inc.
  • Find Chef-Agent
  • Recruit Now
  • Disco International Inc. (DI).
  • Daijob

The above list is just a sample of these companies. You might be able to find other ones, or your friends and co-workers can introduce other companies. The choice is yours to pick one of them and get help finding a job.

One thing you can do is to visit their website or the policy page to know how they work or what their system is.

Also, determine how much they cost you to find a job and if the price is fair or not. They might get a commission from both sides, the employer or employee, or just charge you as the operations director. If there is a contract, you must sign with them to find a job and determine the terms exactly and your obligations. You shouldn’t waste time, so find out how long it takes to find a job for you.

Find companies that need operations directors.

The other way to find a job in Japan as an operations director is to find companies that need your skills. Answer this question; what industries need an operations director? Determining the sections and then finding the top or large companies in that field in Japan.

You can visit their website to know if they have a position or not. Also, you might be able to find other useful information about the positions or vaccines.

You can also reach its employees and staff through LinkedIn or other social media platforms. You can ask questions, get familiar with the vaccines, or learn how they managed to get hired in the company.

Visit Japan to find a job as an operations director.

Yes, you can visit Japan to find a job offer as an operations director. There is no job seeker visa, like in Germany, for Japan. But you can use one or two ways to enter the country.

The first point you should know is that some countries do not need a visa to enter Japan for the short term. The nationals of these countries can enter Japan with their passport and stay for up to 90 days. Their passport allows them to enter Japan and stay for 90 days. But they have no permission to work. They can just visit tourist attractions and see a friend or family member.

If you are not among the visa-waived countries, you can apply for a Japan tourist visa and enter the country to look for a job. The tourist visa doesn’t permit you to work or study in Japan, but you can use it to find a job. When you apply for a tourist visa, do not mention finding a job. Just state visiting the attraction or seeing a friend. If you have a friend in Japan, he/she can send you an invitation letter. This could improve the chance of receiving a tourist visa.

Japan tourist visa permits you to stay in the country for up to 90 days. You can start to send resumes when you get the job offer and mention in your job application that you can visit the country for a face-to-face interview. This could boost the possibility of getting the offer. The employers see you in person and become aware that you are determined to get the position. You are intended to get the position as you have visited the country and stayed for some time to get the offer.

If you have a friend, family member, or an ex-coworker in Japan, you can ask them to introduce you to an employer. This is quite common, but you must have the skills and abilities of an operations director.

Whatever way you sue, it’s a must to find a job offer. Do your best and try not to give up if you are determined.

Infographic How to immigrate to Japan as an operations director

Japanese companies that need operations directors.

This is a list of the companies that need an operations director in Japan. We were able to find their list of websites that advertise job positions. This is just to get familiar with them, and you can find more companies with the websites;

  • Amazon.
  • Accenture.
  • Moran Stanley.
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Hilton

Does a Japan training visa allow you to immigrate and work as an operations director?

You can apply and receive a Japan training visa if you are qualified for it. It permits you to get training as an operations director or your field in the country. This visa is to get work experience in Japan.

You should follow the terms of your training and training visa. When your visa expires, you have to leave Japan or apply for a new visa.

If Japanese companies are satisfied with your training, skills, and abilities, they might hire you as an operations director. Japan’s training visa could be a way to get a job in Japan.

Operations director’s salaries in Japan.

Your salary as an operations director in Japan is up to various factors;

  • The company you work with.
  • Position.
  • Work experience.
  • Job offer.
  • Tasks and duties you have.
  • The city.
  • Etc.

But this section brings you the average salary from some sources.

According to Salary Expert, your salary as an operations director is about ¥14,609,987 ($103.000). This source also indicates that you can expect to earn about  2,745,217 as a bonus as well.

According to Salary Explorer, your salary as a director of operations is about JPY 971,000 per month. The salary range begins from JPY 524,000 ($3.857) and goes up to 1,470,000 ($10.8210 per month.

The Salary.com website indicates that the average salary is about ¥18,599,736, but the range is ¥15,536,359 and ¥20,232,792.

This is what the Word Salaries website tells about the salary of an operations director in Japan; 

  • Average Annual Salary, JPY 10,919,400.
  • Lowest Annual Salary  JPY 5,029,900.
  • Highest Annual Salary JPY 17,399,400.

Do you need language proficiency to immigrate to Japan as an operations director?

The answer to this question is up to the job position and the employer’s demand. He/she might need that you speak Japanese and be fluent in it, or Speaking English could suffice.

When you look for positions, determine the language requirement. If you are not sure about it, look at the available positions and determine if they need Japanese or English. This can give a perspective of the language requirement.

If you have a friend or former colleague working as an operations director in Japan, ask them about the language fluency requirement.

The point is that if you know Japanese or have a degree, the chance of getting a job offer increases. No one knows how long it takes so you can get a job offer. So you’d better begin learning the language to some extent.

Let’s sum up…

The Visa Library team brought you the procedure to immigrate and work as an operations director in Japan. You found the requirements and the steps you have to follow. You also got answers to some of the FAQs you might have along the way.

If you have questions, write them down in the comment section. The Visa Library team will answer them.

You can find more information about Japan visa types or the jobs that can move to the country through the menu of the Visa Library.

Frequently asked questions about immigration to Japan as an operations director.

You have to find a job offer or an employer willing to hire you.

The language requirement is with the Japanese employer. You have to figure it out yourself.

You can find a position on websites that advertise job positions or get help from employment agencies. Look at the article to know them.

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