Qatar Visa for World Cup, Qatar Visa 2022


The FIFA World Cup is the second most popular sporting event in the world after the Olympics. Qatar will be the host of this tournament in 2022 as the first country from the Middle East that has ever held the FIFA world cup.

Qatar was officially announced as the 2022 FIFA World Cup host on December 2nd, 2010. Since that day, Qatar has made plenty of effort to make this world cup count. Since their election, the Qatari government has invested hundreds of billions in its projects. They have summoned stadiums from dust, made cities emerge out of nothing, and have grown thousands of acres of grass and trees in the desert sand and built them into the proposal.

This article will look at the Qatar 2022 world cup, its schedule, stadiums, and other subjects related to the upcoming FIFA world cup.

Why Qatar for the 2022 World Cup?

During his time as FIFA president, Sepp Blatter stood by the decision and endorsed the idea of holding a World Cup in the Arab world. In April 2010, Blatter said: “The Arabic world deserves a World Cup. They have 22 countries and have not had an opportunity to organize the tournament”. Blatter was also confident in Qatar’s progress because of their past accomplishment in the 2006 Asian Games and said: “When I was first in Qatar, there were 400,000 people here, and now there are 1.6 million. So in terms of infrastructure, when you can organize the Asian Games with more than 30 events, that is not in question”. This is needless to say that Qatar received automatic qualification to the next world cup as host.


When is the 2022 World Cup?

The next World Cup is set to take place in Qatar in 2022. This world cup is different because it is going to be held in the usual summer months. However, this tournament is set to happen in the winter months due to the heat.

The tournament will start on Monday, November 21st. The first match will feature the host country’s team at the Al Bayt stadium in Al Khor. The tournament will be finished a week before Christmas on Sunday, December 18th, at the Lusail Stadium in Doha.


What are the World Cup Format and Schedule?

The Qatar 2022 world cup will be one of the most compact tournaments ever because soccer fans can watch one or two live matches every day. 32 national teams are playing in 8 stadiums, and these teams will play against one another for a total of 65 soccer matches.



These national teams will be divided into eight groups of four. In the group stage, which will last 12 days, four matches will be played each day, and the winners and runners-up will advance to the round of 16. In order to accommodate television audiences in different countries as well as supporters in Qatar, matches will only be assigned to particular venues after the finals draw. A draw for the finals will take place in April 2022, following the international fixture window in March.

At Euro 2020, There wasn’t a third-place play-off game. Opposite that, the Qatar world cup will feature a match for a third-place play-off. Here, you can see the summarized schedule of the tournament:

Matches Starting date Finishing date
Group stage November 21 December 2
Round of 16 December 3 December 6
Quarter-finals December 9 December 10
Semi-finals December 13 December 14
Final December 18


Qatar 2022 World Cup Stadiums

Qatar has done wonders with its stadiums. There is less than an hour’s travel time between all the stadiums in Qatar. Fans can travel between stadiums via metro, car, rail, and bike.


Lusail Stadium

Located in Lusail city, it is the largest stadium in Qatar, with 80,000 seats. It is currently under construction and will open on November 22nd, 2021.

This stadium will feature five group matches, one round of 16 matches, one quarter-final match, one semi-final match, and the finale.


Al Bayt Stadium

This stadium is constructed in Al Khor city with a 60,000-seat capacity. It is the second-largest stadium in Qatar and was opened on February 11th, 2020.

This stadium will have five group matches (including the opening match), one round of 16 matches, one quarter-final match, and one semi-final match.


Al Janoub Stadium

This stadium is in Al Wakrah city. It was opened on May 16th, 2019, with 40,000 seats for capacity. This stadium will hold five group matches and one round of 16 matches.


Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

Located in Al Rayyan, it is a stadium in Qatar with 40,000 seats. It was opened in November 2020. This stadium will feature five group matches and one round of 16 matches.


Khalifa International Stadium

This stadium is in Doha. It was opened in 1976 with a capacity of 40,000. It was renovated from 2014 to 2017. This stadium will feature five group matches, one round of 16 matches, and the match for third place.


Education City Stadium

Education City Stadium is in Doha. It was opened in February 2020. It has a capacity of 40,000 people. This stadium will hold five group matches, one round of 16 matches, and one quarter-final match.


Ras Abu Aboud Stadium

This stadium is located in Ras Abu Aboud. It was opened in 2021. It has a 40,000-seat capacity. This stadium will have five group matches and one round of 16 matches.


Al Thumama Stadium

Located in Doha, it is a stadium in Qatar with 40,000 seats. It was opened on October 22nd, 2021. This stadium will hold five group matches, one round of 16 matches, and one quarter-final match.


Why is Qatar World Cup in the Winter?

The temperature in Qatar is one of the biggest concerns of the next world cup. The World Cup has always been administered in June and July, which is the European off-season. During this period, the average high temperature during the day exceeds 40 °C or 104 °F. On the other hand, the average low temperatures during the day do not drop lower than 30 °C or 86 °F.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, who is the 2022 Qatar bid chairman, has addressed this issue and said: “The event has to be organized in June or July. We will have to take the help of technology to counter the harsh weather. We have already set in motion the process. A stadium with controlled temperature is the answer to the problem. We have other plans up our sleeves as well”.

A Qatar 2022 Bid official site member also explains the basis for the stadiums’ carbon neutrality. He said that all five stadiums would harness the energy of the sun to provide fans and players with a cool environment by converting solar energy into electricity which will then be used for cooling fans and players. In the absence of a match, the stadium’s solar installations will export energy to the grid. Energy will be drawn from the grid by the stadiums during matches. In addition to the stadiums, we plan to make the cooling technology we have developed available to countries with hot climates so they too can host major sporting events.

This technology was once used on October 8th, 2015. It was during the 2018 World Cup qualifier with China under the air conditioning.

Infographic Qatar Visa for World Cup, Qatar Visa 2022

infographic Qatar Visa for World Cup, Qatar Visa 2022

Who Needs Qatar Visa for 2022 World cup?

With the world cup getting closer, there is a magnitude of soccer fans who want to travel to Qatar and support their national team. These enthusiastic fans need Qatar visas to be able to enter Qatar. Qatar offers many different types of visas for various purposes. You can get informed about Qatar visa types using the sidebar on the left.

However, some countries don’t require their citizens to have a visa to enter Qatar. For example, nationals from the following countries do not need Qatar visas and can enter Qatar for a period of 90 days within 180 days without obtaining a Qatar visa:

EU Member States Antigua and Barbuda Argentina
Armenia Bahamas Brazil
Dominican Republic Iceland Liechtenstein
Malaysia Norway Russia
Serbia Seychelles Switzerland
Turkey Ukraine


In addition, citizens of the following countries do not need a visa for 30 days to enter Qatar and stay so that they can enjoy their stay without concerns about a Qatar visa:

Andorra Australia Azerbaijan Belarus
Bolivia Brunei Canada Chile
China Colombia Costa Rica Cuba
Ecuador Georgia Guyana Hong Kong


Indonesia Ireland Japan Kazakhstan
Lebanon Maldives Mexico Moldova
Monaco New Zealand North Macedonia Panama
Paraguay Peru Rwanda San Marino
Singapore South Africa South Korea Suriname
Thailand United Kingdom United States Uruguay
Vatican City Venezuela


Those from the countries above are allowed to extend their stay for an additional 30 days. Additionally, applicants can enter Qatar multiple times within a predetermined period of time.


Qatar Visa Exemption

At the current moment, there are three countries whose citizens can benefit from the Qatar visa exemption list. Citizens of India can enter Qatar for 30 days without obtaining a Qatar visa. However, they must have the following documents with them:

  • A valid passport (must be valid for at least another 6 months)
  • A confirmed round-trip ticket.
  • Confirmed proof of accommodation like a hotel reservation.

Citizens of Pakistan are able to travel to Qatar for a period of 30 days without obtaining a Qatar visa. In addition, their 30-day stay can not be extended. However, they must have the required documents below:

  • A valid passport (must be valid for at least another 6 months)
  • A confirmed round-trip ticket.
  • Confirmed proof of accommodation like a hotel reservation.
  • A valid debit or credit card.
  • If the traveler comes straight from Pakistan, they must have a certification of vaccination against polio.

Finally, nationals of Rwanda are able to travel to Qatar without obtaining a Qatar visa.


Qatar Visa on Arrival

Qatar visa on arrival is another way to enter Qatar without the hardships of getting a normal Qatar vis. For example, Citizens of the following countries can obtain a Qatar visa on arrival with ease. Qatar visa on arrival allows travelers to enter Qatar for a limited period of up to 30 days (just enough time for the whole world cup to finish):

Andorra Australia Austria Belgium Brunei Canada
Cyprus Denmark Finland France Germany Greece
Hong Kong Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Japan
Liechtenstein Luxembourg Malaysia Monaco Montenegro Netherlands
New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal San Marino Singapore
South Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom United States
Vatican City


COVID Vaccines for Qatar 2022 world cup

Qatar authorities announced in mid-2021 that they plan to administer the 2022 world cup as safely as possible with little to no problems. To ensure the 2022 world cup’s success and the safety of travelers, Qatari authorities declared that they would only allow people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to travel to Qatar for the next year’s World Cup. Qatar’s Prime Minister Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al Thani announced in an interview with media members that while Qatar expected that most countries would have to perpetuate their vaccination process in their countries and vaccinate their populations by the end of 2022, Qatar was still determined in taking necessary measures to make sure a successful event.

All attending soccer fans must be fully vaccinated against the Coronavirus with the vaccines below:

  • Pfizer BioNTech (two shots)
  • Moderna (two shots)
  • AstraZeneca (two shots)
  • Johnson & Johnson (one shot)

These international travelers must present an RT-PCR test. This PCR test must be Negative. Their tests must be done within 72 hours of arrival.

Update: According to the latest information on Tuesday, December 2021, travelers should apply for Ehteraz pre-travel permission at least three days before their entry. The RT-PCR test result is no longer necessary for Ehteraz pre-registration. However, travelers must submit the original hardcopy of the PCR test outcome to the airline companies at the country’s ports in order to board the flight.


FIFA Qatar 2022 World Cup for Indians

World Cup 2022 CEO Nasser Al Khater stated that they expect big participation from Indian people to attend soccer matches. This expectation comes from the last word cup in Russia, where the Indians comprised the third biggest group that purchased tickets from countries that had not qualified for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The Qatar CEO Nasser Al Khater insisted that things would be easier for the Indian fans this time. He also said that the visa for Indian attendance is extended due to Qatar’s geographical proximity to India.

UPDATE: On November 9th, 2021, Some messages were being circulated that indicated that Indian people cannot renew their visa on arrival over 30 days after November 11th. Bear in mind that this statement was issued in November 2018 and is no longer applicable. Indian citizens will be able to renew their visas on arrival for an additional 30 days beginning in November 2021. (Qatar allows a maximum stay of 60 days). The visa extension can be requested at any moment during the first 30 days.


Can you drink alcohol in Qatar during World Cup?

Muslim nations have zero tolerance and strict rules around alcohol consumption. However, recently, it has been agreed with serving alcoholic drinks like beers at the venues during the 2022 world cup.

In Qatar, alcohol sales and consumption are tightly regulated. There are just a few bars and restaurants tied to luxury hotels that serve alcohol, and there is one state-controlled off-license store that sells liquor to permit holders.

Due to current regulations, temporary visitors, including soccer fans, will not be allowed to purchase from the bottle store.


 Are LGBT Fans Safe in Qatar?

In Qatar, homosexual activities are considered crimes. Therefore, the sentence might be as harsh as the death sentence.

Qatar, which is the official host of the World Cup in 2022, has provided the strongest signal yet that LGBT fans would be welcome, connecting with gay supporters when hosting the Club World Cup despite criminalizing homosexuality.

According to people informed about the encounter, the organizing committee of the Qatar 2022 World Cup visited the UK in recent months to visit with the Liverpool fan clubs, such as the club’s LGBT supporters’ organization.


Is there a dressing code in Qatar for the 2022 world cup?

While there is no limiting dress code in Qatar, traditional Qatari attire is modest and conceals the majority of the body. Foreigners are not bound to keep the same standards as locals. However, it is encouraged that tourists be sensitive and show respect for cultural beliefs and practices by wearing clothes that hide the shoulders and knees.


What are National Teams Qualified?

Qatar 2022 world cup includes 32 teams. There are 29 qualified teams, including the host nation, for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Three spots need to be filled by June. There have also been 12 European nations, four South American, four Asian, five African, and three North American nations invited to the competition.



Europe has 13 places. Currently, these teams from Europe have been qualified:

Germany Denmark Belgium France Croatia
Spain Serbia England Switzerland Netherlands
Poland Portugal Wales vs. Scotland or Ukraine


Europe has 55 national teams, and their qualifying matches began in March 2021. To compensate for the lost June 2021 World Cup qualifying dates, treble headers were held in March and September among 10 groups of 5-6 teams.


South America

South America has 4.5 places. At the moment, the Qualified teams are:

Brazil Argentina Uruguay Ecuador Australia or UAE vs. Peru


All 10 national teams face one another home and away. These four national teams with the highest-ranking advance directly to the final. The fifth-place team will compete in an intercontinental play-off.


North America, Central America, Caribbean (CONCACAF)

At the moment, the Qualified teams are:

Mexico Canada USA Costa Rica vs. New Zealand


CONCACAF team control has 3.5 places in the world cup. It was announced that the qualification process would be revamped for the 2022 edition, scheduled to begin in September 2020 and run until September 2021. However, this was left out because of the coronavirus pandemic.



At the moment, the African Qualified teams are:

Senegal Morocco Cameroon Tunisia Ghana


African teams control 5 places. The 28 nations with the lowest rankings played two-legged ties in September 2019. The other 26 African nations joined the 14 winners from the first round. 40 teams were divided into ten groups of four teams, with the top two teams advancing to the finals.

These matches began in March 2020 and ran through October 2021, when football was suspended.



Four years ago, the first two rounds of qualifying were completed exactly the same way. The national teams with the lowest ranks played in June 2019. Those teams were Guam, Macau, Mongolia, Timor-Leste, Bangladesh, and Cambodia advanced. Thus, there were six teams from the first round that joined the other 34 Asian national teams, playing in eight groups of five teams as qualifiers for the Asian Cup finals in 2023. At the moment, the Qualified teams are:

Iran Qatar South Korea
Saudi Arabia Japan Australia or UAE vs. Peru



At the moment, Oceania might have a chance to have a team. There must be a match to determine that: Costa Rica vs. New Zealand.

Oceania holds power over 0.5 places. 11 FIFA-affiliated teams are split into two groups. The top two national teams of each group can progress. It has been canceled and rearranged several times, and there is no date specified. However, the most likely date is March 2022, just before the intercontinental play-offs in June 2022.

These four teams would play home and away semi-finals and finals for the right to advance to the intercontinental play-off.

Intercontinental Playoffs

These games feature one team in each of the following places:

  • Asia
  • Oceania
  • South America

There will be a single-leg play-off for this edition on neutral ground. These national teams race for the last two places.


The Result of the World Cup Group Stage Draw

The Group Stage draw took place on April 1 in Doha, Qatar.  The results are as follows:

Group A A1: Qatar A2: Ecuador A3: Senegal A4: Netherlands
Group B B1: England B2: Iran B3: USA B4: WAL/UKR/SCO
Group C C1: Argentina C2: Saudi Arabia C3: Mexico C4: Poland
Group D D1: France D2: AUS/UAE/PER D3: Denmark D4: Tunisia
Group E E1: Spain E2: CRC / NZ E3: Germany E4: Japan
Group F F1: Belgium F2: Canada F3: Morocco F4: Croatia
Group G G1: Brazil G2: Serbia G3: Switzerland G4: Cameroon
Group H H1: Portugal H2: Ghana H3: Uruguay H4: South Korea


What are the World Cup Draw Pots?

The FIFA World Rankings that were published on March 31 were used to sort the teams into pots prior to the draw on April 1. There is one representative from each of the four pots below in each World Cup group.

It was decided that the eight best teams would go into Pot 1, the next eight into Pot 2, and so on. The three slots that have not been claimed go into Pot 4. This process ensures that each group has a competitive balance.

It is a FIFA tradition at World Cup events to place the host nation in Pot 1.

Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3 Pot 4
Qatar Mexico Senegal Cameroon
Brazil Netherlands Iran Canada
Belgium Denmark Japan Ecuador
France Germany Morocco Saudi Arabia
Argentina Uruguay Serbia Ghana
England Switzerland Poland Intercont’l Playoff 1
Spain USA South Korea Intercont’l Playoff 2
Portugal Croatia Tunisia Euro Playoff


How Much is the Price Ticket for Qatar 2022 World Cup?

Fans from all around the globe may now purchase tickets as Qatar begins ticket sales. The beginning price will be $70 (roughly Qatari Rs 5250) for international fans, while the lowest priced ticket for Qatar locals is set at $11. (approximately Qatari Rs 825).

The championship match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, on the other hand, will cost between $604 and $1000 in the ticket price (nearly Rs 45,000 to Rs 75,000). The World Cup final match ticket price has increased by 46 percent since the previous FIFA World Cup, which was hosted in Russia.

FIFA will issue the tickets in a controlled manner. There will be no open sale for football fans. Instead, at the end of the first application phase, which runs through February 8, there will be a random draw like a lottery selection. The entire pricing range has yet to be published.

Fans may register to follow their club all through the season and witness four games in four different stadiums by registering for specific game tickets.


Qatar 2022 World Cup Ball

The name of the Adidas 2022 World Cup ball will be “Rihla.” Rihla is an Arabic word for travel books that refers to a journey or a travelogue documenting it. This word implies a design affected by the look of old Arabic books for the Adidas 2022 World Cup ball.


Qatar 2022 World Cup Mascot

The Qatar 2022 World Cup mascot and a countdown clock for the Doha waterfront are Orry the Oryx.


The Bottom Line …

Qatar 2022 world cup is set to open the way for other Middle Eastern countries to become hosts in the future. However, Qatar’s performance will be under strict supervision due to concerns regarding its weather conditions and alcohol policies.

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