You will need a New Zealand Occupational Registration Visitor Visa to obtain occupational registration. This visa is valid for three months. Under this visa, you can only come to New Zealand to apply for your occupational registration. Keep in mind that you are currently able to apply for temporary visas, including this one outside of New Zealand. The program was closed  due to the prevalence of COVID-19, but it is open now. 

We will discuss te New Zealand Occupational Registration Visitor Visa application process, requirements, fees, and all you need to know about this visa.

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What is the Occupational Registration Visitor Visa?

You will need this permission if you are planning to come to New Zealand to obtain occupational registration. You can also obtain an Occupational Registration Visitor Visa if you are in New Zealand but need more time to obtain occupational registration. The New Zealand registration body must confirm that you are eligible for the registration process. If you need to get this visa, you must consider the following:

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  • This visa is valid for up to three months. 
  • If you need training for your occupational registration, this training must be done in less than three months.
  • If occupational registration training lasts more than three months, you must obtain a proper student visa.
  • Under this visa, you can only take courses related to your occupational registration.
  • As long as you are in New Zealand, you must have enough money or a sponsor to cover your expenses.
  • You are not allowed to work in New Zealand under this visa.
  • If you want to enter or leave New Zealand, you must have valid multiple entry travel conditions to return to New Zealand.

What are the requirements for obtaining this visa?

To be able to get Occupational Registration Visitor Visa, you must consider the following requirements:

  • All Occupational Registration Visitor applicants must submit an acceptable photo. Submit one photo if you intend to apply online and two photos if you want to use paper submission.
  • A passport and a certified copy are required.
  • You must do a medical examination and chest x-ray to prove your good health. However, it should be noted that people intending to stay in New Zealand for less than six months usually do not need to have a chest x-ray unless the New Zealand Immigration asks them.
  • You must genuinely meet the requirements of your visa. Therefore, you must provide the correct information to support your visa application.
  • You must be eligible for the New Zealand Registration Process to apply for an Occupational Registration Visitor visa. Therefore, the appropriate registration body must approve that:
    • You are qualified for the New Zealand registration process.
    • You have met the enrollment requirements, including English language requirements.
  • While you are in this country, you need to have enough money to cover your expenses. The documents you must provide are:
    • Accommodation prepayments, like hotel pre-paid vouchers or receipts
    • Bank statements
    • Credit card statements
    • Bank drafts
    • Travelers’ checks
  • Sponsorship Form for Temporary Entry is completed by an acceptable sponsor.

Your sponsor must also provide the following:

  • Recent bank statements
  • Pay slips
  • Employment contract
  • Accommodation ownership or payment of rent
  • You should pay your health care costs. Therefore, when applying for your visa, you must declare that you can afford these expenditures. We recommend that you get full medical insurance for the length of your stay in New Zealand.
  • You can bring your family members to New Zealand under this visa. To bring family members, you must consider the following:
    • You must prove your relationship with your family members by providing documents such as a marriage certificate and birth certificate.
    • You must provide proof of their identity.
    • Your family members need to meet health and character requirements.
    • Family members mean your partner and dependent children aged 19 or younger.

How to apply for a visa?

There are the following ways to apply for an Occupational Registration Visitor Visa:

Online Submission

  1. You must first create an account on the New Zealand Immigration Website. You can send your documents through this account. You can also check the status of your visa application.
  2. You must upload your documents and pay for your visa application fee.
  3. New Zealand Immigration will process your visa application and decide whether to grant a visa or not. Keep in mind that this organization may ask you to submit other documents.

Paper submission

  1. You must first complete the visa application form and pay the visa application fee as well as the immigration levy. Then you have to send other supporting documents.
  2. New Zealand Immigration will review your documents and decide whether to grant you a visa. You may be asked to send extra supporting documents.

How much does it cost to apply for an Occupational Registration Visitor visa?

The exact cost to apply for a New Zealand visa is determined by the country you apply for the visa. Therefore, we recommend that you visit the New Zealand Immigration website for detailed information on the application fee for an Occupational Registration Visitor visa.

Let’s sum up … 

In the previous paragraphs, we covered the Occupational Registration Visitor Visa application process and other details. Please remember that because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was not possible to apply but now you can apply for this visa outside of New Zealand at this time.

You can get acquainted with other visas of this country as well as other countries on the website of Visa Library.

If you have experience in obtaining a visa, you can share it with other readers through the comments section to help them in the process of applying for a visa. You can also ask your questions through this section, and we will answer as soon as possible.

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