You have a business plan and are looking for a country to run it? Denmark startup visa provides you entrance to the country to start your business.

This article introduces all that you need to know about the eligibility, requirements, and the application process.

What is a Denmark start-up visa?

The program gives entrepreneurs and business people the opportunity to establish a company in Denmark. People can live, work and run their companies in the country if they are eligible and have the means.

The base of the program is a business plan or model that you submit to the Danish officials. If they approve it and find it appropriate to their factors, you can apply for a visa to move to the country.

The one feature of the visa is that three people can be included in it. It means three people can propose a business idea and have the opportunity to establish it in Denmark. But it must be innovative and benefit the Danish economy.

Denmark startup visa is only for non-EU nationals. If the EU citizens want to move to Denmark by starting a business, they need to follow a different route. The process is much easier for them, and they face fewer obstacles.

Who is eligible to apply for a Denmark startup visa?

The fate of the Denmark startup visa is up to the business model you provide. If the officials approve it, you are likely to get your visa. So the first step is to work on the model and adjust it to the required factors;

Have enough funds to cover your expenses

The person or people who want to work on the business plan need to have enough funds to cover themselves. They need to prove it through documents, and it includes their family as well.

Active role in the company

The person who introduces the business model needs to have an active role in the company. He/she needs to work actively in the company, manage it and make it grow. The role of this person must be clear. Also, he/she needs to have the knowledge, skill, and experience to run the business.

Approval from Danish Business Authority’s Panel

After you submit your business model to the Danish officials, they evaluate it by the following criteria;

  • Is it innovative enough?
  • Is the market attractive to accept it?
  • Its scalable ability
  • Is the applicant or team able to implement it?
  • Does it fit into the program?

There is also a final and overall assessment. You need their approval to receive a visa, and without it, everything is gone.

Denmark startup visa application process

The way you should apply for a Denmark startup visa is as follows:

Step 1. Are you qualified to apply for a Denmark startup visa?

The first condition of a Denmark startup visa is to have an innovative business model or idea. You need to prove to the officials that it’s viable.

There are also other conditions with the model that you need to know. Before you submit your business model to the officials, ensure it’s according to the instructions and can accept approval.

Step 2. Get approval over your business model

You need to prepare a business model and send it to the Danish officials, startup Denmark. Startup Denmark is the website you need to submit your plan to it. Create an account with your personal information and an email, and follows the instructions.

Make clear your model, product, and the team of people as the visa permits you to include three people in it.

The authorities evaluate the model by five factors:

  • Is it innovative enough?
  • Is the market attractive to accept it?
  • Its scalable ability
  • Is the applicant or team able to implement it?
  • Does it fit into the program?

If the answer to the above questions is yes to a large extent, your business model likely gets accepted.

When the panel of experts approves your plan, you can apply for a visa and residence permit. It’s valid for two years, so you need to implement it and prove it’s beneficial. You can also extend your visa for three years, each time close to expiry.

Step 3. Create Case Order ID

Now you need to create a Case Order Id on the website of SIRI (the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration). You need your:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Passport number
  • Email address

Be careful to insert them correctly and according to your documents. When you are done with this part, you need to pay the fees for visa processing. The website tells you how much it is. Also, you could be exempt from it by some conditions.

Step 4. Complete the application form

You need to complete an online form on the SIRI website. The instructions are clear and tell you how to complete each part. You just need to have your documents ready by you and insert them correctly.

Applicants need to submit the scanned version of documents and requirements. Prepare everything in advance and follow the instructions.

Step 5. Gather the requirements

There are some requirements for a Denmark startup visa you need to gather. You need to submit them to the embassy or consulate to prove eligible.

The one thing you should do is to visit the Danish embassy website to find out if they require further documents or not.

Step 6. Submit your biometrics and requirements

You have 14 days to submit your biometrics, fingerprints, and digital photo when you complete the online application. The palace to visit is a Danish embassy, consulate of a via center. It’s up to the country you live in and Denmark’s relations with your home country.

In case there is no embassy or visa center, you can submit everything to the Norway embassy in your home country.

You need to schedule a meeting with them and attend the interview on the exact date.

Step 7. Processing time and receiving an answer

Completing the procedures with the embassy, you need to wait until they work and decide on your application. If every step is complete and the officials do not require further documents, it is the case.

The exact processing time for a startup visa is unclear, but you can expect the utmost of three months. If the embassy requires further documents, the process takes longer.

Denmark startup visa requirements

The requirements or supporting documents for a Denmark startup visa are as follows:

Application form

You need to complete the online application form on the SIRI website.


It must hold validity long enough for the duration you will stay in Denmark. If it’s older than 10 years ago, get a new one.

Proof of paid visa fee

You pay the fee for visa processing online but keep a receipt as screenshots or printed forms.

Proof of financial independence

Provide documents that prove you have funds to cover your expenses in Denmark. If your family travels with you, you need enough finances for them as well. A Denmark startup visa permits you to have three people work together in the business in your application. You need to have enough funds for them as well if there are more people in your group.

Approval from the Danish Business Authority’s panel of experts

When the Danish officials evaluate and approve your business, they grant a document that indicates it. You need to include it in your application.

The mentioned requirements are not a full list. You need to provide further supporting documents, and it’s up to your case and the country you live in.

Is a Denmark visa easy to get?

Applying for and receiving a visa in Denmark is easier compared to other EU countries. The officials are severe over visa rules, but there shouldn’t be any worries if you are eligible and meet the requirements.

The country welcomes immigrants, and the startup visa is a good example. They let talented and skilled entrepreneurs move to Denmark and help develop the economy.

You just need to work on your conditions and improve your case.

Can a foreigner start a business in Denmark?

Yes. Non-EU nationals can apply for a Denmark startup visa and move to the country. They just need to have a business plan or model that is innovative enough and meets the requirements. It must benefit the Danish economy and create jobs or values for the country.

The people who want to run the company need to have the skills, experience, and knowledge.

How do I start a startup in Denmark?

The better question is, what is your business model? Do you have one that is innovative and brings values and benefits to the country and its people? If the answer is yes, you can start a startup in Denmark. Work on the model, plan, and service you want to provide and make it according to the evaluation factors.

You can apply for a visa and move to Denmark when your model gets approved. There you can establish or start your startup.

Does Startup Denmark provide financing?

No. when you want to run a business or company in Denmark, you need to have enough funds for it. It’s one of the requirements, and applicants need to prove it through the documents.

The number of people who want to run the business needs to have enough money or funds for themselves. But they are able to apply for a wide range of public and private funding schemes.

There are also counseling people and companies that can help you to work on your plan.

Let’s sum up…

Denmark startup visa is an opportunity for entrepreneurs and business people to run a company in the country. This article explained who is eligible to apply for a Denmark startup visa, the requirements, and the application process. We answered a few necessary questions as well that you need to know. The eligibility principles are essential that you need to read carefully and in detail. It will tell you whether you can run a business in Denmark or not.

Do you have questions regarding the startup visa? Write them in the comment section, and the Visa Library team will respond to them.

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