Requirements for Ireland Work Visa, Application Process


The economy and production in Ireland have witnessed growth in recent years. It has led to a shortage of workers in different fields. So, attracting foreign workers by Irish employers increased. There have been 578,000 migrants since 2011 in Ireland. For foreigners, the pros of living in Ireland outweigh the cons. You can move to this European country through an Ireland work visa.

In this blog, we will explain who needs and does not need a work visa, eligibility, requirements, application, FAQs, and more.

What is an Ireland Work visa?

Ireland work visa is a short-stay visa. It allows non-EU, EEA nationals to get a job in Ireland. Ireland work visa is permission to enter the country. At the same time, Atypical Working Scheme is authorization to work in Ireland.


Who Needs and does not Need an Ireland work visa?

Whether you need an Ireland work visa or not depends on your nationality. A few countries are free of Ireland short-stay visa. If you are one of these countries, you do not need an Ireland work visa either. In case you need an Ireland long-stay visa, then you have to apply for an Ireland work visa as well.


Who is eligible for an Ireland Work visa?

You are eligible for an Ireland work visa (Atypical Working Scheme) if you meet the requirements:

1. You will work in a highly skilled job for an Irish company or organization.

2. The applicant will offer the required high skill for Ireland.

3. The work you will be doing requires an internship in Ireland.

4. The private or public health sector needs you, and you will be working as a locum Doctor.

5. You are a nurse, and Ireland’s health care system needs you.

6. You are a researcher and want to stay in Ireland for three months. You come in this category when you are not eligible for Hosting Agreement or Employment Permit.


Who is not eligible for an Ireland Work visa?

You are not eligible for an Ireland work visa if:

1. Applicants are living in Ireland under a legal visa or residence permit.

2. You want to enter Ireland to work for up to two weeks.

3. Applicants wishing to enter Ireland for business purposes. They only need to stay for up to 90 days.

4. Candidates are already in Ireland under a work permit.

5. Candidates are eligible for Van der Elst work transfer.

6. The Irish companies have to obey a rule for hiring non-EEA nationals. Non-EEA employees must always make up to 50% of the company. You will become ineligible if your employment makes more than 50% of the company’s staff non-EEA.

7. In case you have an Intra Company Transfer Employment Permit in another jurisdiction.

If you come into one of the above conditions, you are ineligible for an Ireland work visa.

Requirements for Ireland Work visa

The requirements for Ireland work visa divides into two categories:

  1. Requirements for Atypical Working Scheme
  2. Requirements for entrance visa

Please note that you might be exempt from the entrance visa.


Requirements for Ireland work visa (Atypical Working Scheme)


Application form

You can download it from the Irish embassy or consulate in your home country.


Proof to have paid visa fees

  • Bank statements
  • Employer approval to pay expenses
  • Income from property or stocks.


Employment letter

A letter from the future Irish employer. It must:

  • Prove your employment
  • Confirm the duration of employment
  • Explain the type of work employee will be doing for the Irish employer


Education letter

If you are a student, you must provide a letter from the educational center. It must approve the internship has advantages for your course.


Registration proof

Providing that you are a locum doctor, you must provide evidence of registration with the Medical Council of Ireland.


NMBI letter

In case you are working as a nurse, you must provide a letter from the Nursing & Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI). It must approve the process of Clinical Adaptation. Also, you have to present a letter from the Overseas Nurse Facilitator to prove the process of Clinical Adaptation.


Requirements for entrance visa



Provide two photos taken in the latest three months. The background must be white clear.



Your passport must be valid as long as the time you will work in Ireland. If it is about to expire, apply for a new one. It must not be older than ten years ago either.


A copy of the previous passport

If you have had passports before, provide a copy.


Declaration letter

You must write a letter to the Irish government. It must explain:

  • The purpose of your visit.
  • Duration of your stay
  • The place you will stay in Ireland
  • Commitment to obey the rules.


Return proof

You must confirm that you will return to your home country when the visa expires. You could do it through:

  • Family ties
  • Economic ties
  • Birth certificate of your child
  • Ownership documents
  • Rental agreement


Proof of accommodation in Ireland

Make it clear where will you stay in Ireland.


Medical insurance

It must cover your medical expense until you get to the country.

Note: Please remember that if your documents are not in English or Irish, you must have them translated. The verification of a certified translator is also required.


Ireland Work Visa Application Process

The application process for an Ireland work visa has two parts:

  1. Applying for Atypical Working Scheme
  2. Applying for an entrance visa

While you need to apply for the Atypical Working Scheme, not everyone needs an entrance visa.

Applying for Atypical Working Scheme


Step 1. Atypical Working Scheme application form

The application process for an Ireland work visa begins in your home country. Please note that you must not travel to Ireland and apply for a work visa. You have to complete the procedure from outside of Ireland. First, you complete an application form with the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS). When completed, you should print a summary page. So, the system you use must be connected to a printer. Consider this point before completing the form.

The application will also give you a list of the requirements. You have to gather and submit them to the authorities.


Step 2. Sign a commitment statement

By the application form, you have to sign a commitment statement. The commitment statement is to confirm all the provided information is correct. You also acknowledge all the rules and regulations under the Atypical Working Scheme.


Step 3. Pay the fees

Before you submit the application, you have to pay the fee for visa processing. The fee for an Ireland work visa (Atypical Working Scheme) is 250 EUR. Do not forget to keep the receipt. You should attach it to your application. The fee is non-reimbursable, providing your application gets refused. You have to pay the fee via Electronic Funds Transfer. So you would better make the arrangements.


Step 4. Gather requirements

When you complete the work visa application form, it will inform you of the supporting documents. You have to collect everything and mail them to the authorities. The application also gives you the address to mail the supporting documents.


Step 5. Wait for Processing

Once you mailed the requirements, you should just wait. Have patience until your application gets processed. The normal processing time for an Ireland work visa is three weeks (20 business days). When your work visa gets approved, Irish authorities will send a Letter of Approval to your address. You have to use it to move to Ireland in three months. If not, it will get revoked. In case your nationality needs an entrance visa, you should apply for it. If not, you could move to Ireland.


Step 6. Permission to stay

Providing that you will be staying in Ireland for longer than 90 days, you have to register with the Ireland Immigration Office.

You can apply for permanent residency if you need to stay more.


Applying for an entrance visa

A few countries need an Ireland short-stay visa. If your nationality needs one, then you have to apply for it. If not, you can use the Letter of Approval and move to Ireland. Please remember that if you need an entrance visa, you can not apply before you have the Letter of Approval.


Let’s sum up…

In this blog, we explained all you should know about Ireland work visa.

We have covered who is and is not eligible for a work visa, requirements, application process, FAQs, and more.

You can find all the Ireland visa information in the world here.

To find out more about the visa that suits you, go through the menu of the site. You can find all the types of Ireland visas at the left sidebar.

You can check Visa Library to find more information about other countries’ visas.

In case you have some experience, please write it down in the comment section. Your comments let the readers choose better and avoid mistakes. Conveying your experiences as comments is a great help for applicants.

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  • Tom Reply

    The company I want t work for in Ireland doesn’t have any non-EU employer. Am I eligible for the work visa?

    May 17, 2021 at 3:42 pm
    • Reply

      Yes, the rule of 50-50 says that the company’s non-EU staff mustn’t make up more than 50% of the company.

      May 17, 2021 at 3:50 pm

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