Do you want to immigrate and work in in China as a nurse? You have every right as it has become a popular destination for international students and skilled workers. Its economy is growing every day, studying is economical compared to European countries, and they need skilled workers and graduates from around the world. So people choose China to continue their education and work as skilled workers. This Visa Library article will bring you how to immigrate and work in China as a nurse. You will find the procedure, requirements, and steps you have to follow.

How to immigrate to China as a nurse? 

This section brings you the procedure you have to follow to immigrate and work in in China as a nurse. It’s a long and tedious process, and you have to put a lot of effort into it. You’d better read the whole section at least once to know the requirements and eligibility principles.s you might not be able to pass one stage, or you have to work hard to get the eligibility. So you should have a clear understanding of the whole procedure you have to follow.

How to immigrate and work in China as a nurse

Learn Chinese and work on your language proficiency.

The first step you need to pass to immigrate and work in in China as a nurse is to learn Chinese. The majority of the nursing courses provided by Chinese universities are in the Chinese language. There are English courses as well, but most of them are in Chinese. If you are determined to immigrate and work in in China as a nurse, you’d better work on your language proficiency and get the required certificate.

Language fluency is with the university, but you often need an HSK Level 4 to get admitted to the university. If you have to submit English language fluency, you often need an IELTS 6 certificate.

Even if you get admitted to an English course, you need Chinese language proficiency. There is a national exam that you need to pass to immigrate and work in in China as a nurse which is in Chinese. You will find more information about it in the below section.

Moreover, you will need to interact and communicate with Chinese patients and co-workers. English is common, but most of them speak Chinese.

The Chinese language system is different than other European and Asian languages, so you’d better start as early as it takes a long to master it and reach the required level.

Find a nursing program and get admission.

You need to find a nursing program in a Chinese university that provides it to international students. Many Chinese universities offer such a course, and you must find out which one is appropriate for you and can fulfill the requirements. You can find a list of the Chinese universities with a nursing degree in the below section. Visit their website and determine the requirements. This is a sample of the requirements. This is a sample list of the requirements: 

  • Latest educational degree (at least a high school diploma).
  • The first page of the passport.
  • Receipt of paid application fee.
  • Chinese language proficiency certificate (HSK 4).
  • English language proficiency certificate (TOEFL above 70 or IELTS above 6.0.)
  • Passing the national entrance exam.
  • Statement of purpose or cover letter.
  • Recommendation from teachers.
  • Medical certificate of the physical examination result.
  • Passing the required courses:
    • English,
    • Mathematics,
    • Chemistry
  • Etc.

The above list is just a sample, and you need to find the exact requirements of the university. You need to fulfill the requirements and apply to them to get the admission letter.

You need to find out other information about the university and the city as well. Research the city and figure out the cost of living in that city. You should determine whether you can afford it or not. Also, determine if you can find a part-time job to cover part of your expenses. Are there hospitals or clinics in this city so you can get a part-time job there and work experience as a nurse? These are the items that you need to find out.

The other important factor is the tuition. If you do not have funds or scholarships from the university, can you afford the tuition? You have to figure out the tuition and determine if you can afford it or not. Remember that you might have to pay part of the tuition to the university or pay a deposit. Determine how much it is and whether you can pay it or not. Also, you will have to prove to the Chinese embassy that you can cover your expenses. Being to pay the tuition and cost of living is essential.

Apply for a China student visa.

After you receive the admission letter from the Chinese university, you can apply for a China student visa. The visa you need is an X1 visa that permits you to stay and complete a study program that is longer than six months in China. The first step to getting a student visa is to receive the admission letter. It’s the cornerstone of your documents and application process.

Then, you need to gather the list of China student visa supporting documents. This is a sample list of the documents you need to gather:

  1. A valid passport and a photo.

The visa must be valid for at least six months from the date of application. The passport must also have blank pages to enter the visa. The applicant’s photo must have been taken during the last six months. The applicant’s photo must be in color, and the full face must be visible.

  1. China student visa application form.

The applicant must complete this form. You can download the sample form from the Chinese Embassy website.

  1. The admission letter.

Once a Chinese university admits a student, a letter of acceptance is issued that you will need when applying for a student visa.

  1. JW201 or JW202 Form.

The forms, known as foreign student visa application forms, are issued by the Ministry of Education in China. Your university in China will provide you with a copy of these forms. Form JW201 is for students who want to receive a scholarship from the China government. Form JW202 is issued to students who fund their studies.

  1. Payment receipt: The application fee for a China student visa is about $ 66, which the applicant must pay. You must keep your payment receipt and present it as part of your pre-visa documents.
  2. The applicant must prove that he will return to his home country after graduation. During the interview, the immigration officer may also review documents related to your accommodation in China.
  3. Physical examination record: Students over the age of 19 must undergo some medical examinations and submit their results to the embassy. This requirement only applies to X1 visa applicants.
  4. Clean record certificate.
  5. Language requirements: This item is not defined for student visa applicants, but the university may require a language test result for admission. Depending on the studying program, you may need a certificate in English or Mandarin.
  6. Translation. You need to translate your documents that are not in English or Chinese into the language required by the Chinese embassy in your home country. It’s Chinese or English.

Attention: the above list is not a complete list of China student visa supporting documents. You might have to submit further documents. The decision is with the Chinese embassy or consulate in your home country. Ask them about the full list of documents or visit their website to find more information. Further supporting documents are up to your nationality and the embassy’s decision.

After you gather the documents, you need to schedule a meeting with the Chinese embassy/consulate or visa center responsible for visa processing in your home country. You should find out who is in charge of visa processing in your country of residence. You can find the list of China visa application centers from this link. Determine how you can get a meeting with them.

Then, you will have to visit them in person or through an agent to submit the documents.

You will submit the documents to the officials when you meet them. They inform you of the procedures. Remember that if you have to prepare a copy of your documents, get them in advance, as the embassy doesn’t provide such services. Then you will have to take part in an interview and answer some questions regarding the purpose of your visit. You can find a list of the questions asked in an interview in the Visa Library article. Prepare yourself and give true and honest answers.

There is also a fee for visa processing that you must pay with the embassy. Determine how you have to pay it; transfer it to their bank account, pay with cash or a credit card.

You should wait for the results; it will take time until the Chinese officials work on your application. When your visa is ready and issued, the embassy informs you to receive the visa label. You might have to post your passport or deliver it in person to get the visa stick on it. When you get the student visa label, you can move to China.

The one helpful point is determining how many of the graduates of this unicity can pass the national nursing licensure exam. It’s to find out whether the provided courses and education are standard and can make you a qualified nurse.

Pass the National Nursing Licensure Examinations.

After you complete your education and get your degree, you need to pass the National Nursing Licensure Examinations (NNLE). You will have to pass the NNLE to become a registered nurse in China. The exam evaluates and determines whether you have enough knowledge, skills, and nursing ethics to work as a nurse in China or not.

There are paper-based and computer-based versions of the exam in different regions. The exam comes in two sections:

  1. Basic science knowledge
  2. Nursing skill section

You need to pass the two parts and get the passing score to become a licensed nurse in China.

Find a job and apply for a work permit notice.

After you get your license, you can work as a nurse in China. At this stage, you need to find a job with a Chinese employer, hospital, or clinic. This isn’t a hard part and you just need to start looking for it. You can start looking for a job even before passing the exam and negotiate with employers.

After spending a few years in China, you know a lot about how to find a job. But we introduce some ways in this section.

The first way you can use to find a job is to look for a position through the websites that advertise such job positions. Here is a list of these websites: 

  • Chinajob.com
  • Chinasemester.com
  • foreignhr.com
  • Echinacities.com
  •  jobsitechina.com
  • Hiredchina.com
  • Jobleadchina.com
  • Chinaexpat.cn
  • Pingwaijiao.com
  • thebeijinger.com

Prepare your rescue and license exam results and apply for positions. If your resume is good and the employer is convinced, they reach you and hold an interview. Then they negotiate and proceed with the procedure.

The second way you can use to find a job is through employment agencies or recruiters. These are the companies that connect employees and employers. This is a list of these companies where you can get help to find a job as a nurse: 

  • Reach To Teach,
  • Teaching Nomad
  • Set in China

You can find more recruiters by research, and the above list is a sample. Reach them and determine if they can help you and have a nursing position for you or not.

The third way to find a job in China as a nurse is to reach the hospitals and clinics directly. You can visit the hiring department or authorities in person or email them your resume. China lacks skilled nurses, so they welcome skilled nurses.

After you find a job, you will have to sign an employment contract with the hospital or clinic. It must explain every detail and terms of your employment. This is a sample list of the items to be included in the work contract: 

  • The date you start your work.
  • Duration of employment.
  • Salary
  • Benefits and perks.
  • Tasks and responsibilities.
  • Working hours.
  • Insurance policy.
  • Work leave.
  • Erc.

After you sign the contract, the employer will apply for a work permit. Every foreign national who wants to work in China needs a work permit or approval from the Chinese government.

You can find more information about China work visa and China work permit from the Visa Library article or watch the video we have prepared on our YouTube channel.

After you get your work permit, you can work in China as long as you have a job offer or contract with a Chinese employer.

Infographic How to immigrate and work in China as a nurse

Chinese universities that provide a nursing degree.

This section brings you the list of Chinese universities that offer a nursing degree. You have to visit their website and compare them to find out which one is appropriate for you.

You need to consider a few items for picking the right university. The first one is the tuition. Determine how much it costs and whether you can pay it or not. You can learn about the average cost of studying nursing in China in the below section. But you should figure it out with the university.

Then, determine how many of the graduates can pass the national nursing licensure exam. This can be a factor in determining the quality of the university and the taught courses.

The other important factor is the city it is located in. Determine the cost of living in that city and whether you can afford it or not. Also, you might not be able to stand the weather or climate conditions. If it’s too hot or too cold or rainy, can you stand living in this particular city. The place you pick to study would better provide general job opportunities to you as an international student to cover part of your expenses.

Henan Polytechnic University Jiaozuo
Lincoln University College(Malaysia) Kuala Lumpur College
Capital Medical University
Jiangsu Vocational College of Medicine
Guangdong Pharmaceutical University
Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Qingdao University
Fujian Medical University
Nantong University
Hebei Medical University
Guangxi Medical University
Jilin University Changchun
China Medical University
Shandong University
Central South University
Shantou University Medical College
Dalian Medical University
Qingdao Binhai University
Shenyang Medical College
Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Zhejiang Chinese Medical University Hangzhou
Zhejiang Ocean University
Leshan Vocational and Technical College
Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine
Wuchang University of Technology
Tongji University
Nanjing Medical University
SIAS University
Jinzhou Medical University
Wuhan University
Fudan University
Sichuan University
Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Zhengzhou University Zhengzhou
Jiangsu University
Hangzhou Normal University Hangzhou
Jiaxing University
Gannan Medical University
Gansu University of Chinese Medicine
Hainan Medical University
Huanghe Science & Technology College
Dali University
Kunming Medical University
Ningxia Medical University
Xuzhou Medical University
Southern Medical University
Weifang Medical University
Beihua University
Chongqing Medical University
Nanchang University
Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
Jiangnan University
Henan University
Hunan Normal University
Hebei University
Henan University of Chinese Medicine
Xi an Jiaotong University

Is it expensive to study nursing in China?

The answer depends on your budget and the amount of money you want to spend to immigrate and work in in China as a nurse. But if you compare the cost of studying nursing in China with European countries or North America, you will find that China is more affordable. This is true in terms of rent, tuition, food, and personal expenses.

The average cost of living in China for international students is about 350 and 550 USD (2400- 3800 RMV) per month, while its 1.000-1200 dollars in Canada. The average salary for a part-time job for an international student in China is about 2,000 to 5,000 RMB per month. So you can see that it’s economical to study in China.

In terms of tuition, it’s up to the university, but the average tuition is about USD 2,500 to USD 7,000 per academic year. You should determine the exact tuition with the university as it’s higher in higher universities in large cities.

Study nursing in China requirements.

You can look at the above section to find out the requirements for studying nursing in China. Every requirement is for one stage, and you need to know which one is required at every step. But this section brings you some of the requirements.

The first requirement is Chinese language proficiency. You need to become fluent in this language to get admission to a Chinese university and pass the exams.

Then you need to find a university and fulfill the requirements and apply to them to get admission. After getting the admission letter, you need to apply for a China student visa. You need a visa to study in the country for the long term. After that, you will have to complete your course and get your degree. Then you have to pass the licensure examination. At the final stage, you will have to find a job, and the employer will apply for a work permit on your behalf. The above section brings further information and detail on every step.

Nurses’ salaries in China.

Your salary as a nurse in China depends on various factors. These are some of the elements that determine your salary:

  • Education.
  • Work experience
  • Work experience
  • The city you work.
  • The hospital or clinic you work.
  • Task and responsibilities
  • Employment contract.
  • Etc.

The sources that estimate the average salary in a country mention different figures for an average salary of a nurse in China.

According to Salary Explorer, the average salary of a nurse in China is about 23,000 CNY per month, while the lowest salary is about 10,800 CNY, and the highest salary is about 36,400 CNY.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a nurse in China is about $90,215 per year. ERI Economic Research Institute, the average salary is about CNY 273,822.

How long does it take to immigrate and work in China as a nurse?

A nursing degree in China takes about 4-5 years, and you need to complete it to immigrate and work in in China as a nurse. You should also prepare yourself for the national licensure exam. It could take time, and you might miss the deadline for the year you graduate.

Then you need to find a job, and its duration is up to you and your skills to persuade an employer to hire you. After that, your employer applies for a work permit, and you need to send him/her the documents. There is a procedure you need to complete.

Let’s sum up…

You learned how to immigrate and work in in China as a nurse this page of the Visa Library. The list of the requirements and eligibility principles got covered. Also, we brought you the procedure you have to follow in detail to immigrate and work in in China as a nurse. The steps you have to follow are explained, and you will know what to do in each stage.

If you have questions, write them down in the comment section. The Visa Library team will answer them.

Can I immigrate and work in China as a foreign nurse?

Yes, you need to study a nursing course, get your degree, and pass the exams.

How long does it take me to immigrate ti China as a nurse?

It takes you about 4-5 years to complete the education and get your degree.

Do I need Chinese language proficiency to immigrate and work in in China as a nurse?

Yes, you need Chinese language proficiency to get admission to a university and pass the national licensure exams.

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