Ireland is proud of being one of the safest countries. Airlines choose it to make a stop there. Many passengers have to take a connecting flight in an Irish airport. If you need to take a connecting flight in Ireland, you might need an Ireland Transit visa.

Ireland Transit visa

Ireland Transit visa also gets called the Iralnad Airport visa. It is permission to catch a connecting flight in an Irish airport. If you want to change the means of transport in one of the Irish seaports, you also need this visa. Many countries are free of Ireland transit visas. However, a few need it.


Who Needs and does not Need an Ireland Transit visa?

Whether you need an Ireland Transit visa or not depends on your nationality. While many countries are free of it, only a few need it. The residents of the following countries need an Ireland transit visa:


Afghanistan Iraq
Georgia Lebanon
Iran Sri Lanka



Democratic Republic of Congo Nigeria
Eritrea Somalia
Ethiopia* Zimbabwe

Please note that Ethiopia residents do not need a transit visa if they are moving to Canada or the US from their country.


North America




Albania Moldova Ukraine

Whether you need an Ireland visa or not depends on:

  • your nationality
  • The purpose of your visit
  • The length of your stay

A few countries are free of Ireland-short-stay visas while others need it. Then you should determine the purpose of your visit to apply for an appropriate visa.


Ireland Transit visa Application Process

The application process for Ireland transit visa is easy and straightforward, as part of it is online. You have to follow the following procedures for a transit visa:

1. Discover whether you need a transit visa or not

Before you start applying, find out whether you need an Ireland transit visa or not. As we explained above, a few countries and states are free of Airport visa for Ireland. You might be one of them. Check the above tables to make sure of it.

2. Complete the online application form

When you make sure you need a visa, you should complete the application form. You should complete the form on the Ireland government official website (AVATS). You have to complete each part to move to the next one. Give true and honest answers to the questions. If not being honest, you should face the consequences. Once you completed the form and submit it, there is a summary page. You should print it. Date and sign it. You have to submit this printed form to the authorities. Consider a computer connected to a printer before you start completing the form.

The printed summary page will inform you of where to submit the supporting requirements.

3. Gather the required documents

The Ireland authorities have set some requirements for applicants. You have to provide supporting documents to them. They are to prove you have been honest with your application. The requirements also prove you are eligible to pass through Ireland.

In this part, you should be careful—even the smallest points matter. Concentrate on every instruction that seems unimportant. The Irish government is strict with its visa rules. To find out about the requirements for an Ireland transit visa, see the part below.

4. Submit the requirements

When you collected all the supporting documents, you have to submit them to the Irish officials. Where to submit them depends on the country you live in. It could be:

  • Irish embassy or consulate
  • International visa application center
  • Etc.

The summary page of the application will inform you of where to submit the requirements. You either have to mail the requirements or submit them in-person.

5. Pay the fees

There is also a fee for application processing. The procedure to pay it depends on the place you submit requirements. You can pay it online and attach the receipt to the application. It is also possible to pay fees in person when you submit the requirements.

6. Submit Biometrics

The Irish authorities might ask for your biometrics. If so, you have to submit your photo and fingerprints. You have to often attend in person to submit your biometrics. The officials will inform where to submit your biometrics. You have nothing to worry about.

7. Wait for processing

In the end, you have to wait. Wait until the Irish officials process your application. The processing time varies and depends on:

  • The country you apply from.
  • Your particular case
  • Whether your supporting documents are complete or not.
  • The time of the year and officials’ workload.
  • Etc.

When your application gets approved, the authorities will send it to you. In case it gets refused, they will inform you why.


What are the Requirements for the Ireland Transit visa?

The requirements for an Ireland transit visa is as follows:

A. Application form

The application form for Ireland transit visa is the first requirement. You should complete it online on AVATS. Once completed, there is a summary page at the end. Print, date, and sign it. You should keep it to submit to the authorities.

B. Photo

The Transit visa requires two photos. Take them in the latest three months to the application. Veil, sunglasses, hats, etc. must not cover your face. The background must be white clear.

C. Passport

The passport you provide must be valid. Its validity must be over six months after the time you will pass through Ireland. It must not be older than ten years ago.

D. Proof to have paid the visa fees

E. Legal residence proof

It is when you are applying from a country and are not resident or national.

F. Visa

If the destined country requires a visa, you must provide a copy to Irish authorities.

G. Proof of refused visa

Providing that you have been refused of any country’s visa, provide the documents explaining why.

H. Letter

You have to write a letter explaining:

  • The purpose of your visit.
  • The definite dates you will enter and leave the Irish airport.
  • Number of family members (if applicable)

I. Tickets

Reserved tickets for your destination.

J. Address

You must provide an address that authorities will send the visa to it.

Please note that you must make a copy of all the documents you provide. If your documents are not in English, have them translated.

Applying for minors

In case your minor is traveling, you have to submit the following documents for them:

  • Birth certificate

In case the child will be traveling with one parent:

  • Consent letter from both parents
  • A copy of the passport for the parent not traveling. It must show his/her signature.

In case the child is traveling alone or with someone else:

  • Consent letter from both parents.
  • A copy of both parents’ passports.


Can I Enter Ireland under a Transit visa?

No. You have no permission to leave the International transit zone of the Irish airport. You should just wait there to catch the connecting flight.


Ireland Transit Visa Processing Time

The standard processing time for Ireland Airport visa is about eight weeks. However, it could take longer. It much depends on the country you apply from. The time of the year is also another determining point. It would be good to apply as early as possible. The earliest time you can apply is three months.

Let’s sum up…

In this blog, we explained all you should know about Ireland Transit visa. 

We have covered who needs a transit visa, application process, requirements, FAQs, and more.

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