Egypt work visa, application, and requirements 


The land of Pharaohs has a rich culture and ancient history. Egypt has become a favored working destination for skilled employees and professionals. The country is developing and requires skilled people. Everyone who wants to work in the country needs an Egypt work visa.

This article will bring you who is eligible for an Egypt work visa, the requirements, the application process, and answers to FAQs.

Are you eligible for an Egypt work visa?

You need to meet the following eligibility principles to apply for an Egypt work visa:

Job offer

The first step is to find a job offer from an Egyptian employer. The terms of the proposed job must comply with the national law and pay the minimum income. Also, the offer must lead to a signed contract by both the employer and employee.

The contract needs to clarify the terms of employment, salary, insurance, and all the details.

No Egyptian national to fill the position

The Egyptian authorities are strict over issuing a work permit. They prefer that employers recruit national workers. If the employer wants to hire an international employer, he/she needs to clarify that there is no Egyptian national to fill the position.

Egyptian company quota

There is a rule in the country for the company that wants to hire an international employer. The number of international workers in the company may not exceed 10% of the staff of the semi-skilled or unskilled workers in the company. It means Egyptian s must make up 90% of the workforce. The limit by law for skilled workers is 25%.

Being healthy

The applicant needs to go through a few medical tests so he/she can apply for an Egypt tourist visa. HIV test is one of them, and if the applicant has severe health problems, he/she might become ineligible.

Egypt work visa requirements and supporting documents

The required supporting documents for an Egypt work visa are as follows:


It must be valid for at least two years at the time of application.


You need 7 identical photos of yourself taken recently in a clear white background. Nothing must block your appearance, and it must be normal.

Educational Certificates

A copy of the university degree is required.

Work experience 

Provide proof of work experience in your field.

Personal documents 

Personal identification certificates such as birth certificates and marriage certificates are required.

Job offer 

A copy of the job offer letter signed by the Egyptian employer is required.

Health insurance 

Valid health insurance to cover your expenses during the trip and until your employer provides insurance.

Medical test 

A negative HIV test is mandatory.

Paid fees 

Proof of the paid visa fees is required.

Note: The supporting documents could vary from one country to another one. Before submitting the documents, you must translate them by a verified translator and legalize them. 

Egyptian company supporting documents

The Egyptian company which wants to recruit the international worker needs to provide the following documents:

Application form 

The employer must get it from the Ministry of Manpower and Training Facilities.

Details of the job offer 

The exact information of the job offer provided to the foreign worker and the position must be clarified.

List of staff 

A list of the foreign employee working for the company must be provided.

Tax information 

The information on the tx payments is required.

Company registration

The documents of the registering company as a valid one in Egypt are necessary.


If available, provide them.

Employee’s tax ID card

Two copies of this document are required.


It is required to justify the recruitment of a foreign employee.

Authorities approval 

The Egyptian employer must get permission from the authorities to hire an international employee.

The following ones are also required:

  • List of social security paying employees
  • Trade/commercial registration certificate
  • Social Insurance Form
  • Company Gazette
  • Letter of Responsibility
  • Security Investigation Form

How to get a work visa in Egypt?

The application process for an Egypt work visa or the way to get a work visa is as follows:

Step 1. Finding a job offer

The first step in Egypt’s work visa application is to find a job offer from an Egyptian company or employer. The job offer must lead to a work signed contract by both sides. The details of the employment must be explained in the contract, including salary, working hours, and job position.

You can find a job in Egypt through the following websites:

  • Overseasjobs
  • Jobs.goabroad

Step 2. Receiving approval

The Egyptian employer begins the application process in the country and applies to the Ministry of Manpower and Immigration (MMI). He/she needs to submit some supporting documents and prove that he was not able to find a national for the job position.

When the Ministry approves the application, they will notify the Egyptian embassy in the employee’s home country. Now the employer must apply for an Egypt tourist visa to move to the country.

Step 3. Apply for the tourist visa

The employee needs to schedule a visa meeting with the embassy and gather the supporting documents for the Egypt tourist visa. He/she must attend the embassy on the exact date and participate in a meeting. The submits the supporting documents to the officials and pays the visa fees. When the visa is ready, the employer must move to Egypt. The visa permits the employee to stay in the country for 4-6 weeks to finalize the processes and apply for a work permit or residence permit.

Step 4. Register with the Police

As soon as the employee arrives in Egypt, he/she needs to register with the Police. There is no need to search a lot for a particular police station, and the applicant can register with the nearest police station in the city he/she resides.

Step 5. Apply for a work permit

The applicant needs to apply for a residence permit when he/she gets to the country. The visa was permitted to enter the country, and the residence permit is authorization to stay in the country for the long term. Bear in mind that you must bring all the necessary requirements to Egypt as authorities could require further documents, and It’s not economical to return to your home country to bring documents.

When you are in Egypt, you have to pass an HIV test and provide a negative result.

Step 6. Training

When the residence permit is completed, the applicant can work in the company, but he/she can work with the visa until the permit is issued. When the officials issue the permit, the applicant needs to take training from at least 2 local Egyptian nationals. The training is to prepare the applicant for working in the country, become familiar with rules, and practice some language.

Medical test for Egypt work visa

Egypt works visa applicants need to pass a medical test when they get to the country whiting five days of arrival. They need to take an HIV test in the country to prove they are healthy. But the defendants are exempt from taking the HIV test. The applicant has no permission to leave the country or travel abroad until he/she receives the result of the test and the authorities issue the work permit.

Egypt work visa for the U.S. citizens

US citizens need a work visa to work in Egypt. Everyone who wants to work in the country needs a work visa. US citizens have the option to apply for the eVisa. The application process is completely online, and they don’t have to visit the embassy. When the visa gets issued, they will receive it in their email. The US citizens must print it and carry it while the country.

While US citizens are in Egypt, they can apply for a work permit to work legally in the country. However, the passport must be valid for at least six months. They must also carry all the supporting documents and, of course, having a job offer and the contract is essential.

Egypt work visa processing time

There are a few stages that you have to wait for the authorities’ decision when applying for an Egypt work visa. When the employer applies for the work permit to the officials to receive verification, it takes some time until the officials approve it.

Then the applicant needs to apply for a tourist visa which takes some time as well. Then the applicant moves to Egypt and applies for a work permit or residence permit. It could take 3-6 months or even up to one year in some cases.

How to get a work permit in Egypt?

The employer should apply for authorities’ approval so the applicant can work in Egypt. Then the foreign worker can apply for a tourist visa and move to the country and apply for a work permit in Egypt.

The applicant needs to apply to the Immigration authorities in Egypt for a work permit. He/she needs to bring all the requirements from his/her home country.

How much does an Egypt work visa cost?

Egypt work visa costs you 1000 EGP or Egyptian pounds. You might have to pay further by your nationality or the services provided by the embassy in your home country.

Is it possible to be exempted from work authorization requirements?

There are no work permit exemptions for any foreign nationals in Egypt. Everyone who wants to work in the country must apply for a work permit.

Can you bring your dependents under an Egypt work visa?

You can bring your family, spouse, and children to the country through an Egyptian work visa, but the spouse may not work. He/she can stay in the country until the worker is permitted to stay. The dependents can apply for a separate work or study permit if they do not have permission to work.

Let’s sum up…

Anyone who wants to work in Egypt needs an Egypt work visa. This article explained who is eligible to apply, the requirements, and the application process. The FAQs related to the work visa got also covered.

You can know about other types of Egyptian visas by looking at the left sidebar.

If you have questions related to Egypt’s work visa, write them down in the comment section below, and the Visa Library team will respond right away.

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