Moving to Egypt to practice dentistry is an opportunity for professional development and personal discovery.  Egypt has a lot to offer dentists looking to expand their careers with its long history, thriving culture, and expanding healthcare sector. This article will explore the specifics to help you immigrate to Egypt as a dentist, from the requirements to the salary of dentists in Egypt.

Is Egypt Good for Dentistry?

Egypt offers cheaper dental care than many Western countries, making it desirable to budget-conscious patients. But care quality might vary, so a thorough investigation is needed. Private clinics with contemporary equipment and trained dentists are common in Cairo and Alexandria, although rural areas may lack resources. A dentist who speaks your language or an expat-friendly practice may help with language issues. Check if the facility meets international hygiene and sterilization requirements. Check if Egypt has the skills and equipment for difficult treatments.

How to Immigrate to Egypt as a Dentist

How Big is the Dental Market in Egypt?

There are many segments within the dental care market in Egypt. The Insights10 analysis predicts that by 2030, the Egypt Oral Care market will be worth around $179 million, demonstrating its size and promising future. Products and services for maintaining good dental hygiene are included in this category.

In addition, the Egypt Dental Care Industry Analysis Report by Insights10 reveals a more extensive dental care industry in Egypt. This study discusses various dental services and products, providing valuable insight into the dental care market.

Best Egyptian Cities for Foreign Dentist

In Egypt, the two largest cities, Cairo and Alexandria, are the most common locations where international dentists can find employment.

How to Immigrate to Egypt as a Dentist?

The question is, “How do you work as a dentist in Egypt?” Let’s see. To immigrate to Egypt as a dentist, follow these steps:

Step 1. Research Requirements

To get started, research Egypt’s immigration and license procedures for dentists practicing in other countries. This requires being aware of the particular qualifications, documentation, and procedures requirements.

Step 2. Contact Egyptian Authorities

Contact the Egyptian government agencies responsible for immigration and dental licensure and proceed from there. This may pertain to the Ministry of Health or the Egyptian Dental Association. Request information on how to navigate the immigration system as well as the license requirements for international dentists.

Step 3. Credential Evaluation

You should get an evaluation done to ensure your educational background and professional credentials align with Egypt’s requirements. You may be required to supply documents such as transcripts, diplomas, evidence of clinical practice, and any other necessary documentation.

Step 4. Language Proficiency

You might be required to demonstrate fluency in English or Arabic, depending on your location, the needs of your potential employment, or the requirements of a licensing board. Make sure that you can meet any standards regarding your language skills.

Step 5. Licensing Exam

Make sure you are prepared to take any certification or licensing exams that may be required. Egypt may have certain examinations or evaluations that you need to do to demonstrate your dental knowledge and skills. Learn the material, and get yourself ready.

Step 6. Visa Application

To immigrate to Egypt as a dentist and live and work there, you must apply for the necessary visa. We may discuss a work visa or a professional practice one. Make sure you have all of the necessary paperwork and that you apply for the visa accurately.

Step 7. Employment or Practice

Either obtain a job offer from a dental clinic or institution in Egypt if such an opportunity presents itself or set up your dental practice in Egypt. Dentists need to comply with all of the local legislation and tax requirements.

Step 8. Adjustment Period

Prepare yourself for a time of adjustment while acclimating to the culture, healthcare system, and country of your new home. It may be beneficial to seek assistance from expatriate groups or organizations to make the move go more smoothly.

Step 9. Stay Updated

Because the rules and requirements about immigration are subject to change, it is vital to be current with the most recent information released by Egyptian authorities. To receive direction, you might find it helpful to confer with an immigration lawyer or consultant.

Requirements to Immigrate to Egypt as a Dentist

To immigrate to Egypt as a dentist, you need to research and understand the specific requirements, which typically include:

  • Educational Qualifications. To practice dentistry, you must first have a dental degree from an accredited college. This typically entails earning a dental degree (such as a DDS or DMD) and completing any additional education or specialization that may be necessary.
  • Clinical Experience. After earning your dentistry degree, you may be required to complete an internship or clinical experience in some countries like Egypt. Ensure you have at least the relevant work experience.
  • Credential Evaluation. Obtain an evaluation of your transcripts and degrees to ensure they are comparable to those awarded in Egypt. A professional credential evaluation service may sometimes be required to complete this step.
  • Licensing Requirements. Learn the ins and outs of the Egyptian dental license process. To do this, you must show that you have the knowledge and abilities to practice dentistry by completing the exams required for a license. For more information on these assessments, please contact the Egyptian Dental Association or the appropriate licensing body.
  • Documentation. Get ready with the required paperwork, which includes:
    • Educational documents like a Dental degree certificate (e.g., DDS or DMD), transcripts from your dental school, and proof of any postgraduate training or specialization.
    • Credential evaluation
    • Clinical experience like documentation of clinical experience or internship, including letters from supervising dentists or institutions.
    • If required, language proficiency is required to demonstrate proficiency in Arabic and/or English.
    • Letters of recommendation
    • Passport
    • Visa application
    • Passport photos
    • Proof of financial resources
    • Licensing documents
    • Police clearance certificate
    • Health records
    • Job offer (if applicable)
    • Other specific documents
  • Financial Requirements. Visa fees, credential evaluation fees, and other immigration-related expenditures can add up quickly, so plan to ensure you can afford them.
  • Legal Status. The type of visa you intend to apply for will determine whether you need to be a legal resident of Egypt or a holder of a work permit.
  • Research the Immigration Process. Learn the fundamentals of entering Egypt, such as the different types of visas, how to apply, and the required processing times.

Credential Evaluation to Immigrate to Egypt as a Dentist

Credential Evaluation is a vital step to immigrate to Egypt as a dentist. Here’s a concise overview of the process:

  1. Choose an Evaluation Service. Choose a service that is both thorough and has a good reputation and is also accepted in Egypt.
  2. Prepare Documents. Collect all necessary paperwork, such as diplomas and transcripts.
  3. Submit Application. Complete the application, attach any requirements, and pay any applicable fees.
  4. Evaluation Process. The service performs a comparison of your credentials to those required in Egypt.
  5. Receive Report. You will be provided with a report outlining the equivalents of your qualifications.
  6. Use Report. Submit the report to the Egyptian government for visa and license processing.
  7. Follow Licensing Steps. Conduct any extra licensing procedures that may be necessary.

Financial Requirements to Immigrate to Egypt as a Dentist

When immigrating to Egypt as a dentist, consider the following financial aspects:

  • Visa Fees. Be ready to pay anywhere from $25 to USD 100 in visa application fees, the exact amount varying by visa category.
  • Living Expenses. The average monthly cost of living is between $500 and $1,500, but this can differ widely from one person to the next and from one place to another.
  • Health Insurance. Health insurance premiums can cost anywhere from $50 to $200 monthly, so be sure to factor that into your budget.
  • Initial Settlement Costs. Budget between $1,000 and $5,000 US to cover early setup expenses such as rent or a mortgage, utilities, and furniture.
  • Emergency Funds. Keep at least several hundred dollars in a savings account designated for emergencies.
  • Proof of Income. Make sure your pay is sufficient to meet your costs of living and visa fees if you plan to work.
  • Bank Statements. Bring up-to-date bank statements demonstrating you have enough money to cover your time in Egypt.
  • Sponsorship. If you’re being sponsored, check that your sponsor keeps their cash promises.

How to Get a License as a Foreign Dentist in Egypt?

Becoming a certified dentist in Egypt as a foreign-trained dentist can be a hard procedure, and it’s vital to meet the special requirements specified by the Egyptian Ministry of Health and the Egyptian Dental Syndicate. Here are the general steps to receive a license to immigrate to Egypt as a dentist:

Verify Qualifications. Make sure Egypt recognizes your dental degree.

Language Proficiency. You’ll need to be able to communicate in Arabic.

Legal Requirements. You’ll need to obtain a work permit or a visa.

Dental Exam Equivalency. If the authorities require it, pass an equivalency test.

Internship/Residency. You must complete a dental internship to be eligible for a dental residency or internship in Egypt.

Apply for Licensing. Through the Egyptian Dental Syndicate, submit documents and apply for a license.

Interview. Your expertise and knowledge will be assessed in an interview.

Pay Fees. Make sure you’re ready to pay the licensing fees.

Continuing Education. Educate yourself on dental practices to stay up to date.

Malpractice Insurance. It is a requirement for practicing in Egypt to have malpractice insurance.

Begin Practicing. Become a dentist in Egypt by joining an existing clinic or starting one yourself.

Do Dentists Get Paid Well in Egypt?

In Egypt, a dentist’s annual pay can range from around 125,100 EGP to about 394,300 EGP, with the median salary falling somewhere in the middle at about 252,300 EGP.

Annual Salary

  • Lowest Annual Salary: 125,100 EGP
  • Average Annual Salary: 252,300 EGP
  • Highest Monthly Salary: 32,858 EGP

Monthly Salary

  • Lowest Monthly Salary: 10,425 EGP
  • Average Monthly Salary: 21,025 EGP
  • Highest Annual Salary: 394,300 EGP

Salary By Experience

  • 0 – 2 Years Experience. A dentist with less than two years of experience in Egypt might make 148,300 EGP.
  • 2 – 5 Years Experience. The average dentist’s pay rises to 189,300 EGP after two to five years.
  • 5 – 10 Years Experience. With five to 10 years of experience, dentists earn 261,300 EGP on average.
  • 10 – 15 Years Experience. After ten years, the average pay is 322,600 EGP.
  • 15 – 20 Years Experience. The average dentist’s salary is 344,600 EGP for 15–20 years of experience.
  • 20+ Years Experience. For dentists over 20, the average pay rises to 367,200 EGP.

Immigrate to Egypt as a Dentist from the USA

To immigrate to Egypt as a dentist from the USA, research Egypt’s visa and licensing requirements. Before moving, you should ensure that your qualifications meet the local dental licensure regulations by contacting the appropriate authorities in Egypt to receive direction on the immigration procedure.

Immigrate to Egypt as a Dentist from India

To immigrate to Egypt as a dentist from India, do your homework on the visa and licensing requirements in Egypt. Before transferring, you should ensure that your qualifications meet the local dental licensure regulations by contacting the appropriate authorities in Egypt to receive directions on the immigration procedure.

Immigrate to Egypt as a Dentist: Let’s Recap

Moving to Egypt to practice dentistry can be enriching on many levels. You may launch a rewarding career in Egypt if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to acquire the necessary education and licensure, network your way into a position of employment, and adopt the local culture.


Is it challenging to pass the licensing exams in Egypt for foreign dentists?

International dentists can pass Egypt’s demanding license tests with the right amount of time and effort.

What are the average salaries for dentists in Egypt?

Dentists in Egypt can expect to make a decent salary, the specifics of which depend on their level of experience and area of specialty.

Do I need to learn Arabic to practice dentistry in Egypt?

Yes, communicating with patients and understanding their medical data in Arabic is essential.

Are there opportunities for specialization in Egypt’s dental field?

For example, focusing on orthodontics or aesthetic dentistry can increase your marketability as a dentist in Egypt.

Is it safe to live in Egypt as a foreign dentist?

The majority of expats report feeling safe in Egypt. However, as with any other nation, it’s important to familiarize oneself with the situation on the ground and to take appropriate safety measures.

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