Working in India is one of the adventurous things many employees would like to experience. Being able to work with foreigners and interacting with different nationalities will alter your perspective about the world as well as its people.

Employment visa

Unlike many countries, an India employment visa (India work visa) will be easily issued. You only have to find an employer in India to hire you and prove they will support you financially.

Project visa

An India project visa would be an appropriate option for those who want to stay in India as skilled workers. In that case, they should apply for an India work visa. This type of visa enables you to take advantage of employer benefits in India and work with professional organizations.

E.conference visa

A conference India visa is given to people who are invited to take part in a conference, meeting, seminar, or workshop. The applicant must provide proof of an invitation letter unless their application is rejected.

Intern visa

An India Intern visa is a type of India work visa that allows you to get internships at educational institutes, companies, or NGOs/charities in India. However, you should provide documentation from the involved institutions.

Missionary visa

People who seek to enter India for religious objectives should apply for an India missionary visa. Missionary visas only allow single entry to India, up to the duration that the government of India has authorized.

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