You want to continue your education and become a dentist. You have considered many options, and Turkey has come into your radar. It’s a good option; you can study a dental course in English or Turkish, the universities welcome international students, and they are friendly cost. It’s a beautiful country with millions of tourists from around the world. The Visa Library team will bring you to become a dentist in Turkey through this article.

Can foreign dentists work in Turkey?

The answer is no. A foreign dentist who has studied in a foreign country and got a diploma or certificate from abroad can not work as a dentist in Turkey. You need to get a degree from a Turkish education center. Turkish law doesn’t permit foreigners to work in some occupations, and dentists are among them. This is a list of professions that foreigners can not work in Turkey and must get a degree from Turkey to become qualified working: 
  • dentist,
  • veterinarian,
  • security guard,
  • pharmacist,
  • lawyer,
  • director of a travel agency.
  • Guide.
If you want to become a dentist in Turkey, you must study dentistry in a Turkish university and get the required degrees.

What are the requirements?

You have to get admission to a Turkish university to become a dentist in this country. Most of the requirements are with the Turkish university and then passing the required exams. This section tells you all the items you need to study dentistry in Turkey.

Language fluency certificate.

Most of the dentistry courses are in Turkish, and there are a few in English. The one you get admission from is up to you, your conditions, and your hard work. But you need a language proficiency certificate to get admission. You often need both English and Turkish language proficiency to get admission to a Turkish university. The Turkish language exam is the TÖMER-Turkish exam, and the English exams are IELTS and TOEFL. You need to visit the university website and determine the exact required score and the approved language test. You might have to take a test with the university as well.

Pass the YÖS exam.

Yabancı Uyruklu Öğrenci Sınav, as said in Turkish or YOS exam, is that foreign students have to pass to get entrance into a Turkish university. Universities take the version of the exam, and students have to pass it. It’s for undergraduate students. You have to apply directly to the university to take the exam and get admission to it. There are three parts to the YOS exam;
  • Mathematics and problems
  • Intelligence
  • Geometry.
The second part of the exam is a Turkish language fluency test. Your test result will be graded A, B, and C. The rest result is up to your skills and fluency.

Passing the SAT exam.

Some Turkish medical universities might ask you to take the SAT exam and provide the passing score they need. The test is in English, and you have to be fluent in English to pass it. SAT is an exam sued for college admission in the US. College Board is the responsible center for holding and taking the exam, and you can find more information on their website. Determine if you can take the test in your home country and what the required criteria are for the university you want to apply for. The SAT exam is a comprehensive exam, and most Turkish universities consider it the main test for entrance.

A high school or educational diploma.

You need at least a diploma or educational certificate to get admission to a Turkish university. You’d better visit the university’s website and determine what the requirements are. But having at least a diploma is one of the requirements. A high school diploma often will suffice.

Being able to get a student visa.

After you get admission to a Turkish university for a dental course, you have to get a student visa. Every foreign national who wants to study in Turkey needs a student visa. There is no way to skip this part. You must be able to gather the visa supporting documents and apply to the Turkish embassy or consulate in your home country. You will learn more about the process in the below section. But read the whole section and determine if you can get a Turkey student visa or not. For instance, you need a clean record certificate for your visa, and it’s part of the supporting documents. You must be able to get it from the related officials in your home country. There are other supporting documents that you have to gather and submit, so determine if you are capable of that or not.

Pass the ALES exam.

The university you apply to might ask you to pass the ALES exam to get admission to the university. It’s a test designed for international students who want to study dental courses in Turkey. The test is held twice a year, in May and September. There are 120 questions that you need to answer, and you have 150 minutes. The first part of the test is about general knowledge of the teeth, and the second part is about clinical knowledge. If you have to take the test, you can find more information on the ALES exam website.

What is the procedure you have to follow?

This is the procedure you have to follow to become a dentist in Turkey. Read these steps carefully and find out what you have to do in each one of them. You’d better read the whole section once or twice to get a clear understating of the procedure you have to follow. Passing one stage could take time and need preparation. For instance, the language proficiency stage might take you one year. So you need to figure out how much time you need to pass them.

Determine if you are eligible or not.

Look before you leap. This is one of the best lessons I got from “Originals” by Adam Grant, my favorite author. You are going to do something new and step into a way that needs a lot of hard work. So you’d better determine whether you can handle the process or not. Some things are out of your control, and you can not overcome them with hard work. You should find out whether you can pass this way or not. Read this section once or twice and figure out the whole process you have to follow. You must be able to fulfill every eligibility principle and get the required tests.

Find a Turkish dental course.

You need to study a dental course in a Turkish university or education center to become a dentist in this country. There are various education centers that offer a course. You should find out one or two that are appropriate for your conditions. If you are wondering which Turkish universities offer a dental courses, you can find a list of them in the section below. Some of these universities are listed. It’s your responsibility to find out which university is appropriate for your conditions. Also, if you  are not fluent in Turkish and want to pass a dental course in English, find out which one of them offers an English course. An essential time you need to clarify is the tuition. Determine how much you have to pay per year and whether you can afford it or not. Also, you might be able to get scholarships or funds. Try to find out if you qualify for them and if yes, apply and try your chance. One of the items you have to prove in your visa application is financial capability. You must have enough money to live and pay your tuition. The Turkish university might ask you to pay part of your tuition in advance, so you’d better figure out if you can do it or not.

Fulfill the Turkish university requirements.

Visit the university’s website and determine the course’s requirements. You should find out what the university asks to grant admission to you as an international student. You have to fulfill all of the requirements and then apply to them. Some of the requirements are as follows; 
  • SAT exam.
  • YÖS exam
  • Language fluency certificate
  • Latest educational degree.
  • Transcript.
  • A copy of passport.
  • Clean record certificate.
  • Motivational letter
  • Admission fee.
  • Etc.
The above list is a sample list of requirements, and you need to figure out the exact list of requirements with the university. They might ask for a score for the exams as well. For instance, they might require you to have IELTS 6 score.

Apply to a Turkish university and get admission.

After you fulfill the requirements, apply to the university and wait for processing. It takes time until the Turkish university evaluates your case and decides whether to grant admission or not. You can apply to more than one university to improve the possibility of admission. But you need to know that the competition is tough, and so many people want to study dentistry in Turkey. So you will have to compete with thousands of applicants. You’d better work on your application and improve the points to boost the chance of getting accepted. After you apply to the university, wait for processing. When you get accepted to the university and have an admission letter, you can apply for a Turkey student visa.

Apply for a turkey student visa.

At this stage, you have to apply for a Turkey student visa. You’d better start the process as early as possible and after you get admission. But the earliest time you can submit your application is 60-90 days before starting date of your course. First, you have to gather the list of supporting documents. You can begin this stage a bit earlier and get the documents that don’t have an expiry date. This is a sample list of the documents you have to gather; 
  1. Completed Turkish student visa online application form.
  2. Paper application form if the embassy requires it.
  3. Valid passport.
  4. Biometric photos that meet the photo requirements of the Turkish visa.
  5. Evidence showing that you have booked flights.
  6. For the period of stay in Turkey, you must have travel insurance.
  7. An acceptance letter or admission letter: stating that a Turkish educational institution has accepted you. The letter should state the length of your stay.
  8. Proof of fees paid: for the education program you are about to participate in (if applicable).
  9. Diplomas, certificates, and previous transcripts.
  10.  Proof of financial resources: You are required to prove that you have sufficient money to live in the country by the Turkish authorities during the time of your studies, and you must be able to pay for your studies fees. You need to show some documents as proof. This can be:
  • Your bank statement proves that you have the required amount.
  • Scholarship letter, if applicable.
  • Sponsorship Letter, if your parents or other individuals sponsor your education and stay in Turkey.
  1. Proof of accommodation: It completely depends on where you are staying during your stay in Turkey; you are required to show a document as proof of accommodation.
  •  If you plan to live in a dormitory, please show documents proving that you have a reserved place.
  •  If you are invited to live in Turkey with a friend or family member, you must present an invitation letter from the host.
  •  If you rent a place for yourself, please show the rent agreement you and the landlord signed.
The above list of documents is a sample list of the documents you have to gather. You’d better visit the Turkish embassy/consulate website and find out if they have a checklist of supporting documents. If not, you can email them to know the full list of documents.

A meeting with the Turkish embassy.

After you are done gathering the documents or while collecting them, schedule a meeting with the Turkish embassy/consulate in your home country. While you complete the online application form, it requires you to choose a country and city for your appointment. You have to figure out how to arrange the meeting with this center. Then you have to visit the center on the booked date and bring all the documents you have collected. Check your documents before the meeting and ensure they are complete. Also, the embassy might ask for a copy or another piece of document. This is what you have to figure out. Visit the embassy and submit the documents. Follow the instructions and procedures to complete the meeting. You also have to pay the fees with the center; ask them how much the visa costs you and how you have to pay it. There is often an interview with the embassy officials, and they ask about the purpose of your visit, the education center, and your course. After you are done with the embassy, wait for visa processing. It’s up to the embassy and whether you have submitted a full list of documents. After your student visa is issued and you get the label on your passport, you can move to Turkey and begin your studies. There are some procedures you have to complete after landing there too. You can find more information about Turkey’s student visa from the Visa Library article.

Complete your education in Turkey.

After you land in Turkey through a student visa, you have to stay in the country and complete your education. It takes 5 years to complete a dental course in Turkey. In the meantime, you have to obey the national law, study hard, and get high scores. You have to follow the rules and instructions as you are going to stay in the country after your studies.

Pass the DUS test.

After you complete your education, you need to pass the DUS test. This is for students who have completed their education and want to get a certificate to work as a dentist in Turkey.

TUS test.

If you want to get particular expertise in your field, you need to pass the TUS test in Turkey. A dentist who wants to get expertise in dentistry needs to pass the TUS test.

Apply for a work permit or work visa.

After you complete your education in Turkey, you have permission to stay and work in the country. But you need a job offer from a Turkish employer to do so. You have to look for a clinic or center that needs a dentist. The employer applies for a work permit, and after the permit is issued, you can work as a dentist in the country. You have to sign an employment contract with the employer, and then the employer applies for a work permit. As you are already in Turkey, you do not need a work visa. But if you are outside of Turkey at the time of application, you also need a work visa to enter Turkey again. You can read more about the Turkey work visa article on our page or watch the video that the Visa Library team has prepared on our YouTube channel.

What language do I need to become a dentist in Turkey?

Some Turkish universities offer English dental courses, and most are in Turkish. The tuition or fees of Turkish courses are cheaper. But you need both English and Turkish language proficiency to study a dental course in the country. This is because the majority of Turkish people do not understand English. They are determined to use their native language even though millions of tourists visit the country every year, and English is common. The language requirement is with the university, and you have to check it with them. But IELTS and TOEFL are the approved language tests.

How long does it take to study dentistry in Turkey?

It takes you 5 years to complete your dental education in Turkey. First, you have to complete a two-year program and then a three-year program. For the first course, you will learn and study theoretical and practical subjects. In the second program, or the three years left, you will learn and practice the required skills in a clinic or hospital.

List of Turkish universities that offer a dental course.

This is a list of the Turkish universities that offer dental courses. You can visit their website to know if you can fulfill the requirements and get admission or not.
Erciyes University
Ege University
Duzce University
Marmara University
Istanbul Medipol University
Gaziantep University
Dokuz Eylül University
Cukurova University
Eskişehir Osmangazi University
Gazi University
Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University
Başkent University
Bahçeşehir University
Atatürk University
Ankara University
Aksaray University
Akdeniz University
Acıbadem University
Karabük University
Istanbul University
Hacettepe University
Koç University
This is a sample list of Turkish universities and you might be able to find other schools or centers.

Turkish universities that offer an English dental course.

This list of Turkish universities offer a dental course in English;
  • Beykent University
  • Bahcesehir University
  • Biruni University
  • Altinbas University
  • Okan University
  • Izmir University
  • Medipol University
  • Yeditepe University

How much does it cost to study dentistry in Turkey?

The cost is u to the school or university you get admitted to. The tuition range from $1,200 to $19,000 for public schools or universities and $17,000 to $27,000 for private schools. Of course, competition is tough and harder for public schools. Also, you need EUR 400–650 or 300$ – 600$ per month for your living expenses. But it’s much up to your lifestyle and the city you live in

Dentist salary in Turkey.

According to Galssfoeer, the average salary of a dentist in Turkey is about. TRY 86,729 ($4.531) per month. According to Salary Explorer, the average salary of a dentist in Turkey is about 18,100 TRY per month. Your salary begins from TRY 9,430 and goes up to TRY 27,700. According to Salary Expert, the average salary is about TRY 374.380 (₺).

Can I study dentistry in Turkey without the YOS exam?

Yes, you can study a dental course in Turkey without taking the YOS exam. You can apply t private schools or universities that offer a dental courses. They require other international exams like SAT, IELTS, or TOEFL to get international students. You should visit the university’s website or negotiate with them to know if they waive the YOS exam or not.

Studying dentistry in Turkey benefits

High level of education. Adequate educational facilities with well-equipped laboratories. Low tuition fees. The student can study dentistry in English or Turkish at universities and higher education institutions. Receive a variety of scholarships. The student can work up to 30 hours per week. The possibility of obtaining a study residency in Turkey. Students can also take advantage of a discount on public transportation by presenting a student card. Medical expenses for students are free because there is insurance for students. Also, to study medicine in Turkey in English, the applicant must present at least 6 IELTS scores after passing the admission test. But the YOS test is more comprehensive than the SAT test, and therefore most Turkish universities consider this test as a criterion for admission. The ALES exam is another exam intended for students who want to study dentistry in Turkey. This exam is intended for entry into the dental specialty in Turkey, and the DOS test language is also Turkish. This test is administered twice a year in May and September. This test consists of 120 questions in 150 minutes. It has two parts, the first part is general knowledge of the teeth and the second part is clinical knowledge.

Let’s sum up…

You learned how to become a dentist in this article. It explained that foreign dentists could not move to the country, and you must study a dental course and get your degree to become qualified. The list of requirements you need and the entire application process are covered. You know what to do and what you need at every step. If you have questions, write them down in the comment section. The Visa Library team will answer them.

Frequently asked questions about moving to Turkey as a dentist.

Can a foreign dentist work in Turkey? No, you may not. You have to stay in Turkey and get the required degree. What is the first step to becoming a dentist in Turkey? You need to get admitted to a Turkish university that offers a dental course. Do I need language proficiency to become a dentist in Turkey? Yes, you need English and Turkish language prophecy to become a dentist in Turkey.

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